Journal Entry 06.27.2014


Journal Entry 06.27.2014

Busy day at work.  In the evenings, I crave quiet, rest and peace among the plants in my little garden.  I stand and contemplate the clouds as they move across the sky or pile up in a grayish heap on the western ridge of the nearby Blue Mountains.  It rained today and there were a few people who grumbled about, “Where’s summer?”

I enjoyed the cooler temperatures, although it still got to 79 degrees this afternoon, very pleasant, but a little humid.  We do live in a “dry” climate being in the sage – blue bunchgrass zone of the inner plateau country.  Not quite desert, more natural grassland interspersed with volcanic canyons and outcroppings.  The lava flows are a part of the landscape.  The nearby Blues present gently rounded contours and elevations from vistas in town, but there are many deeply cut canyons and thin windy ridges in the midst of the range.

The area is one of the warmest in the State of Washington and allows for growing of a wide variety of plants.  My little garden is bursting with growth right now, which I love to see.  And it is peppered with the activity of bees of all kinds, dragonflies and the occasional tiny hummingbird.  Plus, there is a cricket who serenades the garden in the evenings.


I’m completely without ambition right now, just content to be.  I do manage to get things done that need doing, but at a slower pace, perhaps, than I would have years ago.

I am simply savoring the sweetness of summer.  In a week, I’ll be taking some leave from work and will go on some short trips to the local mountains.  I have no wish to travel far, but enjoy short camping trips and visiting scenic places nearby.  The land speaks deeply to my spirit and it is enough to be here now.




Eliza Ayres

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4 thoughts on “Journal Entry 06.27.2014

  1. Thank you for sharing your feelings. I feel the same peace here in Holland in the city. Looking to nature at 5 am and the birds who singing their songs waiting for the sun to arise. Namaste Ria

    • Hi Phoenix – no, flowers at work wouldn’t help. There is a lot of drama going on, shifting, people leaving, people being laid off, problems here and there, indecision in management, you name it… it’s happening all at the same time and that’s just staff. Then there is the inmates to deal with… The system is faltering and I’m sitting there in the middle, attempting to do my work quietly and efficiently. Interesting environment. So, at home I enjoy the garden, peace and my animals. All very healing.

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