Eliza and Higher Self: On Healing Deep Trauma

August Sunshine

Eliza and Higher Self: On Healing Deep Trauma

Note to Reader: It seems that I can’t write anything these days without my immediate higher self, Tazjima braiding her energies into the words. For those who are skeptics, I was one, too, many years ago. Now that I am allowing myself to open up to spirit, miracles are happening each day. Our lives are what we make of them…

What a difference does a few days make! On Wednesday, I was in the midst of wrestling with inner and outer demons, under attack from various sources and really uncomfortable.

Being a highly sensitive empath, I’ve always been one to adjust to other’s energies and to attempt to sooth the waves of discontent. No more… this here Libra isn’t going to be a door mat for other people’s inabilities to let go of deep-seated prejudices and conditioning. So, I’ve begun to place reflective mirrors on the outside of my auric field / merkaba body, so that energies that do not belong to me (lower vibration) are returned to source, whatever and whoever that might be. It can be a rude awakening for the sender, who is probably an unconscious tool for higher level dark entities who would rather enjoy taking out a light worker like me.

I’m not trying to give myself airs or anything; in fact, I am highly resistant to doing just that. I wear common ordinary clothes, but now am finding that more pink, violet, green and turquoise garments have crept into my wardrobe of late. I appear to be an ordinary middle-aged woman. And of course, I am anything but that… as you are, dear one. We are divine beings temporarily dressed in garments of flesh that do not reflect our inner beauty. This is due in part to the heaviness of gravity and the lower density of the world in which we have been born. It is all changing now, very rapidly indeed.

By 2038, we won’t recognize our world from what it appears to be right now. (Editor’s Note: Brad Johnson, another channeler and ascension teacher from Canada recently put forth that the “New Age” will officially start in 2038, which means 2037 will put the final seal on all darkness upon this planet.  Interesting that Taz/Eliza tuned into that particular year in 2014).

Few light workers are willing to face the darkness and move through it. It frightens them. I know this in my heart and I was born holding a great deal of fear in my body, yet I found the inner strength to move through it. And it is this strength, this courage, the light of my heart, that assists me in continuing to release the vestiges of deep and ancient trauma, from many lifetimes of suffering at the hands of the dark ones… or in acting out dark roles myself. We must forgive, release and move on, but I am discovering that for many there arises a great deal of resistance to going there, with the resulting acting out of somewhat irrational behavior. It is a time to act with patience, both with self and with others who are now encountering the darkest longest held secrets of their beings…

I reached an understanding of why I have experienced so many lifetimes of struggle; well, there are actually a couple of reasons but here goes…. First, to be a teacher of others, one must understand your subject from the inside out. We’ve all had teachers who haven’t known their subjects well and it shows; they cannot engage the students’ interest or heart. So, what has been my course of study for many lifetimes? Humanity… and the foibles thereof, as one cannot teach others how to let go of their fears, hatred and prejudices without having experienced them yourself. So, now I can come from a place of integrity, with compassion, having passed through the Valley of Shadows successfully.

What is going on for many light workers right now on a conscious level, depending on their level of awareness, is the cleansing and releasing of some really deep trauma related to the fall of both Atlantis and Lemuria. When the dark ones from the destroyed planet of Marduk arrived as souls upon this planet, it was with great compassion that the soul of our world, GAIA, accepted them without question, sincerely believing that they were contrite and would do everything to rise again in their frequency levels to match the vibratory level of the planet. It didn’t work out that way and all of us fell into darkness as a consequence.

In the midst of their attacks upon and conquering of Atlantis, these dark beings did much damage to the followers of the Law of the One. There was little recourse but to return violence for violence so all of our people fell as a consequence and our world fell into a long dark cycle.

Now, as the light intensifies and drives the shadows from the corners in which they have successfully hidden for centuries, each individual is also confronted by their personal shadows, the dweller on the threshold. This dweller is the sum total of all miscreations of your own making, as well as those that has been heaped upon you by darker souls. In fact, none of this shadowy material is actually “you”, the divine you, but what you have come to believe, through conditioning by fear, that is the real human being.

A dear friend of mine shared an insight of her own with me this morning, one so simple yet remarkably profound. For all our lifetimes here since the fall, we have been lead to believe that hatred is the polar opposite of love.

Well, my friend recognized in a pure moment of clarity is that fear is the polar opposite of love, not hatred. Think on that for a moment. Your ego or lower mind may not understand, but your heart will, of that I am sure.

Hatred is a product of fear. Hatred has been used as a tool to divide people, from their own divinity, from their connection to source… and knowing the vulnerability of light workers, the dark forces used hatred to turn the lighted ones against themselves. Self-hatred is the hardest of locks to break free of, but free yourself you must in order to continue onward with ascension.

Think of the consequences of highly sensitive light being incarnated in Atlantis as a priest of the Law of One, who is one day captured and tortured by the Sons of Belial. He is driven half-mad by the devices they implant into his body, as the vibrations are much lower than his and hurt beyond words to express. He is driven into madness and heavily drugged is made to commit acts of unspeakable violence and cruelty against lighted females and younger males. In his rage and despair, he begins to hate himself and to hate God for allowing this to happen to him. In rare moments of clarity, he feels appalled that he would hold such thoughts, so the despair and sense of self-loathing take hold of him even deeper and for a time he is truly lost in a living hell. Of course, he cannot survive long in such a state, but the damage has been done to his psyche, to his spirit, and he feels bound to the dark ones for several lifetimes thereafter.

This is but an example of the cruelty with which the dark ones seized the planet and we have all seen the consequences of the implantation of fear and its dark child, hatred, into the psyche of human beings. Although few in actual number, these dark beings have cleverly used fear to manipulate mankind through the centuries by using human tools to do their terrible work for them.

One of the ways to control the population was through the institution of religion. Think for a moment of all the terrible deeds that have been done in the name of God through the centuries. Do you really think for one moment that God so hated his children that he would attempt to separate them through such hatred and the use of violence? This misappropriation of the seed teachings of lighted ones through the centuries has been an important piece of the arsenal used against mankind. Its purpose was to drive permanent wedges between peoples of different races, cultures and traditions. And it worked, and in many cases, still appears to be working, but won’t for very much longer.

So we have a thoroughly confused humanity controlled by dark entities. So who is going to save them (us)? Well, we are… by freeing ourselves from the bonds which were placed upon us by the same dark entities who still are here today. We are more mature beings having walked through the shadowed places. As the light increases on the planet, so does our desire to step free of our self-hatred and to release our fears. However, to do so, you must also be willing to open the doors of the unconscious mind and release all the dark thought-forms that hide there, like black bats in a belfry… (although I rather like bats, but you catch my meaning, I hope).

We have been cursed by the presence of vampires among us, who feed upon our dark emotions and torture us with etheric implants that are still existent in our etheric bodies, carried from lifetime to lifetime until removed by a qualified healer. And those who do not carry implants still carry vestiges of trauma buried deep in our flesh that must be removed consciously by the ones who carry it.

If you are one who is currently wrestling with his / her inner “demons” please realize that you can get assistance from the angels and masters. You do need to ask, however, as this is a free-will planet. No light being can assist you without being given conscious permission.

So, in the midst of wrestling with my personal “demons” I asked for assistance, knowing full well that it would be there. I have no doubt that I am loved deeply by the ones whom I cannot yet see, but feel close to me at all times, day and night. I have asked assistance with opening my heart and for some of the lady masters to work closely with me. Ask whomever you are comfortable with… or if you don’t believe in God, you can still appeal to the Light for assistance and it will be granted. The Light is doesn’t carry any built-in prejudices against those who still doubt their own divinity. It simply is… Love.

Most of the light workers are not only carrying their own personal karma for balancing but also the karma of many who are not yet awakened… and who may not awaken in this cycle of light. It is an extra burden for sure but a great honor to be entrusted with the care and well-being of humanity. It is out of love that we do this work. It is out of love that we serve the god / goddess within each living soul.

So… when you reach a moment of self-doubt and feel that you are lost, ask for a torch to light your way. You are not alone. We have many who wish to help us. All you need is but ask.

To release your inner demons and transmute the dark energy into light, use the Violet Flame. It is better than soap for cleansing the etheric, mental and emotional bodies. And don’t forget to use physical means to cleanse and clear your physical temple of toxins and poisons that we have all taken on as a result of living in a highly polluted environment.

Now is the time to utilize the fire of our hearts, courage, to move through all remaining darkness and self-doubt and come to the place where we can truly love and accept ourselves. With the opening of your heart center, you open a portal that connects you to your higher essence, your Higher Self, monad (soul family) and I AM Presence (soul group). You open a portal or valve that allows the love of spirit to fill up your bodies with light (information / wisdom) until your cup overflows and you become a living blessing for the world and all life.

Surrender to the love that spirit gives freely to those who willing seek to re-unite and serve life. Surrender to the love that you are, that you carry within and have always done. Release any sense of shame, dishonor or self-hatred that you may be feeling as the dark energies come up for healing.

As the light drives out these shadows, you will be compelled to face these demons and to release them into the light. And one day you will see that the dark Dweller has turned into a brilliantly lit archangelic being. The one who has ever been your most severe teacher is the one who most truly loves you. It is you, your own Higher Self who wishes to enfold you in their great wings. Dear ones, it is the divine you who is that brilliant angelic being. And you are all blessed for the work you do here.

I AM your sister in light and love,

Eliza Ayres

P.S. This article is dedicated to one who is my brother in higher planes. May he find healing and inner peace in the days to come.

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22 thoughts on “Eliza and Higher Self: On Healing Deep Trauma

    • Thank you, Su. It was needed by me, as well. Sometimes in moments of confusion, I begin to lose confidence and falter… but then remember to “make the call” and immediately, lovingly, there is a huge response. Our light beings friends and relatives really do want to help us, but sometimes we have to help ourselves by recognizing that we DON’T need to do it alone. We have help.

  1. Truly beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for putting your thoughts, feelings and experiences into words. XxxxxxxxX Since I’ve found your blog I regularly see the matching shifts we are all going through together, there in black and white!!! XxxxX it helps beyond words!!!!!!!! reminding me of all that I have learnt but keep forgetting in the madness of daily life. EMPOWERMENT and CONNECTION, give way to SELF LOVE XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXThankyou,Thankyou, ThankyouXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. Such a great post. I have been struggling a lot lately mentally. All bthe things you mentioned here. Thank you so much. With love and gratitude to you

  3. Love the braiding that is going on Eliza and your HS.
    ” in a pure moment of clarity is that fear is the polar opposite of love, not hatred
    One more thought I heard once,
    “Love is all there is”.
    So because we live in a dualistic world (3d), there must be something to measure this love that is all there is. Unconditional love is the highest vibration and fear is the lowest of that same thing. That seems to be the reason we love what shows up….. the light and the dark of it. So as we raise our vibration, no way can we even see darkness any longer. Just to much light!!!

    Your journey is amazing in it’s detail, Thank you again for sharing it.

  4. My dear sweet sister Eliza,

    You are always so dear to me.and I have to admit that you are right, as sometimes i also struggle with believing that my higher self Arachanai comes trough as I write some channelings from her. That is the reason I stopped because of the doubt, but no more with this beautiful written from the heart article.

    I think the only way to have no fear is to face it, go through it and light it up. I thoroughly get what you are saying as I think I went through this in this dream: http://wolfke74.wordpress.com/2014/06/14/dream-friday-the-13th-of-june-2014-this-full-moon-in-sagittarius-june-12th13th/

    and last nights dream and came out in victory, battled my inner demons.



    • Lisa – I battled my doubts and fears for years regarding channeling as my telepathic channels opened up in 1994. The energy has changed tremendously since then and channeling is beginning to be accepted, at least in some places. Since I started to actively channel two years ago, I’ve found it extremely rewarding. Stepping through fear and finding a voice for myself was victory in and of itself. We all channel, everyday, but our conditioning has prevented most from recognizing the voice within as our own. Do be careful with shielding and calling on the light to assist, but there will come a time when you “recognize” the energies as easily as you recognize your neighbor’s face. Good to hear from you! Love, Eliza

      • Hi Eliza,
        I still trying to find me feet in channeling, so I only channel my higher self for now. Thanks for all the advice and I will eventually step through my fears. That is the reason why I started this blog.

        Much blessing to you my sweet sister,
        Love Lisa

  5. Thank you for reveiling yourself. I see you. This really helps me feel as if im not alone in the dark. I am awakining but am catching massive resistance from many angles. I feel these thoughts that I know are not mine creating self doubt and loathing with fear weighing me down. I have already acknowledged that it doesnt belong to me. It seams so real at times. I feel like as my light shines brighter, crazy thoughts get more intense… I’m having a hard time getting through this by myself. So thank you for the words you write.
    Blue Rhino

  6. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:

    In these days, the words written here still pertain as many are the light workers who struggle with self-doubt, doubled and tripled by the effects of the psyops and electronic warfare now being waged upon humanity in general but especially on prominent way showers, whistle blowers and teachers. Keep the Faith. Call on the Angels for assistance. Work together as well you can. Be kind. Speak Truth and live with Integrity. It is through Truth that you will discover and experience true unconditional Love.

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