Eliza: On Surrendering to Love


Eliza: On Surrendering to the Love that you are

Has it only been two and a half weeks since Wesak? We all seem to be encompassing lifetimes in a matter of days.

For me, it has been all about eating healthier. I have managed on a primarily fruit diet, although I get strange looks from my co-workers when I go by with a bowl full of grapefruit slices instead of a sandwich. I still eat other foods, but not to the degree that I once did. Most sweets are out now, as I am also gradually weaning myself off of sugar, except in its natural form, fruit. A nice salad with some tuna fish or boiled egg gives me some needed protein and an array of vitamins from the dark greens. Then an occasional handful of nuts or one half of an avocado gives me fat/protein. It is a simple diet, with virtually no or little cooking.

Starting a fruit / salad diet is a good thing to do while it is summer as fresh fruit is abundant. The local strawberries should be ripening soon and it will be off to the local fruit stand to pick up the latest wave of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Now the title of my sharing effort today refers to love. Last night, as I was listening to Lord Melchizedek give a wonderful dissertation on ascension, he spoke about the difference between a star being and a star seed. I had heard of light beings before, but not specifically of star beings. As he described the star being, I knew that I was one.

Star seeds are ones who have embodied directly from their worlds, whether it is the Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda, and others. While I am a Pleiadian – Venusian blended being in 6D, I have also lived in other star systems and have spent hundreds of lifetimes upon planet Earth, upon GAIA.

Star beings, on the other hand, have lived and experienced many different worlds (Pleiades, Sirius and Arcturus, for me, as well as Venus) and have undergone many different initiations. As a result, star beings open up to their mastery much faster than other individuals.

Due to my experience in many lifetimes as a warrior, I have also experienced many dark timelines, which I am now in the process of blending with my higher light essences as I braid energies with my Higher Self. The wisdom and experience gained as a warrior allows me to ground more deeply and to work harder with the process of integration light and dark.

Still, there comes a point when anyone on the path to mastery must surrender and allow the energies of the Higher Self to come in. This is when you let go of the need to understand – which comes from your lower mind attempting to direct the process – as well as releasing whatever fears come up.

There are moments of doubt, whole hours of feeling anger rising up… and then, suddenly comes a brilliant moment of surrender and understanding.

Lord Adama told me tonight that my greatest gift is my heart. That was something entirely unexpected, although others have also told me that I have a great heart flame. Yet, as a warrior this flame has been buried behind a very effective barrier… at least until I experienced the long bout of bronchitis. I had to surrender, physically, to the process of allowing my body to recover, and to finally give it an opportunity to integrate the higher frequencies stemming from not only the Wesak energies (which carry forth through at least three months) but also the intensification of the cosmic frequencies arriving on the planet’s surface daily.

Love… shouldn’t be a foreign thing to me, since I am both Venusian and Pleiadian, two worlds imbued with the highest frequencies of Love. Yet, I have felt estranged from this natural love, put off by other’s attempts to express their love for me, perhaps because I did not feel that I loved them back or felt somehow worthy.

Obviously there is something buried deep that has finally begun to emerge and the process of my illness allowed me to relax my guard enough to allow it to come forth for healing.

Surrendering to love is allowing yourself to integrate the highest and purest essences of your Higher Self into your physical being. It is to allow those energies to braid through your etheric, emotional and mental bodies.

This love is not about romance, getting married, having a relationship, being a friend, yet it encompasses all those things and a lot more. This is the love that is the foundation of your being, your truth, your self revealed before Father-Mother God. It is how they see you at all times; and it slowly becomes how you see and feel about yourself.

Ascension and the integration of energies are a step-by-step process and one that is ongoing. Any true master will tell you that even though they might be at a cosmic level of attainment, they still are working on their own issues. The process never ends until you rejoin in full surrender the Consciousness that is the whole of ALL THAT IS.

Surrendering to love is to come to a place where you can finally acknowledge that you have gifts that you can share. I hope that sharing my process is opening up a window of understanding for others, not to judge themselves by what I have or have not accomplished, but to know that we need to allow our body to slowly incorporate the energies and to be kind to ourselves while undergoing these tremendous changes.

I am still opening up to the idea that I can even love, be love, be loved… but there it is. Surrendering has allowed me to open up to a tremendous healing and to release the darkness that has been within since the last days of Lemuria when I was destroyed by a dark being. Now, I can reintegrate what was put aside then and allow the darkness and the accompanying hurt and trauma to dissipate in the cleansing energies of the Violet / Purple Flame and the healing and soothing energies of the Pink Flame of Active Intelligence.

Now I can dispassionately look at what I still need to release and allow that to happen by calling on my Higher Self to assist me, as well as the Pleiadian lords who have been with me of late, and Archangel Michael and Zadkiel.

All these beings can assist me to integrate the energies and to release what needs to be released. I can let go and let the process unfold as it will. And in time, my intuition will inform my mind what has happened and why.

Love comes first and then the wisdom within unfolds. You cannot reach the higher mind through your intellect; you must first go through the heart center. It is a simple but profound truth that we all eventually come to understand.

So, now, I am in the process of allowing the love of my Higher Self to fill up the areas where the darkness has been released, to bind up and heal the wounds, and to purge all remaining dark energies from out of my etheric, emotional and mental bodies. This process won’t be accomplished in a day or a month, but will continue on even as I undergo my higher initiations in the Light and gain in mastery.

And as my physical body becomes stronger and lighter as a result of my being willing to care for it more carefully, it will undergo the process of transforming into a crystalline light being. Purging and releasing all the toxins that one has ingested through the years, or encountered and absorbed from the environment, is a process that can take a while. Yet, I feel much better and stronger than I did just a couple of months ago.

I will share more as I come to understand more of the process. I have no or at least few words for some of my experiences, but will share what I can. Knowing that I have assisted just a few people in understanding their own process will give me hope that I can expand my ability to share what and who I am into the future.

I send my blessings to all my readers, new and old. This blog will be two years old as of June 15th, which happens to be the Festival of Humanity. And soon afterward, will be the Solstice. It is certainly a time to allow transformation to occur, as the energies continue to accelerate the process of change for each of us and for the planet as a whole. Allow yourself to flow with the changes; let go of the bank of the river and allow the current to carry you forth into a new life.


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12 thoughts on “Eliza: On Surrendering to Love

  1. Like to follow your blog, its the only “spirit” words on the internet i follow when i always have gone my way and that have been alone, because thats my way to go as a holder of the energies which is my biggest task on earth. I like to follow your words and your progress and its nice to se someone that experience and thinks the same about alot of these things, not everybody that knows about these things that we go throw now.

    Thanks for your words and good luck on your path, you do a great job

    Best regards joakim/sweden/andromeda/orion/…..

  2. Wonderful journey Eliza,
    Thank you for sharing.
    One more question. Recently a person channeled their higher self. And the counter part had a name.
    Do you know the name of your higher self. I don’t need to know it, just that you do.
    Blessing and happy trails.

    • Tazjima Amariah Kumara IS my 6D Higher Self. She is a Pleiadian / Venusian blend (two human species), two royal houses. And there are more layers than that above Taz… angelic, archangelic, et al. We are ALL much, much more than we seem while here.

      • Last question on this, sorry!!
        Your Higher self is of female essence?
        Ok that is just not a c readable question, you just said she was.
        So wish you all the best. It is such a pleasure seeing you remember Who You Really Are!!!

      • Well, depending on what frequency you’re talking about, my Higher Self is actually androgynous, as is yours. That would be the angelic being…

        4D to 6D folks still have kids… even though birthing arrangements are different than those on Earth. We have a lot to learn about other star cultures. They’re WAY different than what you might imagine. Just finished reading a book called, “A Pleiadian In Time” by Nina Jenice, twin flame to Lord Adrigon. As a young girl (in a past life) she was Pleiadian and visited many different Isles (or planets) including Venus, Sirius and several Pleiadian Isles. Different races and cultures in each place, Sirius being the oldest. The ancient Hindu culture of India was originally seeded in Egypt by the Sirians and then gradually moved eastward to India. Lord Krishna is Sirian… The Sirians have a caste system, although no one there lives in poverty or need and all are respected. And no, I don’t know any more than I’ve been told or recently read. Haven’t remembered it on my own yet.

  3. Dear Eliza. Your blog have inspired me a LOT 🙂 I can not describe in words how much your blog has meant to me, I send you my LOVE, Thank you so much.

  4. Understand and appreciate your words on love, Loving as a star being is very different to loving as a human. Star beings are in touch with the true essence of love, humans are not they are still learning unconditional love. Hang in there ! moments now before other star beings are in front of us.

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