Adventures in Dream Land – The Mansion

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Adventures in Dreamland – The Mansion

John 14.2

In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. (KJV)

I have written in the past that I come from a Christian background, even though I don’t now consider myself limited to one world religion. I am a part of God and belong to the Universe. Nevertheless, since I am a part of the Family of Light from which Yeshua came (the Kumara Clan, from Venus), I often have bits of Biblical references pop into my head, for whatever reason.

Well, I had a dream this morning of my mansion, a huge gray stone one sitting on the crest of a hill much like you will see in the British countryside. It was to be the house of my husband and I. Ironic, since the husband is long dead and we were divorced, but in the dream he was very much alive and very much in love with me.

Let’s face it, everything within a dream represents you and where you are right now. Well, I have recently learned several things about myself, my soul journey, that are both sobering and wondrous… which I am not quite ready to share. However, I can share a bit of the dream.

We bought the house, after walking inside it once. It is actually a house that I’ve been in before during dreams, too. Always huge and great to explore in, although I’m not sure if I would want to live in the place kind of thing. Well, this time I was fully prepared to do just that.

As we showed some guests around the place, I noticed walls that needed paint and refurbishing, but also felt the joy and excitement of having a “project” with which to occupy myself. Then I was shown the master bedroom. I looked outside the window and was shocked. The house, which appeared to be on the crest of a hill, was, on the other side, sited on the edge of a very lively river, and near the confluence of another one. We could see where the rivers joined just a hundred feet away. I turned to one of my guests and said, as I pointed to the far bank, down river, “You realize, dear, that is where we were just a week ago!”

As I loved the sound of rushing waters, I was delighted to be near the river, although my little ego mind whispered of the danger of being so near a force of nature.

The mansion was so large that we could house four or five other families. I remembered this as my husband started giving orders to purchase enough wall paper for five kitchens. Five kitchens? Well, then, we could have tenants and co-occupants to help us pay the mortgage! And then I remembered another thing… we had purchased the place for cash since it was a bit run down in places. The excitement grew again within… this was my house and I could have some fun fixing it up!

I was about to go down the steps into the ground floor with a friend to explore that level when I woke up… to find one of my cats tucked against my side and the sky still dark outside meaning it was still before dawn, even though dawn came early now since it was almost Solstice.

This dream seems to indicate new possibilities cropping up in my life. Certainly I am experiencing a rapid change in how I view things. Nevertheless, within the dream I was very happy, almost ecstatic, a state that I seldom find myself in except while in profound meditation or when I’ve been channeling. Or when I’m walking in the woods discovering beautiful treasures, small and large.

May many blessings attend you on your own journey of self-discovery.


Eliza Ayres

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3 thoughts on “Adventures in Dream Land – The Mansion

  1. Reblogged this on unity2013 and commented:
    What if the ‘mansions’ mentioned are the various vibrational levels in creation. And all are One. I do think Jesus was, is real. But not in the way that is stated on the bible, which I think have some truths, and some things not true, but to control us. We are controlled, if we believe, and are not if we don’t. And do not allow to be controlled. We are powerful humans, very creative. We can create food, bread as Jesus did. We just need to remember we can, and do so. We are not sheep, not slaves. We are powerful gods and goddesses. Remember who you are.

    • Great connection, Susan… mansions as different vibrational frequency levels. Also, much of the Christian church doctrine is based on the teachings of Peter, not Yeshua, which rejected the rights of women to participate in spiritual matters. We’ve seen what comes of allowing one half of humanity to dominate the other… nothing good. Yeshua believed that women and men are equal and that cooperation, love and brotherhood were the way to go forward. These beliefs did not serve those who wanted power for themselves so ultimately were rejected and overlaid with limitation and misrepresentations. Yeshua planted energetic seeds that are now emerging within each of us, now, as the new earth energies continue to intensify.

  2. Eliza, if you just posted this for the first time, then i must’ve been in that dream with you; i felt ‘excited’ the first time i read it (or dreamed i read it?) and felt a similar tingle reading it now again.

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