Archangel Adrigon: On Unconditional Love


Archangel Adrigon: On Unconditional Love

via Eliza Ayres

Greetings, again, dear ones; I am the Lord of the Pleiades, Lord and Archangel Adrigon. And yet, I tell you that these titles mean little to me except as indication of my spiritual attainment, my duty and my commitment to the Ascension of GAIA and the collective of humanity.

We are your brothers and sisters. We love you. It is as simple and as complex as that. Our love for all humanity is unconditional. We can observe what you do to each other without judgment and understand that it is the outworking of karma and the experience of the extremities of polarity that drive some of humanity to do what is termed “evil” in most of your societies. Yet, we see only those who have lost their way temporarily, before they will be gathered to the bosom of the Lord of Light.

We understand that many of you have little comprehension what unconditional love really is in truth. We place no conditions on what we see, hear and observe of your lives. Although this may seem heartless to some, in terms of the suffering of many on your planet, let us remind you that you ALL chose freely to come here.

In fact, ALL of you, bar none, were chosen to be here now, both dark players and light players. You are two halves of the same coin, the Yin and the Yang. The light cannot be seen without the assistance of the dark and vice versa. Now, as the cycles are moving into a new golden age, the Light is revealing what the dark has done in your world, so that all might be cleansed, transmuted and transformed. Destruction of the old must come before the new can be made manifest.

The stories of “gods” of one of the most ancient of your existing religions have many stories to support our views. Your “gods” were / are light beings that live in higher dimensions and other worlds within this Universe. Even now they are as they were when they walked upon the earth’s surface and taught the ancient secrets of life to their students. When the frequency of the planet plunged just before the fall of Atlantis, these great beings were compelled to withdraw to the etheric realm that still surrounds GAIA and wait for the turning of the great cycle. And many of their students went into hiding in the high mountains of your planet or the lonely, unpopulated wild regions, so that their secrets might be safe from the dark intruders until the dawn of a new world.

That time has come and the gateways are opening. We grow ever closer to you as those awakened ones grow closer to us. We are you star kin and long to be able to walk among you, to work with you, and to assist in bringing your world back into balance, but the primary task of doing so is yours and yours alone, those of you who are presently incarnated upon the planet.

We have not forgotten or left you. Even now, our great Pleiadian mother ships are docked in space within your solar system. We cannot enter the skies of GAIA as yet, for we do not want to frighten the uninformed populaces who have been taught to fear intruders from space.

You must understand the Pleiadians and our comrades from other star nations, who currently form the Galactic Light Federation, want only peace for your world. We have no intention of interfering in your process as each of you who have chosen to ascend with the planet discovers their own path to the light. To interfere now would be to snatch the victory laurel from your hand and disempower you all.

We love and as we observe the goings on upon your planet’s surface, we weep for those who suffer and die at the hands of the ignorant and those who have consciously chosen to work for the dark forces. Yet, we cannot “save” these ones from their fate. However, once they pass over the threshold of the doorway that you call “death”, be assured that all receive healing, rest and rejuvenation in the hands of the angels of healing.

Those of the newly passed who are our kin find themselves waking up abroad the ships, discover themselves the possessors of new light bodies or have reentered the one that they vacated upon incarnation upon GAIA. Just the Pleiadians have sent thousands of star-seeds into incarnation upon GAIA and will continue to do however long that we must. And we are by far, not the only star nation to be involved in the fight for the freedom of your world, but we are also compelled to follow the dictates of Universal Law and so must not interfere where we are not invited by a majority of awakened and unified soul flames, your hearts.

Do not think that we do not grieve or worry about those of our people who walk among as humans; we do, yet we know they are there for a purpose. And our star seeds are capable of handling whatever happens for they have all been highly trained in the academies of light. Each night as they sleep many continue to participate in planning and strategic meetings, as the input they give us is vital for the mission.

We know the outcome of all that is outplaying upon your planet, where you only have a limited perspective, unless you are one who has mastered the art of traveling out of body and have visited many dimensions and worlds. Your world has been extremely isolated for centuries, but soon the barriers that have prevented you from leaving this solar system will no longer exist.

As we have said, our love for you is unconditional. We have allowed the outplaying of events upon your planet so that you might mature as a human species and take your place with us as an equal partner. Your people are well-respected for their bravery, ingenuity, courage and vitality. And you will be much in demand as teachers and advisors for other worlds who are also emerging from the darkness that has plagued whole portions of the Universe for many cycles.

Destruction and creation are part of the same coin as is the dark and light. Polarity does exist in the higher dimensions, only not to the degree that you have experienced in the heavy slow frequency levels of the fallen Earth. When you are able to step freely into the refined energies of GAIA, as each of you passes the doorway of Ascension, we trust that you will begin to understand what we are attempting to convey to you within the limitation of this language.

Our love of humanity and of GAIA and of all life upon her passes your present understanding. You are each a part of the Whole that makes up the Source of ALL THAT IS, and as such, there is no separation between us, only what your mind erects to keep love at bay out of fear of being overtaken somehow. So, we wait and watch, observe and plan, adjust our plans and wait some more.

We endeavor to communicate our teachings, and love to you through our messengers and scribes. Do not make gods out of us for we walk as you do, we have families and homes, duties and responsibilities. We are here nearby in the skies above your planet out of a deep abiding love for those who have sought to free this world, and those who have opposed that freedom. We love all of you with a deep abiding love that is incomprehensible to all but those who have fully united heart and mind with Higher Self, allowing the love wisdom to flow from above to enlighten the one below.

As above, so below; our worlds serve as mirrors to the other. The key to entering our world lies within each of you.

Dear ones, you who have chosen to walk the ascended Terra / GAIA will do so in refined physical bodies. You will be able to transcend the third dimension at any time you wish and move into your light body merkaba, which will allow you to travel wherever you wish. However, for most of you the process of refinement has a long way to go.

Others of you will be returning home, either by leaving your physical bodies behind or by walking out of them through soul exchange (or walk-in / walk-out) agreements. There are many light workers whose contracts have been or near completion. Do not be sorry for these ones who have long anchored the light frequency upon your planet for the sake of all life, not just their own. They have done this out of love and a sense of commitment, intuitively following the Will of the god within who resides in each heart.

For those who continue on with your planet’s return into the light frequencies, there will be much to do. Many places will require complete cleansing from the assortment of poisons that the dark ones in their panicked desire to retain control have lately spewed forth upon air, sea and earth. We know that you do not understand why they have done these things or why we have allowed them to happen. Know that the laws of the Universe cannot be broken or violated without consequence, yet we cannot be the ones who will judge the perpetrators. They will judge themselves when they realize what they have done. Right now, they are incapable of such insight or feeling. Each of you has experienced this place in your own lives, so do not assume that you can judge the actions of these dark ones.

Forgiveness is the key to freeing your world from the remaining influence of the dark ones. You will be required to forgive yourselves, those who have wronged you, and release all ties that link you together like links of a chain. Until you do so, you will continue to find more nefarious acts being outplayed upon your planet and even in your own life.

Many of you have noticed that there seems to be a separation of worlds occurring. It has been going on for quite some time, where one person will experience great drama within their life and another person will be living in a world filled with creativity, joy and love. The dichotomy between the two mindsets will increase even as what is termed the Harvest continues. What was described by Yeshua in the bible as the separation of the wheat and the chaff is now happening upon your planet.

While this process may appear to be a judgment against those who are considered the chaff, understand that we hold no judgment against these souls. It is through their own choice that they choose now to move on to a world that holds for them more experiences in duality. Many of these souls are what one would term a “new” or “young” soul, who has little experience in physical existence. For these ones, there is much to be learned and it needs to be learned through experiencing different feelings and overcoming obstacles so the soul might grow and expand in its understanding.

It is time for those who doubt our sincerity and commitment to your world to understand that we have long watched over those who are our brothers and sisters, as well as daughters, sons, wives and husbands. Many of the Pleiadian star seeds presently embodied have left family behind, knowing that they might get caught up in the karmic cycles of the planet and be unable to leave until attaining freedom through the ascension process. That time is now and we welcome the return and reunion with our family members, those who have completed their journeys and those who are soon to walk among us, once again.

Through these words and this message, we hope that we have conveyed just a portion of our respect, devotion and regard for all of humanity, for GAIA and all life that exists upon her. We look forward to when our ships can freely enter your skies without interference from the remaining dark forces and when we can walk together as star family through the hills and valleys of your beautiful planet.

Go now in peace. We will return later with more to share as we are eager to communicate with you, the people of GAIA.

I AM Archangel Adrigon, Lord of the Pleiades, and I bid you adieu.


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