Eliza: On Religion as a Tool for the Dark


Eliza: On Religion as a Tool of the Dark

Oh, what kind of can of worms am I opening now? I realize that much of what I write is potentially upsetting to those who have found solace in the teachings of their religion. I’m not going to apologize, however, as some of the leaders of those religions have used those same teachings as weapons against peoples of other cultures, religions and races, as well as against women and children.

When the Sons of Belial succeeded in overcoming the followers of the Law of One in Atlantis, the continent sunk. Quite a judgment, and yet, everyone concerned managed to reincarnate and continue on with their little dramas for at least the last eleven to thirteen centuries. And there were survivors of both Atlantis and Lemuria, colonists who moved out to other parts of the world, taking their cultures with them and then intermarrying with the indigenous populations.

We see similar threads of light woven through the teachings of all the world’s major religions. It is these seeds of light that attract the unconscious light workers to those religions. Or perhaps one has chosen to embody into a family and culture that is deeply immersed within the traditions and conditioning of a particular religion.

I was born into a Christian family. We went to church when I was young. My mother gave me the option of deciding whether or not I wanted to continue going to church when I reached my early teens. I chose not to… for the simple reason that I was uncomfortable with some of what I was hearing. And as a young child, I couldn’t understand why a Sunday school teacher would insist on my learning to recite the books of the Bible. If I wanted to look something up in the bible, I would open it up and read for myself. For a while, my mother and I attended the adult services and then I decided to forgo attendance altogether when our favorite minister retired and the tone of the church abruptly changed towards high church.

The images that the new minister painted of hell and damnation for those souls who were outside of our religion didn’t sit too well with me. What a precocious youngster I was without realizing it. It didn’t help that the new minister’s son tried to drown me in the river when we were on a church camping trip, although no one believed me. I remember the unexpected depth of the river as I was pushed off my air mattress and into the cold water. The river was over 20 feet deep at that spot; I could have drowned, but instead I was angry. I held my anger, but soon afterward decided to leave the church, because of one stupid young boy… or so it seemed.

What I discovered through the years with my meandering around, in and out of many different spiritual groups and even a few New Age churches, is that most people attracted to such a life style are ones who feel comfortable living within a system. They feel comfortable giving up their power and being guided by others on how to think and manage their lives. They allow themselves to be defined by that system and they become conditioned to see other people as being different and usually “less than” themselves. Puffed up by spiritual pride, they begin to look down on others as being at best misguided and at worst, as being doomed to hell fire and damnation.

{Mind you, you can substitute “politics” or a few other words instead of “religion” and encounter the same narrow-minded prejudices among illiterate, shallow-thinking, numbed-out and dumbed down people.}

Damned if I could never understand that phrase, hell and damnation. Those poor souls (IMHO) who were born into the Catholic religion got to hear from nun and priest alike that if they didn’t do what the adult standing before them demanded then they would forever suffer… blah, blah, blah. And it has been this same misuse of power that allowed for the abuse of children to occur. An air of superiority, spiritual piety and power over the flock (sheeple) has led to some horrific crimes done in the name of God. Whether the tenets of the church was used against so-called pagans, indigenous peoples, women (witch-hunts), children (sexual, emotional and physical abuse) or against people of other faiths, the Roman church has been a focus of great evil in the world.

The Church has also been the focus of great good, but usually the church leaders have used it against those who stood outside the faith and those who were the weakest. Many have been mistreated, tortured and killed unfairly because they were different or because it was politically expedient to get rid of those who defied the church and its prejudicial laws.

As one who was a druid in several lifetimes I personally experienced the hatred directed to those who embodied the teachings of the ancient Goddess religion, the Law of One, which passed down through the centuries in the misty corners of the British Isles. The reincarnated Sons of Belial and their hate-filled masters, 4th and lower 5th dimensional dark lords, hated anything to do with the old goddess religion so they sought out and destroyed all remnants of it (to the best of their ability) in Europe. The old war, started in Atlantis, then carried to Lemuria, was on again and the dark ones were carrying the power stick this time as the Kali Yuga (dark cycle) was in full swing.

I actually encountered much of the same tactics of divide and conquer being used within a so-called New Age church. Its followers were encouraged to see those outside the church’s teachings as less than enlightened. They were told that they were the Chosen Ones. It was the same “us” against “them” scenario that had worked so successfully in keeping whole communities, families and in some cases, countries at each other’s throats.

Why would someone hate with such ferocity the practitioners of another religion when the god of their own, the only Son of God, was allegedly a being of great love and wisdom? Frankly, it is due to the lower vibrational beings recognizing something that was a threat to their very existence… the Truth.

Truth exists in many forms. What is truth to one person may not be truth to another. Yet, to force your truth on to another person or an entire continent, such as was done in Mexico, Central and South America, is to commit violence against the inner divinity of that person or persons.

So, the Roman Catholic Church has committed great sins against humanity, all in the name of spreading the Word of God. And witness what is being done in the Middle East, today, in the name of God and religion… women killed for not following restrictive rules or for refusing to marry at twelve years of age, or for wanting an education and the opportunity to make a living outside of traditional expectations and so on. Freedom is a threat to those who want to continue to control the masses and so they seek to destroy those who step forward and risk all to free their people from prejudice and darkness of spirit.

Tell me, dear ones, how can you save someone as you are roasting their body in a fire, after hours of torture?

I admit that the Church has not been the only culprit, but has been one of the most outstanding ones. Still, violence has been committed against people in the name of many religions for centuries. Why? Because it is an effective tool in keeping people separated from each other and ultimately from God.

How so, you might ask? Well, if people hold hatred within their hearts towards others, the Universal Law of Reflection, turns that hatred, also, inward to the one sending it forth. And the dark lords know the laws well and so intentionally use them against an ignorant and fearful people that they have cowed into obedience. And in feeling the self-hatred, the self-loathing is projected outward even more, until the one sending it forth has become a very effective tool in the hands of the dark lords, all the while incurring a great deal of karma for doing so. Thus control is assured for lifetimes as the individual attempts to work it out only to be ensnared again when they cannot break free of their bonds through their own effort.

This kind of behavior continues world-wide. In some countries where politics and the worship of celebrities have become the new religion, there are still attacks made on those who are different, don’t fit in, are of other cultures, poor, mentally or physically disabled and so on.

I stepped away from my Christian heritage years ago. After reading a huge tome on the origins of Christianity I began to realize that it was a fabricated religion that has been manipulated and adapted to suit the motives and plans of those who hold the true power within its secret interior. So cowed were the heads of countries, kings and emperors that they dreaded the threat of ex-communication… that is, unless they had the audacity to create and install their own pope, such as happened in the early years of the Renaissance in France. For a short time, there were two popes, which must have been confusing to the most literate of the population, primarily church-taught scholars.

It was events such as this that have convinced me that the church, while outwardly appears to be a light upon the dark world, is merely a tool used by skilled politicians and manipulators behind the scenes to keep humanity at each other’s throats. Divide and conquer has long been the way the masses of humanity have been kept in check and it is have been very effective, at least up until now… with the dawning of the Satya Yuga, the new golden age.

Even within the ancient and venerated religions of the East, there remains fear and its dark child, hatred, directed against those who are of other faiths or castes within their own countries. Fortunately, many great saints and yogis have been born into these ancient religions and have brought forth fresh insights on the universality of all truth. The teachings of these masters have been carried into the West and have brought comfort to those who were confused by the contradictory teachings and politics of the western religion, Christianity, in all its various guises.

The seeds of light planted by the masters in ancient times have blossomed and become leafy threads weaving their light throughout humanity. The time has come now when we need to leave off the old conditioning and built-in limitations of whatever faith we have been born into and come to recognize that humanity is one collective consciousness.

We may look different on the surface, but within our veins runs the same kind of blood. Our lungs breathe the same air and we share the same planet, our Mother who has graciously provided us with a foundation upon which we can learn about physical life. And see how we have treated her!

If I hold to any religion it is the Law of the One, where all life is of divine essence. I regard Father-Mother God as my true parents and inner guides. I have met them within dreams and on inner planes. And their emissaries, in the guise of light beings and angels, are the ones who are my immediate teachers and mentors.

If you are one who feels upset at reading these words, it is time to do a little soul-searching. Why are you upset at one who thinks differently than you do? What is stirred up within as a result? Do you want to strike back at me by writing a rude comment on my blog (which will be promptly spammed and deleted!) or is it because you are now feeling an upwelling of self-doubt, self-hatred, and confusion and even shame…?

I do not expect anyone to feel as I do or to think as I do, but I would hope that mature human beings can accept that diversity is much more desirable than homogeneity. There is much beauty in having more than one religion, culture or set of traditions upon this planet than only one… And there is greater beauty in allowing people to live free of all outside abuse, control and manipulations.

I refuse to linger in the shadows out of fear for my life any longer. The days have long passed when the Church could seize my person and drag me bodily into a dungeon to be tortured by the Inquisition. I can speak out and though many may disagree with my words, I think they will be glad that I have the freedom and courage to write and speak them.

So, in sharing this piece, I am purging myself of the shame and self-hatred created when I became a victim (many times) of the fires of prejudice and the misuse of power under the guise of a patently destructive religion.

The saints and masters who gave the teachings that were later consolidated into various religious beliefs and practices never meant for people to be bound within cages of prejudice and hatred. They wanted to free mankind from darkness and so they have continued to reincarnate among us to lead us into the Light. Far from desiring to be idolized and worshipped, these beloved beings wish for all humanity to realize their own innate divinity.

Light and love are completely neutral. They are the underlying foundation of us all, energy and frequency. We are truly one being, throughout Creation, even if some of us do not or do not want to realize this yet. The time will come when all humanity wakes up and becomes a part of the mass ascension of GAIA. That time is not yet and so we must exercise some patience. The cycles of planetary bodies are much longer than those of human beings.

Patience, tolerance, courage and love for oneself and each other will carry us far, together, into the light of the new dawn.

I AM your sister in light and love,

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27 thoughts on “Eliza: On Religion as a Tool for the Dark

    • Thanks. I know I’m stepping on some toes here, but it has got to be done. Dark forces have penetrated the bastions of religion and have led command there for centuries and it is foolish to think otherwise. Doesn’t mean that there are not seeds of wisdom within the teachings… but those same teachings should not be used against people who are not of like mind or heart.

      You can bet that I call upon Archangel Michael’s Eagles for protection quite frequently these days!

  1. Love, love ,love xxxxxxxxxxxx I’m releasing, purging, freeing my soul xxxxxxx Thankyou for your honesty and love xxxxxxx

  2. Eliza-
    It’s great to see someone else getting the “truth” about religion. I saw the stupidity of the catholic religion I grew up in a long time ago and thought I had learned how dark it is, but assumed that it was probably “innocent” stupidity. Now I am finding out more about how it has really been more of a “tool” for the dark forces maliciously directed purposely to actually keep us from Knowing God. They have gotten power from being false gods and used that power to prevent us from experiencing the Truth of the Creator God.
    Everything you are saying is music to my ears. Hopefully everyone will be listening to this “music” that you are speaking soon and give up listening to the nonsense the church is teaching.

    • Most of the current religions are “ruled” over by false pantheons… yes, you are right about the “false gods”. All a part of the diminished energies of the third dimension, a mixture of much black magic and unspeakable abuse of innocents, young and old. Find your true god within through your connection with Higher Self and I AM Presence. You do not need a priest to do it!

  3. Very well said and I totally agree, I was brought up a Catholic and also left the church as a teenager. Being of an inquisitive and spiritual nature I have somewhat studied most of today’s religions and it was when I was half way through reading the Koran that I realised their only is one God and we have merely placed many different hats on him, I gave up on religion and just believed in God and nature. Then, if I had to choose one I would choose paganism, how it was back in the day, felt right to me. Now that I’m on the ascension path I’m really happy I did realise this as I have since learned that what you say is quite true and God is all about Love and Oneness and very little like what most religions preach.

  4. I am so impressed, deeply appreciate for what you have written so courageously !!
    Sometimes, i get surprised by how many many born christians in the West have started to embrace the true aspect in uniting with the higher self by discarding the fabricated religious falsehood of dark manipulators. Astounding ! I really appreciate the efforts of all those born in the west learning and hungry for GAIA’s and their own ascension. Wonderful !
    I do hope that many others here in the East, realise it timely – the importance of ascending their soul. The ratio of awakening/awakened souls to the huge populace, when compared, sadly, is not enough as yet. We have our own set of problems due to which it is little tough to awaken the masses BUT yet the yogis and gurus and masters, who posses deep knowledge of our true universe are doing their best to awaken as many people as possible. But in the end, collective efforts show up only when each person consciously wakes up to his/her own individual efforts.
    I am so happy with your efforts. Keep up the good work dear sister in light !
    You folks are doing such a great job, each one of you.


    • Krisna, it is because we have walked with your people in past lives that we come to recognize the universal truths that are taught by your wonderful wise men and women. I remember Mother India quite fondly although it has been many, many lifetimes ago… Namaste, Eliza

  5. Beloved Eliza,

    What a beautifull soul,you are quite inspirational.You are such kind of so call stranger one can walk straight to and ask, have we met before or do i know you? You sound so familiar from ones within.
    Peace be with you

  6. As someone said to me a long time ago: Religion is one thing, and spirituality another. The difference is vast once you can see it! I loved this post!

  7. Gracias Eliza, muchas personas estamos despertando, ya entiendo porque mi corazon resuena con tus canalizaciones, I love you so much Eliza, and I love this post!!

  8. Dear Sister, I can only weep after reading your post, I know it is true, but nevertheless, this truth is stirring up my heart and soul …. thank you for giving another opportunity for cleansing and healing. Love!

  9. I have never heard the whole aspect of religion so perfectly summed up. I’m SO glad there are others who see it like we all do! That is most comforting. I used to drive my mom nuts in the ways I would point out the things that just didn’t make any sense 🙂 I am from the Pacific Northwest as well, in Anacortes, WA. Do you do personal changeling sessions as well? Would love to find someone close by that did. Anyway keep up the good work! These channelings and such are fantastic! Just “found” them today 😉

    • Tys – I live in Walla Walla, which is about as far as you can get from Anacortes and still be in the same state… farther would be Clarkston on the Idaho border. To this point I haven’t attempted doing personal channeling sessions. Nor do I do “voice” channeling. Just writing. Thanks for the comments.

  10. Thanks dear Eliza.

    This is a beautiful article, full of love and commons sense.

    I recently read an excellent historical account of the Cathars (by Sean Martin) and was appalled to read about one of the first massacres the so called Crusaders committed in the name of God.

    It was on July 22, 1209, in the city Beziers (South France) and more than 10,000 people were murdered, including women and children, because the leaders of the city refused to surrender some 200+ Cathars to the “armies of God.”

    How can you be so senseless to kill so many people, without even a reason? These assassins (and those who gave the orders) may very well still be paying the price nowadays. I am also glad the Inquisition time is over! Something which is haunting the church, I believe.

    Love & Light


    • I was a Cathar, although I’m not sure if I got caught up in the massacres. The Sons of Belial, who have basically run the R. Church hate everything to do with any doctrine that is outside of their own, especially something that runs counter to that same doctrine, as did the Cathar’s. The Cathars were more like the Essenes and Gnostics, believing in an individual’s right to connect directly with God. And it was an excuse to plunder a rich trade and agricultural land… where once Mary Magdalene taught the original scriptures of Yeshua as opposed to the ones from Peter. And yes, the R. Church has a lot of karma due on this and other massacres of innocents all over the planet due to religious hatred.

      • Thanks Eliza. It is nice to hear from you.
        I didn’t know you were a Cathar. That’s interesting to me and I believe I was one of them too. Were you part of the defining (if we can call it that way) moment when Montségur was under siege, before it surrendered, giving way for yet another massacre, in the spring of 1244?
        It’s also interesting that you mentioned Mary Magdalene. She lived in the same area of southern France and I could feel her spirit–as well as the white dove that accompanies her–while reading those books about the Cathars. She appeared to me in a visualization I did 3 years ago with my coach and there is something for me to deepen there.
        Nice to know you have regained your health. May it continue that way for years to come!
        Love & Light,


      • Hi Gilles,
        No, I don’t have any specific memories of the Cathars, just a knowing that I was one of them, as well as a Templar knight (different time period).
        Mary Magdalene was a physical incarnation of Lady Nada, who is the Twin Flame of Yeshua / Sananda Kumara. Wonderful energy on the 6th Ray of Inner Devotion.

        Good to hear from you! Eliza

  11. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:

    The Vatican and its Black Family associates are behind much of the misery that exists upon this planet, as well as the so-called globalist elite, the Kharazian Mafia and others…. all who have consorted individually or together to manipulate, divide and conquer humanity… sometimes in the name of God, sometimes for personal gain. These plots, these people need to be unveiled, their plots disclosed to the world and humanity needs to re-member who they are, sons and daughters of the Most High, Source Energy.

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