Eliza: Walking on Inner Paths of Being


Eliza: Walking on Inner Paths of Being

For some their spiritual journeys have taken them to exotic places, to ancient ruins of former power centers, portals and energy centers of the earth’s physical body. For other spiritual aspirants, they walk the energy paths daily through working as healers of body, mind and spirit. For some of us, though, we just walk the inner paths that wind through our daily lives, learning to keep balance and calm whilst living in the midst of a storm of chaos and uncertainty.

Right now, my classroom of life is where I work. Daily I am challenged to maintain an aura of serenity in a place that is packed with underlying covert (hidden) and overt tensions. Daily I am confronted with mirrors, reflected back to me in how my co-workers and “customers” find me through my interactions with them. Some of my co-workers seek me out for counsel and comments; others just like to be near me for a while. Still others are confused by my serenity in the face of confusion.

I am in the process of actively letting go the need to respond or react to confrontation. I am in the process of consciously choosing to go with peace, forgiveness and compassion in every decision, every move, and every action that takes me through the day.

This journey is all about self-mastery, not the mastery of others. As I teach myself, what I feel about self is reflected out into my world and does affect the people and animals with which I interact. They can choose to reject my peace, reject my person, reject what I am and it no longer affects “me”, for I have discovered that inner source of peace, the emanations of my high heart chakra.

Without saying a word, I teach.

With presenting my truth as I see it by living it, I assist others to “see” the truth, if they are willing to look there. If they aren’t (which will be dependent on their frequency level) then I let go of the need to convince them. Each person is what they are at the moment, free to choose and to act as they see fit. If their actions do not suit me, I can walk away, unless I have to deal with it in an official capacity. However, even then, while utilizing the laws and rules that I must live by within my professional setting, I am aware of their short-comings (of the laws / rules), too.


No law imposed from the outside will work for everyone. The law of your being must emanate from within, guiding you through your decision-making, allowing you to adapt to the flow of the moment, by being flexible according to circumstances. Human laws tend to be rigid and easily broken, even by those who actively advocate their creation in order to control what they see in “other” as being unruly or difficult to understand or even a threat to personal safety. I have come to see the difficulty of attempting to impose outer control when the individual cannot control or master his inner being. It simply does not correlate. It simply will not work, so it up to each of us to discover our own inner law of being and go forward with it, courageously.

Much of this life has been in a strange betwixt and between state, observing the actions and reactions of humans and dealing with my own conditioning and inner “demons”. I have come to an understanding that those “demons” largely do not belong to me but derive from the extreme 3D dualistic egoistical thinking patterns that have overlaid the native intuition that each of us carries within.

It is time and beyond time that we throw off these shackles. It is also a process of uncovering layer upon layer of debris that has been stored within one’s own subconscious mind and carried from lifetime to lifetime until released and transmuted into higher frequency energies through the use of such tools as the Violet Flame, prayer, dharmic work or active conscious forgiving of self and others.

Recently, I have found myself stepping away from a need or desire to interact with others to the degree that I was once. I came to see my reactive moods as being an indication that I needed to do some personal work on myself and leave off correcting others. I have endeavored to open my heart chakra and to refine my awareness of when I get unbalanced, so that I might quickly forgive myself and anyone who is acting as an active mirror in reflecting that which needs to be worked upon.

You might see this intricate and delicate inner work like standing on the fulcrum of a seesaw, allowing one end to drop and then moving slightly to bring the whole back to center. It also allows for the ebb and flow that inevitably comes as a result of the natural rhythms of heaven and earth, which are also reflected in the inner world of our own personal microcosm.

We have been trained as a species, to react most often without thinking and then living with the ensuing regret, guilt and possible fear of what might happen to us as a result. And so we have lived in a world constrained by our worries and anxieties about the future, our guilt and resentments from the past and in so doing completely losing sight and awareness of what the “now” moment held for us.

The world and everything in it is made up of energy, vibration and frequency. As your frequency levels go up and down, your perception changes. Your tastes change. Your understandings change and adjust. You cannot perceive a higher frequency pattern if you come from a lower frequency understanding as you do not vibrate on the same level. As you move through the frequency ranges, you will experience great change in your outer life, but most especially, the change will be reflected in how you view “self.”

Much of my current understanding of what I am and what I am becoming is difficult to articulate into our 3D language. It is more something that you feel within. It is also how you feel when you observe the actions of others and what goes on in the greater world.

You can chose to view from a place of disinterested compassion the struggles and confusion of many or feel compelled to involve yourself in those same struggles. I have chosen to remain detached as I feel it is not my place to save any of those people from undergoing the experiences that their souls have selected for them. It is not because I have consciously separated myself out from humanity that I feel this way. It is simply that I know that each experience offers a richness of understanding for the souls involved. I no longer feel a need to judge any of these experiences as “good” or “bad”; they simply are.

I am coming into a profound sense of self-acceptance. I have released the guilt and shame that bound me to the dark ones who saw that lighted one such as me would suffer accordingly. In so doing, I have cut the bonds that have bound me to the limitations of 3D thinking and reacting.

I can step back, observe and then choose what to do next, all the while viewing the ongoing scene before me with compassion and detachment. It matters little to me what others might think, do and act out… what matters is what I do and even then, I can forgive myself instantly for any perceived misstep.

The journey of the spirit is an exacting one, but also one that involves simplifying your expectations, releasing desires and needs and living in the moment. Materiality becomes unimportant as your needs drop away. You can still enjoy beauty and comfort, but you are no longer driven to own or have the next best gadget in order to satisfy an emptiness that exists within when you look to the outside to find love, affection and fulfillment.

Love, affection and fulfillment come with loving self, and seeing that glorious self reflected back to you in the smiles of children, the beauty that surrounds you, and the love you feel for everything you see and witness.

Finally, I am coming to a point in my present awareness where I stand at the fulcrum of balance on the Scales, at still point. Here I can observe and act as I chose or not depending on my inner guidance. Here I can “hear” that same inner guidance for I have come to rely upon it heavily. And to follow that guidance although my decisions leave others puzzled by my actions.

Each of our journeys is entirely unique and cannot be dictated by others. If you are still clinging to the teachings or guidance from “teachers” then perhaps you have not yet had the experience of facing your own inner teacher.


We can learn from one and another, but each of us is responsible for what we do on our own. And as we grow, we come into the understanding that we are interconnected at subtle levels at all times. As you do your own inner work, you will effect change in the world whether or not you are able to detect that change immediately. Eventually, you will see it if you let go of all sense of expectation or desire to control the outcome.

Change comes from within. We cannot impose change upon others who appear “outside” of self. It must come from within self as we reconnect with the greater part of our Self, our divine being that exists outside the limitations of this world. Time and space do not exist outside the parameters of our solar system and each star system’s sense of time differs from what we have experienced here.

It is “time” that we each stepped outside the box of 3D time and space and allowed our love to expand to envelop all of Creation… for each of us is a part of said Creation.

My love and joy goes out to all who arrive at these pages, whether or not you have been long upon a conscious journey or are just starting out. My blessings of my Higher Self go with you, always. Namasté.

Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres @ http://bluedragonjournal.com

15 thoughts on “Eliza: Walking on Inner Paths of Being

  1. I always love checking in on your ‘walks’ and your journey, Eliza…you inspire and give us much food for …contemplation…with appreciation, Judy

  2. YES, Eliza, you have definitely ‘arrived’ at the understanding — maybe one of the most difficult paradigm shifts that I ever personally experienced, succeeding not very long ago — that it is no longer our role to disseminate information, inform, ‘wake up’, nor even offer to advise any other human being. It is NOW that we are called to simply BE the Truth, to DEMONSTRATE it by how we LIVE, how we move through our days and nights ‘amidst the chaos’. ALL the ‘information’ that anyone could EVER ‘need’ (for their human-ego-minds’ cravings for ‘that’) is already out there, in copious amounts, along any ‘path’ that a person chooses to seek it. So that part of our mission is indeed over. It is now incumbent upon the Wayshowers to simply BE . . . what we truly ARE in Reality — what we ALL Are of course! — in Love, Joy, and, very importantly, with a healthy DETACHED Compassion that preserves both our Inner Sanctity AND other Souls’ Divine Sovereignty 😉

  3. Dear Eliza,
    I totally resonate with your emotions most of the time. It feels that as if i too am walking on a similar path as yours. This particular post opened my heart chakra for self contemplation. Whenever i am dealing with a particular thought, you do come out with such beautiful personal views such as this, always ! You speak my mind. You are like my soul sister 🙂

  4. A wonderful and insightful message. It was exactly what I needed to here! Thank you for sharing this Wisdom with us. Many blessings. Love and Light!

  5. Love this so very much! I just blogged about some of my old conflicts with people, and I’m thankful now that those kinds of run-ins with control struggles seem to be (mostly) behind me. Self-mastery is so very precious indeed; I also put it down to self-acceptance, when we no longer need to seek validation from others and will not bend to people seeking to invalidate us or involve us in their dramas. You put it so beautifully!

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