Higher Self: On Being Reborn


Higher Self and Eliza: On Being Reborn

I AM Tazjima Amariah Kumara, a 6D being of Pleiadian – Venetian (Venus) descent. I currently reside aboard the great mother ship, The White Winds, which is under the command of Lord Adrigon of the Pleiades. As some of you know already, I AM the immediate higher self of your scribe, Eliza.

I have decided to step forward today as I and Eliza are in the process of re-braiding; that is, we are re-blending back into one being. The one that you know as Eliza first incarnated on Earth in the latter days of Lemuria. Now, she is in the process of “coming home”, as are all who have embraced the decision to ascend during this unique cycle in Earth’s development. When she re-blends with me, her higher self, we will again be reunited and whole. And as we complete our work in 6D, in this lifetime or a future one, we will reunite with Self who resides in even more refined dimensions and frequencies. And so goes the process of ascension until all are reunited in the consciousness that is within ALL THAT IS.

Your world is undergoing a transitional period unprecedented in known history where it is possible to participate in a planetary wide ascension. In past ages, ascension, both individual and mass, has occurred on your planet, but that memory has been lost because your real history is unknown to you. Bits and pieces of that suppressed history are now slowly beginning to be revealed, and as a result, old paradigms are being threatened or discredited.

Each person is also being challenged to see themselves in a completely new light. There is a pressure that comes from within compelling each individual to look with dispassion upon their current life, to see what can be let go of now, what can be changed.

As has been expressed before, lasting change must come from within the individual. Change that is forced upon a person or people due to circumstance will be resisted, whether or not that change is viewed as positive or negative. In truth, all change is neutral, but humans tend to view anything different that comes into their lives as an immediate threat and they react, without thinking.

Have you ever wondered whether or not there was truly a Star Wars? We tell you that it was so and it rent the Galaxy from end to end. Many worlds who resisted the dark forces of the Orion Empire, when the wars finally ended, war ended forever on their worlds. And they haven’t looked back. When will war end on Earth? War will end only when the majority of the people of Earth decide that war is not the way to settle matters between people who are “different”. We hope that you arrive at this realization sooner than later, for your own benefit and that of the life existent upon her. Wars destroy life and communities. Only a few reap the rewards in terms of temporary profit, but no one truly wins when force and violence is committed against other living beings.

Why has your planet continued to struggle with war, death, famine and disease? You can blame it on the dark controllers, but each of human who has been here through the ages has experienced the dark side. Within each of you lurks that hidden Darth Vader that many do not want to acknowledge, integrate and allow to return back to the light. What is resisted and denied will persist. What is allowed to be seen will come to the surface and be released to be transmuted and transformed into light.

We cannot pretend away the darkness. It is, after all, real enough in the sense that it exists to define the light. We currently exist within a universe that is dualistic in nature. The experience of humanity upon this young planet, Earth, has taken that polarity beyond what was intended by Source. Now, we are in the process of assisting Father-Mother God to return the universe back to alignment and balance.


As members of the Galactic Federation of Light, we chose long ago to resist the darkness of the invaders who threatened many of our worlds and drove some human species to flee to new planets. Our star wars were a real occurrence and many of you who live upon Earth today are the descendants of both sides of the ancient conflict, reincarnated so that you might have an opportunity to balance your karma and release the old pain within a limited “stage”. Daily you work upon resolving the conflicts that exist within and between each other. As you resolve your inner conflicts, you will also rise above the conflict that exists within your world and be able to transmute the remaining darkness. It can be done in no other way.

Our ships keep vigilant watch upon your space and assist where we can and when we are given permission. Your greater awareness of our presence aids in our ability to assist you to a deeper extent than has been available in the past, in part due to your own fear and the barriers placed around your world by the occupying forces of the invaders of your world.

You fear invasion, dear ones? That invasion occurred many thousands of years ago in linear earth time. We follow the Law of One and obey the Will of Father-Mother God; we will not do violence against your people or your controllers. We learned our lessons well as each one of our worlds suffered greatly during the ancient wars. And now, your time to be released from bondage has come upon you. Are you ready to step free of what has been compelled from without? Or do you wish to remain shackled and unable to manifest the life that you truly want to live and share with your family, friends and community?

Step free, dear ones, for we who are your brothers and sisters await your choice to rise above all that you have suffered in the past. You need to forgive and let go of the pain, the memory of trauma and abuse, the wrongs committed against yourself, your family and your planet. While this may come as a shock, until you do release the need to punish the perpetrators, you will be unable to rise in frequency and we will be unable to reunite with you.

There are those among you who mistakenly look down upon the perpetrators of misdeeds and deem themselves as being superior beings; they see themselves as having the right to judge others. We see this as a judgment against self, for in truth, you are all human, a collective consciousness. When you are able to honestly look into the eyes of another and see yourself, without judgment and with unconditional love, then you will be cut free of all that binds you to each other. And as paradox exists in the higher worlds, you will feel more poignantly the consciousness that binds you as one collective.

Would it surprise you to learn that Earth has been regarded for some time as a very dangerous planet to live upon? So, ask yourself, if it is so dangerous, then why am I here?

You are here, dear ones, because you are the brave ones. You chose to lose your connection to Source, to Father-Mother God, to be wrapped in a Veil that prevented you from remembering your past / future lives as we do. You became temporarily blinded to the reality of your own divinity, of your own roots found in many of our worlds and ancient cultures. You even thought that you were alone in a vast and unfriendly Universe.

You are not alone, my sisters and brothers. You have never been abandoned by your Father and Mother, the ones who created you in the first instance. We are here and watching over your progress, your struggles with self and with each other. Even if you do not realize it, your world has advanced quite far in a very short time, rising up in frequency levels, but there is still room to improve… and so we cajole you and urge you on.

Those who are among you as sensitives can pick up on the ebb and flow of the cosmic tides that now sweep upon your shores. These energies are being emitted from the center of the Cosmic Great Central Sun and pass through the portal that exists within your great star, Sol.

These same energies are now intently pushing and pulling at you to let go of everything that is not the true “you”, your divine self. The energies are in the process of affecting different individuals according to the degree that there is acceptance or resistance.

Due to a variety of reasons many souls are choosing to leave this world and move on to other places for continued soul growth. Many of those friends and families left behind are having a hard time adjusting to the perceived loss of their loved ones, as they have been conditioned to believe that they only have one life to live. In some of the western cultures of your world, death has been made out to be something that is greatly feared. This attitude or belief is of relatively recent origin as the ancients knew the truth about death; that it is but a doorway through which all pass into another life. Many superstitions have arisen due to the misunderstandings and tainted teachings of some religions that have made a macabre celebration of death.

Death is simply a doorway. We come to a completion in what is needed to be experienced in one lifetime and we drop the body. Our consciousness continues as we take on another body and continue with our soul development. On your world, since the fall, it was decided to create the Veil, so you temporarily forgot your other lives and the other worlds that you have lived upon, to ease the pain of separation and to allow you to focus on your present existence.

However, there has never truly been a separation between you and your divine parents, between you and your higher self. There has only been your belief that that separation exists. Since your belief has been stronger than your willingness to release it, the separation has continued… until now.

Our worlds are growing closer together, so some of you can sense our presence as we reach out to you. We tell you that many of you spend a great deal of time abroad the GFL ships, large and small. And many of those who are preparing to be teachers or leaders in the changes that are coming upon your world have received intensive training in the ships and on planets such as Venus in between lifetimes spent on Earth.

No, you may not have any remembrance of participating in such training or you may resist in opening up to the possibility that you have anything to offer your fellow man. Yet we tell you now, dear ones, that each one of you has great potential if you but give yourself a chance to move through your self-created doubt and fear.

Have you ever felt driven from within, without knowing why? Then you are one who has undergone preparation “elsewhere” whether in between lifetimes or during dreamtime, while asleep. Do you have dreams of being in a large classroom along with your friends and companions? Then you have been attending university and training led by master teachers. The remembrance will come to you when you are ready to accept that you, yourself, are more than you ever imagined. All of you are here for a reason.

Stepping out of the known and into the unknown can be terrifying for some humans. We will share with you one thing… resistance to change is something that you inherited from your “parents”. On many of the worlds from which our starseeds have come, our people still live and practice their lives in the manner in which it has existed for thousands upon thousands of earth years and we are content to do so. It is our philosophy; if it works then why fix it?

Our worlds are free of pollution, free of resource damage, and our people are all clothed, fed and educated dependent on their station in life and their inherited gifts. Some of the great worlds lead in the development of technology but all knowledge is used for the betterment of the whole. The people are given a say in the government and participate as leaders, since many worlds work with councils that change their membership every couple of years. Few worlds have ruling houses and if they do, those members of these houses serve the people and provide enlightened leadership and wisdom.

And now your world has been given the opportunity to join your galactic neighbors, but first your frequency level must rise so that we are compatible and stand on equal terms. Any attempt to save your world now would result in us being cast as invaders and accordingly we would drop down in frequency level to suit yours. We would become, again, the fallen angels of your own myths and legends.

So we endeavor to work from the inside of your societies and cultures by sending our best and brightest as star seeds and walk-ins. By coming in as “human beings” and taking up the burden of clearing individual and collective karma, these incarnated light beings and human angels, have greatly reduced the darkness that exists in portions of your world.

As each individual light-worker manages to remember and begin the process of reconnecting with their higher self, they can ground and emanate more light into their personal environment. In truth, they become torchbearers and wayshowers for others, attracting both the attention of the dark and light. For this courage in the face of great adversity, we salute them as champions of the light.

It might surprise you to realize just how many higher beings have sent fragments of self into embodiment during this period of transition. And those of you who feel drawn towards a particular master or archangel may, indeed, be members of the same soul family or monad. As your connection to higher self grows you will find yourself “remembering” life times that were perhaps not your own but are rather shared memories as those who are connected through soul lineage can and do share wisdom amongst each other.


Your world is undergoing a unique transition period. And all life upon her must align with the frequency level of the planet or leave.

Those who are attempting to raise the pollution levels of the planet through fracking, oil spills, through intentional usage of depleted uranium and the release of uranium-polluted waters, through the destruction of great swaths of the lungs of the planet, the tropical rain forests… and so on, these ones are resisting the movement of the planet into the higher frequencies, in the fifth dimension from which she originally fell.

Perhaps it is thought by these desperate beings that they can stop the cycles of the Universe, but it is like attempting to shore up a landslide with toothpicks; it will not work. And so their attempts will fail. And so the people will learn to rise up and resist the onslaughts and outrages being perpetrated against the body of the planet and against their own bodies as they become increasingly aware of the dangers faced by all life if such practices are allowed to continue.

You, the people of Earth, who live upon the surface of GAIA, must wake up and take back your power from the usurpers. However, you need to realize that if you also practice violence against those who have wronged you, that you are continuing to strengthen the bonds that exist between you… and you will be compelled to work your differences out in another lifetime and another setting until you can return to a point of letting go, of being neutral, of forgiveness and unconditional acceptance of that which appears to be “out there”, but is, in actuality, a part of yourself.

Only by letting go, dropping the need to fight each other, can you as individuals rise up and be finally freed of the old phantoms and fears engendered by those who ripped your divine inheritance away from you and who have sought to keep you in bondage ever since. Turn away from placing your attention upon the antics of the dark ones and live your life with courage and determination, creativity and joy.

Move out of the darkness, dear ones, and into the light of day. In this glaring purity, you will see everything that you deem as weaknesses and frailties be exposed to the scrutiny of yourself and others. All the pain, suffering and fears that you longed to hide from and have resisted looking at will be exposed like the creatures of tidal pools at low tide. Will you shrivel away and seek to hide again? Or will you see that what has been so guiltily hidden might, indeed, be your greatest gifts?

We see even the strongest among you, suffer from an occasional lack of self-respect and faith in their own abilities to discern and “see” what is hidden. Do you doubt the veracity of what your intuition tells you every day? Then you are overlooking your greatest gift, for your intuition is how your soul communicates to you through your body temple. Until your ability to communicate with us comes online with the opening of your telepathic gifts, there are few other ways with which we can reach through, except through the medium of dreams.

As most of you have been taught to disregard both your intuition and your remembrances of dreams, it has been difficult for us to communicate with our lower selves. By lower, we do not judge you… you are an extension, an honored extension of self experiencing the lower frequency world.

Still, for some, the gifts of clairsentience and clairaudience do manifest, sometimes due to trauma and we are able to re-establish active communication with that part of self residing in your world. And so does the process of re-blending self, known as ascension, begin.

For some, ascension will consist of re-blending with higher self and returning to their worlds. For others, ascension will consist of descension, as the higher self blends into the physical essence and takes over command of the ship of life. Either way, the one who is in the process of re-blending, will move from a process of individual development to one of service to many so that they may complete the assignments with which they were tasked before taking on embodiment.

From now on those souls who now embody upon your planet will all be of a higher essence than what was possible a mere century ago. No dark souls of a lower frequency level than the planet herself will be allowed to incarnate here. And those souls whose individual consciousness cannot adjust to the higher frequency levels will be compelled to leave in one way or another. This is not judgment by us, but by what is occurring on a galactic and universal level.

This universe is returning to the light. And all that is not of the light will be removed… eventually. The date of that final break from the darkness will depend on the will and resolve of all who live upon your planet. It is time for you to step forward as responsible adults and be accepted on your own merit as equal members of the Galactic Federation of Light.

Whatever your role in this continuing drama may be, know that we love you unconditionally and stand at your backs, awaiting your permission to assist in the great transformations occurring individually and as a collective.

Whether or not you realize it, both you and your world is in the process of being reborn; it is our wish that the birthing will be an easy one, but that is dependent on each of you participating and focusing your attention on creating a new world that holds blessings for all.


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10 thoughts on “Higher Self: On Being Reborn


  2. Thank you…I don’t usually post comment (being shy and not good at English) but your message really helped me to understand my situation. Thank you Eliza for sharing this beautiful message.

  3. Dear Eliza,
    There are so many things you have communicated through this writeup.
    I am very intuitive since i was born. Intuition with regards to knowing a person or their actions or things happening around the world in present and future. But i chose to keep my intuition only to myself now. The reason being, even when i have shared my intuition with the most trusted friend- i have been given a benefit of doubt of being selfish. But my intuitions have mostly turned out to be true. But while others do doubt a person’s intuitive abilities, it does not mean our gifted abilities suffer any losses. So i continue to keep smiling with my gifts 🙂

    Hugs and Love

  4. Best wishes to you Eliza and your higher self as you blend back together.
    What courage and insightful intention. Congratulation!!
    Exciting times indeed!!!


  5. Eliza,
    I have been a silent reader of your blog for a very long time, compelled at times to post a comment, but never following through. Each time in my journey that I reach an impasse or a true moment of despair, one of your messages arrives in my inbox, giving me the precise insight I need to forge ahead. It is time I thanked you for sharing your courage, vulnerabilities, and inherent wisdom. We share many similar earth paths – I am an RN although retired, having worked in a juvenile detention center at one time, I am an intuitive as well, but have hidden most of my life, my husband is currently transitioning from a cancer diagnosis, and I feel on the verge of becoming who I really am… Exhilarated and somewhat terrified at the same. However, bless you for your courage and persistence. If you can do it, so can I.

    • Dear Carol,
      You are, indeed, at the beginning of an entirely new phase of your life and have much to look forward to. Time that you stepped out and started to reclaim your own personal power, as a woman and as a divine being. Your intuition is a blessed gift… first use for yourself and when you gain confidence, you will be able to share your insights with others. I feel that you have a deeply compassionate nature and will do much good in the world. Many blessings, dear one. Call on Archangel Michael’s Eagles (big blue protector angels) if you feel that you need some extra confidence and also want protection. The angels LOVE to be put to useful work assisting us! Learn to shield your energy field and ground… and those kinds of things. There are many excellent teachers around who can help you if you feel you need it. I’m am excited for you. And thank you for commenting. I love hearing personal stories and processes. Namaste.

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