Adventures in Dreamland: Otters and Tanks


Adventures in Dreamland: Otters and Tanks

If an Otter comes into your dream:

“To see an otter in your dream symbolizes happiness, playfulness and good fortune. You are navigating through your emotional life with ease and joy. Alternatively it can be suggesting that you will experience bliss or unusual gentleness with your loved one.” Quote from:

I had another dream with an otter this morning. This time the otter was a dark brown, wet and cold. Curious thing as otters are supposed to be wet; they’re terrific swimmers. However, I walking about outside what appeared to be a large school grounds, with play fields and tall wire fences clutching a wet otter in a towel to my chest. As I walked along I could see there was some kind of militaristic gathering going on. Men were signaling groups to arrange themselves, machinery was being driven into position, including some large tanks and trucks. It looked like some kind of small army.

I tried to show the otter to one person, but they didn’t even see me or the animal, so I walked on. I appeared to be dressed simply and barefoot, as well. Then I changed my direction and came back along the edge of the milling ranks. A short distance away, I spied a large lake and started heading in that direction, as the perfect place to release the little otter. Men in uniform were still forming up in the center of a play field, but I ignored them and walked by with intent. Then I woke up, clutching a cat under my left arm to see soft sunshine beaming in through the window…

Walking through that mill of soldiers was like walking through the confusion and chaos that some people are bringing to their daily lives. I witness it daily at work and am endeavoring to keep my emotional body at a calm, balanced, neutral state, observing but not engaging. It is a challenging position as people want to draw you in to their particular dramas. However, as you become aware that those dramas have absolutely nothing to do with you or your spiritual journey or even your personal life, you can step away and see the outworking of your own internal drama. You can bless the mirrors for showing you what you need to release, that you CAN release it now, if you so choose.

Stepping away from drama, confusion and chaos is always a choice we have, although many people choose to reengage because they hope to “save” someone or they wish to control someone else’s actions. Neither of those are wise choices for the spiritual aspirant, yet each of us has the right to choose when the moment arrives, each moment of each day when you are in the midst of human activity and interaction.

My particular work setting is a very challenging one and now becoming even more challenging due to the changing in frequency levels, financial and familial challenges facing co-workers at home, loss and illness, loss of jobs, change of jobs, uncertainity, budgetary crises looming on the horizon and the daily stress factors that accompany work in a prison setting. People deal with the stress in their own ways, either by reacting or acting out with drama and contention or withdrawing… or choosing the middle way as I’m endeavoring to do.

I see the stress working on people to create illness and discontent. And I see the result of continued stress in the loss of joy and health in many individuals, be they co-workers or offenders who are imprisoned. Only by discovering and maintaining a level of inner peace can all that pass you by.

Daily I walk through the valley of the shadow of death and it touches me not… or very little. I do feel a certain amount of stress but have learned to let it go when I leave the front door and walk out into the parking lot. And the stress I carry drops away further as I notice the beautiful sky above, feel the fresh breezes wafting through the wheat-fields, look at the shadowed mountains looming to the east and drive by tall trees. The stress is almost gone when I walk through my own little garden, admiring the new flowers and peeping through the sunflowers to the tall tomato plants behind them to see if any fruit has set.

How much longer I will serve in the fields of the Lord, I know not, but I go day by day, moment by moment, doing my best to stay balanced, calm and grateful for ALL that surrounds me. Whatever used to appear “bad” or “good” now just is a mirror for me to observe, consider and act upon or not.

I choose to carry my joy (the otter) through the chaos and confusion and walk towards the waters (purity and refreshment) through the sunshine of my own Presence, in the Now moment of each day.

Hugs and kisses,

Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

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