Archangel Adrigon: Open Your Hearts to Receive Our Love


Archangel Adrigon: Open Your Hearts to Receive Our Love

via Eliza Ayres

It is with the greatest pleasure that I address you today, my brothers and sisters, for we are One. We come in peace and with love for all mankind.

We come today to offer you some of our thoughts about your present state of transition.

Allow yourself to feel at rest and get comfortable so you can more clearly receive these words. We are not here to admonish you or to tell you what to do. We can honestly say that we love you with open hearts and wait eagerly for the day when we can walk among you upon your beautiful planet.

In her short journeys through reading about our worlds – for there are many isles (planets) within just the Pleiadian system – your scribe has learned of the great variety of life forms held by our worlds. Yet, we tell you that your world is like a cornucopia of many worlds combined into one magnificent planet. The diversity of cultures and races upon your planet is like none other. Truly your planet was originally designed to be a paradise where many peoples could meet and share the abundance and variety available in an extraordinary physical world.

We are the keepers of the flame for humanity. Our races and other star races were your original parents. Many of the human beings upon your planet carry within their genetic make-up similar patterns to that of our own. If it were not for the dense frequency level of Earth, we could go among your people without being seen as being alien. And yet we cannot land yet on the surface for your world is too polluted for our finer vibrational bodies. So we wait patiently for you to rise up in frequency so we might meet in the middle.

Some of you grow closer to us in spirit and feeling, yet the distance between our people is both shorter and longer than you might think. Shorter in that we look like you, and longer in that you do not presently think and feel as we do, as a unified people, one collective consciousness at peace with itself.

While there are many different races in the Universe who do not look like humans, it is our people, the Pleiadians with whom you will meet first when the time arrives for full disclosure.

Realize that even now, disclosure is happening, although on more of an individual basis. Our ships are seen in your skies. There are other ships there, too, ones built by your own governments who have been working with the Greys for many decades, perfecting gravity-free saucer technology through their black projects. Yet, you will know us by our vibration of love and peace.

We come in peace. We do not mean to conquer the planet and wrench it from those who have controlled it for so long, for to do so would place us in a similar position as those who are called the powers that be. We learned long ago that war and going to war was no way to solve differences. So we became peaceful warriors for the light.

We have much to share with you, once you have, as a people proven that you are ready to walk in wisdom, with open hearts towards all, even those who do not share your beliefs, look like you or share your customs and traditions.

When you can accept that all men and women have the right to live their lives free from prejudice, fear, disease and poverty, then we will walk beside you and share the wisdom that we have learned in the times since the great Star Wars ended. There is so much that you do not yet know about yourselves as a race and as a collective entity, the nervous cells of the planet upon which you abide and have your home.

Those of our people, who have chosen to work on the Earth project, are dedicated and devoted to the cause of freeing this beautiful planet, her people and all life upon it. Some of us have spent many decades, even centuries of linear earth time, in ships stationed in or near your solar system.

Many Pleiadian star seeds came within the last century incarnating as volunteers to assist in raising up the frequency levels of the planet and have succeeded in doing so to a great degree. As this frequency range has risen, all that is not on a compatible level has begun to break up and dissolve. As all is energy and frequency, you must be able to lighten your load so you, too, can rise up with your planet.

Your planet, GAIA, has finally succeeded in reaching the lower level of the fifth dimensional frequency. The animals sense this even if you don’t yet. Whether or not you believe this is entirely up to you. Your lower mind will discount our statement as all appears as it did before.

There are still chaotic nodes upon the planet and war still rages in some countries. Many countries and individuals are experiencing financial crises. Disease and famine are rampant in some areas of the planet. And yet, the cause for these remaining dark patches is now being revealed… the manipulation by a few powerful individuals to control the masses. This era of control is ending… has ended and now the remnants of the once powerful structure is being dismantled, piece by piece.

The control structure will not survive through the coming changes upon your planet. It cannot for it was built to suit a lower frequency range, and your world has passed that and more.

We remind you that the ones who have controlled your planet are now fighting a last ditch battle to cling to those things that have served them so well in the past. However, due to the frequency change, those old ways will no longer function or serve.

So, what can one do to rise up in frequency themselves, in order to continue on with the planet as she enters her ascension phase? Surrender whatever it is that no longer serves you.

The people of earth have long been subjected to tyranny in one form or another, whether overt or covert. Now it is time to take back your power and forgive those who have wronged you in the past. Again, there will be those who actively question our words and we say this: If you continue to fight and resist those who seek to control you, you will continue to strengthen the ties that bind you together.

Your fight has always been against yourselves. In the battle of dark and light, you have taken both sides. Many will be those who deny this, but we see these actions and especially thoughts play out in your lives every day your sun rises in the east.

Those who claim to be holy and better than others, often hold thoughts of greed, envy and lust. And those who live humble lives are often filled up with great love and appreciation for all that they receive and enjoy in life.

There are many who make up the middle way, either good or evil, but who tend to cling to the old, conditioned ways of being simply out of fear of doing anything else.

Mankind needs to release the old phantoms of the night that haunt your dreams and dim your aspirations. You can do anything that you wish to do in a creative manner, if you do not hurt others in the doing. You are creator gods and are in the beginning process of taking back your creative powers.

Only when you are able to hold your thoughts and emotions in a balanced and harmonious way will you be granted more access to those gifts that await your rise through the ascension process. And those of you who take up the path of the initiate will be expected to take on more responsibility as you ascend.

Ascension is not about being able to manifest beautiful, pricey items, or about having great gifts and abilities so you can show off to your friends. It is all about service and commitment.

First, you need to learn to love and accept yourself. Only when you can truly be comfortable with yourself, can you anchor the light that even now is flooding your earth in the form of cosmic and solar rays. With each CME emanating from your star the pressure to change continues to expand within. Many are choosing to resist the need to expand their horizons, review their priorities and let go of anything that holds them from living with integrity. What is holding you back?

We have heard the stories of those who are sensitive and empathic among your people, some 20% of the population. For these people the growing chaos of the world is continuing to be extremely challenging, at least until they suddenly recognize that it is merely by changing their own attitude and manner of looking at the world that a complete transformation is possible.

This is easier to do than to explain in your language, but it is a matter of working from the heart center, not your lower mind. Much of what you are going through can only be explained by experience, not by reading a message or book. You will learn through doing.

While the ego / rational mind have been useful for maneuvering in the third dimension, it was never designed to do so in the fifth dimensional worlds. We live through our hearts and serve the Law of One. We follow the Will of Father-Mother God because we feel great joy and satisfaction in doing so. We do not need to rationalize or explain these things to each other; we know what to do and when to do it because we are in complete harmony with our intuition and inner guides.

We do not question the need to study and prepare for our life journeys. We live in harmony with other members of our communities. We have diplomatic and commercial ties with other worlds. Some of our people travel a great deal around the galaxy and even the Universe learning about other cultures and worlds. We are galactic / cosmic citizens and we are here to assist you in becoming citizens of the Universe, as well.

We ask you to consider letting go of the need to war with each other and within the self. You are always arguing, comparing, ridiculing and deriding one another. This kind of behavior serves no purpose but to keep you locked within the old frequency range. Let go of your self-hatred… for it with the self that all things start. Learn to love and accept yourself as you are today. And give yourself permission to make all the needed changes that will let you rise easily and gracefully into the resonance of the fifth dimensional planes.

We cannot drop down to your level, dear ones, so you will have to rise to ours. We do not say this out of judgment but out of the love with which we hold each of you. Let go of the darkness within and lighten the burden of guilt and fear that has kept each of you from ascending into the light.

We are here beside you in a higher plane of existence that you cannot quite see yet, but we are very, very real. Reach out to us with your heart and you will begin to feel our nearness to you. Speak to us through your mind’s thoughts… and in the process you will begin to learn telepathy. We speak to each other through telepathy and seldom speak aloud, so it is good to begin practicing. With practice, you will be able to perfect your technique and gain more confidence.

You have all been told many things… about needing to take medicines if you hear voices or begin seeing images and visions. With some of you, these may be gifts that have opened up prematurely. If you still linger in fear, you will see things that are fearful. Move through that fear and release it through the use of the Violet Flame, a ray of God / Goddess that has been granted to humanity in these times of rapid transition. Through the use of the Violet Flame, you will be able to free yourselves of what has burdened you for lifetimes and in so doing, you will be helping many others in your world that cannot yet do this for them.

We understand that from where you stand now, there appears to be a long way to go before your world is finally at peace. You can assist in bringing this day closer, by finding the peace that exists within you and sharing it with the world. Each of your heart centers is like a radiant star capable of emitting powerful beams of love to one another.

Up until recently, your bodies have been emanating fear and hatred. We have seen this begin to change, but in order for the process to go faster, each person needs to discover within the strength, courage and determination to bring change to the world by first changing themselves.

Real change can ONLY come from within and it comes when you finally align with your higher self and with the Will of your Creator. Surrender and drop your defenses, for the high one, your loving Father-Mother, are waiting to greet you with open arms.

We go now as we have many duties to attend to, yet we will be back to share with you some more of our thoughts about the current transitional stage that each of you is now experiencing and that is reflected by events in your world.

Our blessings flow forth to you. Open your hearts to receive them and know that you are greatly loved and admired throughout the Galaxy and Universe.


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