A Message from Your Family of Light


A Message from Your Family of Light

via Eliza Ayres

Greetings, dear ones, we are your Family of Light. We welcome you into the expansive energies of July. Summer reigns in the north and winter in the south latitudes.

Do you feel our energies in your heart these days? We are ever present, watching over you, guiding you quietly with nudges and notions. And when you “tune-in”, you can feel us there, as your heart chakra flares with gentle warmth.

Do some of you wake up in the morning with an unfinished conversation lingering on your lips, as you speak to someone who isn’t yet visible to your waking eyes? Or with a fully open pineal gland, are you blissing out and sometimes having a difficult time coping with the functions of your remaining 3D portions of your life?

Transitions, transitions and yet more transitions are underway. All is in a profound state of flux, yet we sense that more and more of you are able to remain fairly stable and calm during the day, even when presented with circumstances that would have sent you into a twirl just months ago.

And even if you travel a bit up and down on the see-saw, you can quickly regain center and calm without lingering doubts, fears, guilt or remorse.

If you do not feel that you have reached this point of being, dear ones, do not castigate yourself for you are all doing extraordinarily well in your transformations.

There are those humans who are not even aware that they are ascending, yet the energies are affecting them, too. And those who continue to choose to resist change are struggling in their self-created mire of anxiety and grief.

As difficult as it might for those of you who wish to save these “lost” ones, realize that each soul is presented with a variety of experiences throughout their lifetimes spent upon this teaching planet; to gain true mastery, one must go through these experiences and discover the way out and back into the light. Each incarnated being is at a different stage of development; allow them to experience what is there for them.

Allowing others to be where they are now, is as important as allowing yourself to thrive and grow. Do you remember where you were a year ago, five or ten years ago? You are not the same person. And you will be different tomorrow, for this change is expansive and unending.

Be an advocate for love and compassion, respect and gratitude. Allow yourself to release the dark energies that come up for transmutation as they must during this period of transformation. You are changing daily.

Do not expect yourself to respond to things in your life as you once did. You have changed within your heart and head even if your outer vehicle does not reflect the inner changes. Yet look deeply into your own eyes when you next stand before a mirror. Who is that one who is looking back at you? Do your eyes appear wiser, more filled with light, dear ones?

People who are not in touch with Nature and the flow of natural processes, may not be aware that to change and grow, there must first come a period of what appears to be destruction or de-structuring, where you seem to fall apart. Center in your heart space and trust that you will be led through this transition to a new way of being.

Nothing seems quite like it used to be and yet, while there might be a slight longing to revisit the old, the new is even more appealing in its unlimited diversity and potential. Each of you is beginning to sense a huge change in the wings of your life’s stage…

What is your dream? Allow that dream to take flight and unfold. Plant the seeds and let them grow. You can’t grow plants if you keep pulling them up by the roots. So it is with your dreams. Sow them and allow the energies to bring into manifestation what is the highest good for your life-stream. You may be surprised by what occurs.

Your higher selves are running the show now, dear ones, not your egoic minds. Allow for the cycles of nature and the flow of the energies to carry you into yet uncharted waters. There is much to explore and much to be.

We are ever with you in the Now moment. Feel our Presence in the sacred space within, your own higher heart chakra (located over the Thymus Gland). Know that we love you and are so grateful that you stepped forward as volunteers to create new worlds of opportunities for not just yourself, but many unseen beings.

The Universe watches your progress with awe and we are so proud of each and every one of you. Go with our love. Namaste.

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