Eliza: The Journey Doesn’t End Here


Eliza: The Journey Doesn’t End Here

Now that I have declared my Self, I have many eager and curious Seekers asking me questions about this or that. I would like to gently request that the questions cease, for now.

Each of us, me included, is responsible for their journey, their own learning, and their own answers.

The answers can come unexpectedly, in all shapes and forms. The understanding occurs in that immediate “ah ha!” when the light goes on inside, there is a brief flare of triumph and then the next question begins to form…

It is the lower mind that seeks the answers to the questions, not your Higher Mind.

Open your heart, connect heart to your Higher Mind and the answers to what you seek will come, in their own timing and as you can put the answer in its proper perspective.

Think of it like a giant jigsaw puzzle. If you could finish the puzzle in five minutes, you would be quickly bored and put away puzzles forever.

As lighted beings, which everyone is on the planet, no matter their current role as “black” hat or “white” hat, we have set up our experiences as a vast and complicated game. Some of us have set the mark very high; others are content with a lower bar to jump over… it depends on the soul’s purpose for being here.

I understand that there are people who will still get upset at my words, but the strength of your reaction is an indication of the work that YOU have still to do.

If you do not resonate to anything that I have shared, it matters not to me at all. I have nothing to sell to you. Only YOU, the reader, can decide what resonates or not. If it does not, then kindly find something that does. That is YOUR responsibility, not mine.

Love is much misunderstood in this world. The most powerful Goddesses are very tough cookies, yet their Hearts are as big as Texas (actually MUCH bigger, but you get the meaning).

All souls who have embodied into physical worlds are there to experience a slowing down of the learning process so it can be truly understood at the deepest level. If I were to give you answers like someone giving candy to a child, I would be taking away from your striving to be and to really understand.

Our modern world has conditioned people to expect sound bites from every “authority”. In contrast, I wrote an 8,000 word epistle that cannot be read comfortably on a cell phone. I have always loved words and very, very long novels, so it is understandable that I would enjoy writing.

The expression comes from deep within. It was MY journey that I wrote. I do not have the answers for those who are working on THEIR journeys. Seek your own. They will come when you let go of ALL expectations and ulterior egoic motives – such as seeking approval, trying to pump up a deflated ego, etc.

This journey of mine has required profound self-acceptance of all facets of my being, warts, wrinkles and thinning hair. I have looked into the Heart of Darkness and found Light there. You can, too.

Let go of the fears of exposure; the secrets that you hold within will come out whether you want them to or not.

NOTHING that you have EVER done in any lifetime or lifetimes is held against you by your Higher Self. So forgive and forget. Forgive yourself and forget whatever it is that you deem so horrible. All experience is beneficial and adds to the wholeness of your multidimensional Self.

Your fear stems from your 3D conditioning; it is NOT you. So let it go.

Allow the flow of the Divine Love that is now pouring forth over this planet of ours to wash over you, to wash your auric field clean of all remaining debris.

Remember to ask for assistance from the angels and your guides. Due to the Law of Free Will, they CANNOT help you do not give permission first.

For those who are First Wavers, the deepest, most agonizing memories and hidden trauma may be now surfacing. Face it, acknowledge it, forgive yourself and all others involved, and let it dissolve into the Light. Nothing can harm the eternal Being that is the REAL you.

For the Second Wavers, your journey is different than mine. I wish you well. There is much to be done, but you have some exciting opportunities coming up and many blessings in the offing. It is up to YOU to discover and create your dreams.

As I ascend and re-blend into Higher Self, I will become more reserved than I am already. I am cutting the ties and roots that have kept me here.

And now, I will formerly introduce the one who will succeed me… Her name is Sundeelia. She is a Pleiadian sister (half-sister in Earth terms) and younger than I am in 5D / 6D. She is very eager to begin her journey here, but will need time to acclimate. She will be continuing the blog in my name. I will let Sundeelia set the tone of what she wishes to accomplish here. Kindly give us the needed time to adjust to the profound changes that we are both currently undergoing.

Also, I firmly but respectfully request that I not be added to any more FaceBook groups. I am not interested in expanding my sphere of influence or involvement with other light workers right now. I am going Home and that is my primary focus for now.

Do not see me as an authority on anything but my own process and that is yet in process. In truth, the Journey never ends until we are reunited in the Heart of God.

There may be echoes in my sharings that resonate in your own experience, but you are unique and precious in your own creation.

And although we are truly One in higher planes, we came here to experience being individuals. Embrace that independence and freedom that is offered in discovering who YOU are.

The articles and messages will continue, never fear, but kindly keep the comments on topic.

Blessings to all.

Copyright 2012 – 2019 © by Eliza Ayres. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered from its written form, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. https://bluedragonjournal.com/

9 thoughts on “Eliza: The Journey Doesn’t End Here

  1. Congratulations Eliza! I have very much enjoyed reading your blog over many months. Thank you so much for sharing! With much love, Sharon

  2. Thank you so much for the beautiful photographs and insightful thoughts! I am always pleased to find your emails in my box.
    Best wishes!

  3. So grateful yo you Eliza…much love to you on this “new” part of you journey.
    I appreciate all you have shared in this”space” and shall tune into Sundeelia as she takes over your blog, Judy

  4. I AM Tazjima Amariah Kumara, your Sister in Light and Love, follower of the Law of One, Keeper of Communion with the Divine Mother.

    And So It Is!!!!!

  5. Hello, im from Brazil, and id like to share something with you about me. I dont really know if i am a walk out too, but i have some thoughs and feelings that inside of me it says “you wont be here for too long”. First of all, i cant think about my future. When i try to think, its always a blank, white imagination, if you can understand me. Nothing appears. And then, when i think about getting out of this world, it feels sooo good inside of me, i dont know. It just feels like a… “welcome back, youre finally out of this world.”. Another thing is, that im always thinking about why we, as humans, are stills the same, even with all our knowledge about the spiritual world. I mean, why we keep working as a robot for the society, doing the same things over and over again, and then die, and then be back with another body and doing the same things over and over again and so on. For me, this doesnt make sense, it has to be a way out of this cicle. And lets do it now, you know, in this life. Welll i guess this is it. Its nice to meet you and your site. Keep doing your work. Good vibes for you all. Peace

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