Journal Entry 06.18.2014 – More Adventures in Dreamland


Journal Entry – More Adventures in Dreamland

The past two nights or mornings, I’ve had what I call fairly significant dreams. They were dreams in which I was excited and very happy.

First dream: My husband and I had just bought a very big house, like a mansion. It was built of gray stone and was perched on the crest of a low hill. When we went inside, we could see that there was a lot of refurbishing to do, what with new wallpaper, rugs, furniture and the like, but we were very happy. We had some guests over and were showing them around.

I went into the main bedroom and opened the window. Looking down I was astonished to see that this side of the house rested on the edge of a river and very near the confluence of another river. I moved aside, allowing one of my guests to look out, too, and said, “There… you see? We were on the other side of that river just last week!” I was referring to the fact that my husband and I loved to walk together.

I was listening to my husband talking out loud about the amount of wallpaper he was going to have purchase and then I realized – the house contained at least four other apartments. We could have tenants!

I was very excited and with a friend, started down the steps into the basement or ground floor (don’t know which) and then the dream ended…

Second dream: Again, I was very happy. I seemed to be at a large gathering, but was out in the garden with a couple of friends. One of them, a man, was a bit distracted and thinking aloud. I suddenly felt different and rather wonderful, like my body was completely rejuvenated. I interrupted the speaker and said, “I feel whole, again!” And proceeded to demonstrate just how healthy I was, I did a couple of movements from Hatha Yoga. I also felt very feminine and graceful; I was very pleased with myself.

Well, folks… I am in the process of merging with my Higher Self. The dreams reflect this movement. I woke up with a smile and with a bounce in my walk this morning, a feeling of joy that was sustained almost through the entire day without a hitch. Since I do work in a prison, it is a particularly challenging environment to keep “happy” at all moments, yet, reminding myself that I mustn’t allow anyone to push me from my neutral, joyous state, I soon found center, again.

I am sustained now by my strengthening connection to Spirit… my spirit, my divine being. And I don’t need to follow any system to get there, which is even more freeing.

I’ve done quite a bit of searching “out there” for my answers. Now, that I am beginning to let go of the need to search, the answers are coming to me. They are coming from various sources, such as the Internet, from books (old and new), from friends and just from listening within.

I suppose some folks feel that they could never channel or write like I do… or like some of the other fine channels, but you don’t have to be a writer if your heart is not in it. As a youngster, I happened to have a love for words. I found stories… fairy stories for starters… when I was in the third grade or eight years of age and discovered the joy of reading. And if you’re not into writing, find something else through which you can express your joy… be it gardening, climbing, traveling, singing, dancing, etc.

I’ve read a lot of stories, non-fiction, professional journals, newspapers, and the like. I have a natural curiosity about the world and a good sense of judgment about people. When I say judgment, I mean I can sense if a person is telling the truth or not or if they are prevaricating. I am intelligent in a world where it isn’t “cool” to be smart. I don’t idolize celebrities and don’t collect stuff, except art gear, hiking gear and books. Or used to… even that is now changing as all I want to do is shed “stuff”.

I love words. And now I love to channel and share the wisdom I receive from spirit, whether that spirit is “self” or part of the greater “Self”. I have come to have great confidence in my ability to discern what is good for me, although sometimes it takes a few days or more to allow an answer to inform me. Patience, tolerance and self-respect have taken precedence over looking glamorous or buying new clothes and possessions.

I’m letting go of the world and its demands slowly but surely. It holds little glamour for me. There is a profound feeling of “been there, done that.”

Right now, I face one day at a time. I am letting go of the need or desire to plan out the future. One day, one step. And with each moment, I learn something more about myself or find a simple joy in watching clouds scud across a blue gray sky. Simple joys are what bring real pleasure to me now. I do not need luxury or expensive toys. I have what I need, provided to me by the Universe. I am content.

As I eat my two fruit meals per day and then a fairly “regular” meal, I find my tastes are changing. I cannot even eat some foods any more or they have little appeal. And I’ve started doing a detox using bentonite clay in a fruit smoothie as one meal. The clay is reputed to assist in drawing toxins and heavy metals out of the body and glands, including the pineal gland. It is necessary to undergo cleansing, inside the body and inside your emotional / mental bodies, in order to re-unite with higher self. The higher self cannot enter and remain in a body that is at a lower frequency level than itself. It is touch and go flights until the body is stable enough to hold the light frequency of the higher self.

Since my illness this past spring, I have undergone some tremendous inner and outer changes. I am not the same person who started this blog two years ago; I am not the same person that I was last Christmas. And I won’t be the same person by next November. Ascension is about constant change, adaption, allowing, letting go, and coming to a point of forgiveness of all that has ever happened during any lifetime. It is about letting go of desire, of plans, of worry and anxiety and just being in the moment.

Of course, any one needs to do a little planning, but it can be more spontaneous than rigid. And if things happen that are unexpected, you adjust and go with the flow.

Challenges will come and go, but I can honestly say that I am happier than I’ve ever been in my entire life. And each day brings new wonder.

Many thanks and blessings to my readers, old and new.
Hugs and kisses,

Eliza Ayres

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5 thoughts on “Journal Entry 06.18.2014 – More Adventures in Dreamland

    • Me, too, Michael (and Eliza)….just reading it I felt myself lift up and up….I felt better than i had in days. (Thank you, Eliza!! A shining torch…)

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