Journal Entry 07.11.2014

Oregon Butte 041

Journal Entry 07.11.2014

Well, my “vacation time” is about to come to end as the weekend looms. It has been a kinda of workman’s holiday, you know the one where you work harder than you do at work.

I’ve done a huge amount of pruning, weed-whacking and clean-up in the old garden. The cottage where I live is from the 1920’s and the garden is at least that old and has been neglected a bit around the edges. I’ve colonized and changed bits of the garden nearer the house, but the edges of the backyard are still half-wild, with lots of volunteer baby trees. So, periodically I need to go and do some major pruning. Good thing I took pruning from an expert long ago, but this kind of pruning is not the dainty type… just cut and pile. And there’s still areas for the birds and squirrels to hide.

It’s going to be a very hot week in the West starting today. Temperatures that are not usually seen until the dog days of August will be upon us and the gardens, power grid and surrounding fields and forest will all suffer. Yet this heat wave is part of the cleansing activities of the planet. So, we’ll pray that the A/C continues to work and bear the heat as best we can.

I chose not to go on my normal camping trip this time just so I could get in a lot of work around the house. And I have found it quite restful from an internal standpoint, minus the stress of dealing with driving in really hot weather. I’ve also needed a lot of quiet time and have enjoyed just being in my little sanctuary, along with the company of my two felines, Lilly and Ivory.

I have recovered from my illness of last spring, but my hiking abilities are still greatly diminished as I found on my hike of the other day. So, I’m content for the time being to continue getting in shape while taking walks in town.

With the intense heat drying out the forest, we may be having some wild fires in the State this year. Usually do, but haven’t had any significant ones in the nearby Blues for quite a while. I’m sure the fire spotters are doing their work very carefully and monitoring the woods for moisture content.

While this post is hardly metaphysical in nature, I want to remind folks to be aware (not afraid, just aware) of whatever environment you live in. You are a part of it and it’s a part of you. Have respect for the work of the elementals on your behalf and the lives of the wild things that share your neighborhood, whether or not you are aware of their presence. All life is an interwoven web of light and love.

Many blessings to all,

Eliza Ayres

Photo Credit: Oregon Butte, taken by Eliza, 2013

4 thoughts on “Journal Entry 07.11.2014

  1. So love your sharings and reminders…thank you Eliza…I’m a wee bit north of you in British Columbia…and we are having that hot…somewhat welcome ….weather now, too…OX

  2. Thank you, Eliza for sharing your wise choices, and your wisdom overall.
    Much love,
    P.S. I’m not on Facebook, so I rely on your blogs to follow your activities, both inner and outer!

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