Journal Entry 06.13.2014


Journal Entry 06.13.2014

Well, how is everyone doing with double X solar flares (X-rated solar weather???), a full moon, intense energies and flaring emotions? PMS on steroids!

I find it interesting (although not entertaining) to realize how many lighted ones (light-bearers) are not aware of ascension and even if they are, appear to be unwilling to let go of 3D superstitions and religious conditioning.

Daily, with the help of a conscious friend who originates on Sirius A, I’m learning more and more of my origins. Apparently I’ve been a priestess in several lifetimes, under the auspices of many Lady Masters and even spend time between lifetimes in their etheric plane retreats, receiving more training.

I’ve written before about how all of us receive training at night while we sleep. It is real. I don’t remember anything yet, but there are those who have lucid dreams and can experience and remember quite a lot.

I’ve run the gamut of emotions this week, both highs and lows, but feel like things are evening out again. And I have some assignments as it were from Lady Amethyst and Kwan Yin to visit etheric Ireland and claim a soul fragment that I left there after a violent death at the hands of Viking raiders. A pretty, tiny little red head with bright blue eyes and freckles as my friend described her. And I could see where she was standing forlorn on the sea’s edge, waiting for me to come to retrieve her.

We all have soul fragments that have broken off if we have suffered any violent deaths, especially those where none were there to mourn us and to lead the burial ceremonies. My entire village was wiped in one night. No one was left.

As we gather our highest essences into our physical bodies there are challenges but also great blessings. I’ve had the honor to connect with beings that I have been with on and off through many lifetimes and who are family from the Pleiades and from Venus. When you live alone without your earth family, this knowledge assists in giving one a sense of continuity and connection.

This is not to say that I always can get along with some other “family members” whose human selves are still unwilling to let go of those 3D traditions and conditioning that have brought them comfort in the past. When confronted with new ideas about different cultures and ways of being, they go automatically into lock-down mode. Very strange and very sad. One would hope that they can gain enough courage that eventually they will be able to let go, but I’m not about to force anyone, as each person is responsible for doing their own work.

We’re having a pleasant spring in Eastern WA, although under drought conditions. Not enough rain has fallen so may experience some fires in the mountains this summer.

BTW, for those of you who are curious about my health, I’m back to normal and even better. The energy levels are increasing daily. I continue to thrive on a mostly fruit diet and have been enjoying a banana-blueberry coconut milk smoothie tonight laced with benonite clay, spirilena and vegie protein. Already eating like a Pleidian! They don’t eat meat at all. Just fruit, vegetables, soups and cracker-like breads… and occasionally pastries.

Hope everyone is enjoying their spring or autumn (depending where staged on planet Earth).

Hugs and kisses, from your Blue Dragon scribe,
Eliza Ayres

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10 thoughts on “Journal Entry 06.13.2014

  1. Such a nice sharing with us tonight dear Eliza! I can see this tiny freckled red head as I read your words and am delighted to know of your blessing! I hope that all who open their hearts to the immense influx of Love from On High pouring over us via the solar flares find themselves so blessed! ❤ ~ Trillia

  2. ‘Soul fragment’ is a new terminology for me. I was under the impression that the soul is an indivisible principle.

    • Read up on shamanism, Chetan. It’s a common term. The Higher Self or soul is made up of 12 parts itself. And the monad, even more… then the I AM Presence, 144 souls. In shamanism, there is a terminology called soul retrieval, which is what myself and my assigned Eagle (Blue Angel Warrior) accomplished last night in retrieving a tiny bit of “me” that was left behind. We are gathering up fragments and putting them together into the primary Soul essence. There are whole books written on the subject and I’ve had it done (soul retrieval) for me by another person in the past. There’s a lot more to the world and worlds beyond, Chetan, than even your wonderfully intricate training has prepared you for…

  3. Your messages are more awesome than science fiction! Sister, do pleiadians have got free will as we earthly humans have?

    • Chetan… and I love your questions! I’m still learning about the Pleiadians, mainly from some books that I have obtained by the author, Nina Jenice, written back in the 1990’s. She was a conscious emissary from the Pleiades and is actually the twin flame of the Master / Archangel Lord Adrigon who I have been channeling lately (actually for two years as he is head of the Council of Nine, as well).

      You can still get copies of these books at used book stores. Interesting material. It seems that the various cultures of the MANY isles (or planets) of the Pleiadian star system are pretty traditional. And I’ve read it two ways… that Earth is the ONLY freewill planet and that our Universe is the ONLY freewill Universe. I think right now, being somewhat limited in my understanding, I’ll attempt to just keep an open mind on the subject. I would venture to say, however, that most “regular” citizens of the isles live a normal life within the setting in which they are born. I’ll share more as I learn and intuit this information. I am aware that I was personally schooled in Medina, a large city on one of the isles. Curious that our planet and the Pleiades share similar names, isn’t it? Well, many humans come from Pleiadian stock and are scattered all over our beloved planet. Your people, the Hindu Indians derive from Sirian stock, seeded by Lord Krisha and other Sirian lords many, many thousands of years ago…

      • How interesting! According to Hindu scriptures, earth is the only free will planet in one brahmanda where souls come to learn and ascend. This is where one can perform karma, create new karma or transcend the previous karma. And many such brahmandas exist in the multiverse.
        Nice to know you are eating only fruits. I am also eating fruits but those of my karma!

  4. If one lights a taper candle from a larger pillar that is blazing and others follow and light many, they then may carry this light outward in any direction they choose to dispel the shadows and even continue to expand the light by lighting other candles and so on. Yet if one looks back at the original flame still burning brightly on the original pillar candle it has not diminished in its wholeness. This is as our souls…we truly are as candles in the wind carrying forth the Light from our Creator. ❤

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