Journal Entry 07.16.2014


Journal Entry 07.16.2014

Okay, okay, on the other side of the world, it is already the 17th, but not here where I live in the Pacific NW.

OMG, we’ve been hit with HEAT. The temperature outside is 105 degrees F (40.55 C). Hot. And yet I have been managing pretty well, with no nausea or headaches like I used to get when exposed to temperatures above 85 degrees F. Apparently, I’ve adapted to the dry heat of Eastern Washington, which is more bearable than say the high humidity of the Midwest and Southern states of this nation.

Things of note… I overheard a conversation by some co-workers who were describing how many children and young people were coming down with summer colds and even bronchitis, like I experienced in the spring. I attribute to the frequent chemtrails that have been dumped on this area, although the flights seem to be steadily decreasing.

Anyone else having somewhat (or greatly) disturbed sleep? Last night, I woke up in the middle of a chat with St. Germain and Lord Adrigon. What can I say? I have a rather full inner life, LOL.

This morning, I woke up dripping wet, apparently from another kundalini adventure had while sleeping. Waves and waves of light are crashing upon the planet… and I feel rather buoyed up by the love and joy that I am feeling within.

Things that would have bothered me tremendously just months ago don’t anymore. I am feeling more at peace within, despite still working in a challenging environment. Yes… still working at the prison. It’s an adventure every day.

As I have stated in these writings, I am still learning about Self. As I rise up in frequency, new doors appear and open. It takes courage to walk through some of them for change always comes as a result, but once past a certain point, the way also becomes easier.

P.S. If you lose your way along your journey, remember this little blue dragon who found her way Home, again, walking through the Door of Love, through the Door of the Light and into the Golden Light of Christ Love. The doorways are there within each of you. Let go of your struggles, your illusions, your self-hatred and incriminations… you are One with Source and have always been. It can be no other way… for each side of the battle have both worked under the Law of One… where there is only ONE BEING who is experiencing EVERYTHING. Even if you have worked for the dark, you have worked for the light; they are two sides of the same coin, the same circle of Eternity, one and the same. I AM ever with you in your dreams and in your Heart.

Blessings to all, hugs and kisses.


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6 thoughts on “Journal Entry 07.16.2014

  1. Your writing is amazing. I devoured every word. I too worked at a prison. 25 years. Just retired 6 months ago. Waiting for a clue for my next step. Regards, mark potes

    • Congratulations, Marc, for finding these words and opening to Love. So many of our counterparts in the prison industry close down their hearts and die young as a result. I wish you well in discovering the next leg of your journey. Eliza

  2. Thank you my dear sweet lovely sis. Your journal inspired me to make mine public too. My sleeping patterns are highly disturbed too. I am tired but when I lay down I can’t sleep and only for short like an hour. This adds to my exhaustion. But all has its reason and I am getting it. Much love and blessings my dear one. ❤

  3. Dear Eliza:) I am enjoying everything you share. It inspire me to continue with my “mission”. Love and Light

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