Journal Entry – 06.23.2014


Journal Entry 06.23.2014

Sorry, no messages came this past weekend. I was in the midst of meditating on the Solstice and dealing with the strong energies. Rather like riding a reluctant horse without saddle and bridle…

For some reason, I spent a lot of time in India… with the Sahaja Yoga that I’ve just begun practicing and watching some old movies… And why, Sahaja? It’s simple, elegant and with little verbiage. I’m tired of reading and learning things from different sources that are so contradictory. I need some time to let everything settle so I can “see” better. And the meditation has some great chakra music, as well.

And did the normal household duties that one does when in charge of a small house, two felines and a garden.

Summer is here in all its glory.

Here are some photos taken while on a walk…



Hugs and kisses,


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2 thoughts on “Journal Entry – 06.23.2014

  1. Eb and flow, round and round the spiral we go. Higher and higher by just walking in your garden.
    Thank you for sharing your path. As always it is fascinating.
    Pretty flowers.

  2. I certainly understand and agree with you in being tired of reading contradictory information from sources on meditation. Simple and elegant – yes!! I try to follow the KISS Principle: Keep It Simple Steward. The word “steward” is from old English, “stye ward”, keeper of the (pig) stye. The term evolved to meaning “manager.” Being a good steward is to “manage” or “keep” anything that one is responsible for.

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