Archangel Adrigon: On Free Will and Choice


Archangel Adrigon: On Free-Will and Choice

via Eliza Ayres

Greetings, it is I, Lord Adrigon, presiding over the Pleiadian High Council and many other councils, as well. It is with great reverence and joy that we continue our discussions.

Last night, as our scribe communicated with her Sirian friend (who is also incarnated on GAIA) she realized that she has been recording our words for quite some time. We first came to her as the collective “voice” of the Pleiadian Council of Nine. And even earlier in her experience, one day out of curiosity she asked the air, knowing that someone was listening, “Who sent me here?” And promptly, she received the answer, “The Council of Nine.” She was able to accept that answer despite having no knowledge, whatsoever, of the Council before that very day. Her heart knew, even if her mind was unable to comprehend.

Since that time, our scribe has discovered that she is an emissary of her worlds, both Pleiadian and Venusian. This awareness has slowly dawned upon her as she was able to release her fears and acknowledge that our presence in her life was not a threat. As she has released and grown in awareness, she has opened more each day to be able to receive, ground and to translate our energies into her own language. Now after much preparation and adjustment to her life, she can now serve as a scribe for us so we might have another conduit in order to present many teachings and messages. She is waking up to and opening to the realization that she has a purpose for being here now, even as she begins to grow closer to us. She has also fully grounded the needed humility to realize that she is not the ONLY conduit or messenger that we use, but due to our connection as relatives in the Pleiadian Isles (planets) our energies resonate more easily with hers than other humans who come from a slightly different genetic background.

The words that we share through this scribe will both differ in quality than that received through others and yet some of the messages received will also be of similar nature. The messages will also be somewhat repetitive in nature as we have found this necessary in order to break down the stubborn barriers erected by the human ego mind in an attempt to resist all penetration by what it considers the unknown, which constitutes ANYTHING that exists outside the conditioned confines of the former dark matrix.

This is a period of transition for many light-workers. It is also a type of sorting out process, where one’s purpose and mission, as you would express it, will become more apparent and present in one’s existence. This new awareness also means many changes will come into your world, so prepare for this eventuality, dear ones, even if you have not yet arrived in the place where our dear scribe now finds herself. Know that it has taken years for her to arrive at this point and much courage, for she has long desired to remain unknown and unseen, partially for her own safety and partly due to her own fear. Stepping into the light and hence into more public scrutiny, has demanded that she let go and surrender much of those former fears and embrace this growing awareness that she is more than she now seems, an ordinary older woman. She has chosen to embrace the cause of Light and now has stepped forth openly as one of our scribes.

What are YOU, dear reader, waiting to embrace? Are you willing to change and step into a new way of existence, as well? Or will you turn away, allegedly content with the way things have always been since you embodied here as a child. You DO have a choice and only YOU can make it as you live on a planet of free will. We cannot compel you to do anything that you do not choose to do as we would be breaking Cosmic Law and continuing the dark cycle of domination by doing so. Are you beginning to realize what a blessing it is to even have free will to make such decisions, for it is rare for an entire planet to be under such conditions?

This same free will offers you the ability to experience things that would not be allowed within the cultures from which many of you have come of which you may only have faint memories or no remembrance at all. Some of the cultures of our star nations are highly structured, according to rank, position and genetic lines. Here on GAIA, you are free to be whatever it is that you choose to be within the confines of your soul contracts. Even those can and have been broken or reconfigured because it could be done here.

Here, upon the sacred soil of GAIA, you have been granted full dominion to experience the extremities of polarity and so it has been that each of you embodied here have experience the depths of pain and the heights of ecstasy, of that which is possible to experience within the confines and limitations of the third dimension as it presently exists. Those boundaries are now expanding. Not only will you be able to savor the physical delights of a lighted 3D, but also the refined energies of higher dimensions as you embrace and reconnect with the fullness of your multidimensionality. Ponder on that for a moment.

Earth has been and will continue to be the Grand Experiment where cultures and peoples (including non-human species) can intermingle and live in harmony. At this time, this is still a dream held in the hearts of those of us who are both your parents and family. As I am sure you are quite aware and growing ever more aware each day that passes, a great darkness has been present upon your planet for many millennia. This was not part of the original plan for GAIA, yet it was allowed to happen in order to allow your development as a new species, the Terran human being.

You as the human collective are now unique among the star nations as you have become a sacred blending of many genetic lines, of many human species. Yes, each one of the star nations considers their version of human as a unique species. Although many of us are what you call human, and look similar to you, we are very different in our genetic make-up, cultures, languages and customs. Within your blessed melting pot, the genetic material of at least four different human species has been blended. You have the potential to be an entirely new race that is scheduled to soon join us in the stars. Your potential is vaster than you can realize at this time, for truly you have the makings of being the first fully conscious human species to also be fully crystallized and present on the earth, in 3D.

At this time, some of our words may not register in your consciousness, but through them we are planting seeds that will grow and blossom later. You can say that the Pleiadians are a very patient race. I, myself, have spent millennia watching over those of our people who incarnated on your planet, as they passed through numerous difficult lives of increasingly shorter and shorter life spans. I was present at the time of Lemuria, as a boy of some 19 years of age; now I am a grandfather, yet I appear in visage as a young and vibrant man. So, it will be with you as you return to your light body existence, with the reconnection of the shorn strands of DNA, taken from you by your dark conquerors.

Before you gnash your teeth and blame these dark ones for all your suffering, let me remind you that these “dark” ones are also children of the Most High Source of ALL THAT IS. There is NOTHING in this Multiverse that is NOT of Source. All that you have been told in your religions about the “devil” and “Satan” have served to drive you away from each other, even as the dark ones who served “the devil” sought to keep you under control.

Did you really think that these dark forces have had it easy maintaining control over you? They have had to create wars, famine and disease in an effort to reduce population. And now, they seek to poison the very air, water and soil upon which you depend for your life and livelihood. In doing so, they have succeeded in boxing themselves into a corner, for they have also been reduced in frequency by living upon this planet.

They have created a great burden of personal karma that must be cleared before ever they are allowed to reincarnate upon this world or any other lighted world. And now, without the ability to regain their former frequency levels (4D through lower 6D) unless they surrender and return to the Light, they will be stuck within the lowest frequency range available in 3D, unlike those of you who have chosen to ascend with the planet as she returns to her rightful place in 5D. Some will not be able to reincarnate as human beings at all for a very long time, but will be compelled to pass up through the ranks of life-forms, slowly until all the darkness is cleansed from their consciousness.

Have some pity for these dark ones for they will be compelled to withdraw as a presence, as their bodies die or they will be given the choice to return to their true nature, one that they have long forgotten. The choice is theirs, as it is also yours. This is the blessing and for some, the curse of living on a free-will planet.

It is time for you the awakened ones and the newly awakened ones to accept that you have also carried a burden of guilt for what has happened upon this planet. All of you have participated in some fashion, whether in dark roles or at of a victim. As victim, you have given up your self-love, self-respect and sovereignty, which are yours by right. As victim you continued to play into the hands of the dark purposes being perpetrated upon the people in every country and corner of this planet. Now it is time to forgive, yourself and those who have perpetrated misdeeds in order to defeat, conquer and control humanity.

Remember, it is a planet of free-will, dear ones. There is always a choice, whether to be perpetrator or victim or to rise above it all and be free, even if it means the loss of your freedom and even your life as a consequence.

So many have risen up against those who sought to dominate their existence and many have been struck down. Like waves in the ocean, the drive towards freedom would rise up and crash upon the consciousness and lives of the conquerors like a tropical storm. Retaliation would be swift, but the memories of man carried on those precious seeds of freedom and light through the years.

Step by slow step, you as a human collective have been moving up in frequency despite the efforts of your captors. And as the cycle of darkness has ended, as the great Kali Yuga has transitioned into the new period of Light, the energy that these dark ones can utilize against you has been withdrawn, a fact that the black magicians among them fully realize. Increasingly you will see that all efforts to continue to keep down the populace will be of no avail and there will be no escape for the dark ones save to die, be removed or to surrender to the light. All of them will be welcomed home if they make that choice, but it still is their right to choose as it is yours. Remember this, dear ones, as you are all equal in the face of your Father – Mother God.

We hear some of you say, “But, but… they have killed, maimed… poisoned…” Yes, and so have you in your many guises and lifetimes spent on this planet. Only those pure souls who have recently entered incarnation from the lighted worlds carry no karma with them, good or bad. They are here; free to carry on their missions, whether or not they are aware of what form that mission might take.

Most of these lighted souls, who have arrived at these shores as volunteers, to assist in bringing up the frequency of this planet and its inhabitants and many other life-forms, have arrived in what has come to be expressed by some as waves. Earlier in your history, they came individually or in small groups, but we discovered that for the most part, while able to plant seeds for the future, these endeavors failed to reach all. And the sacred teachings that were shared were often twisted and edited to suit the needs of those who wished to have the means to further drive you away from each other and to create an enemy “out there” that would succeed in removing your attention upon your captors.

Can you see, dear ones, that if your captors succeeded in keeping you divided, you were easier to keep conquered and cowed? Can you see by choosing to hate and fight against those peoples whom you consider “other” or “different” that you are serving the darkness to keep yourself and all other humans in bondage? Do you realize that if you succeeded even for a short time to unite, you succeeded in overcoming the conquerors, even for a short-time, and the blessed flag of freedom waved in the breeze until again it would be ripped down by tyrants. And so you have feared to step outside the confines into which you were placed when your sacred inheritance of twelve strands of DNA were ripped from you and your world plunged into darkness. So it has been under the poisonous reign of the Sons of Belial, some of whom still walk among you camouflaged as regular people, as well as their minions, who have served out of fear and greed. Now that reign is coming to an end, but you are the ones who must do the work on your world to make it so.

So with our foreknowledge of the grand cycles of this Universe, we devised a different plan. Each of the councils of light, from every star nation who had progeny incarnated upon the planet, would participate in a mass effort to free her and her humans, as well as those diverse life-forms that you know as plants and animals. We also advised those embodied humans who had been our students, to hold fast through the darkness and to retain as secrets the knowledge that had been given to them and to succeeding generations who followed the ancient teachings of ascension and surrender to the Greater Light.

GAIA sent out a call for assistance as she, too, was struggling under the dominion of the dark ones. As a free-will planet, she was also compelled to give permission before we could intervene in a greater force than ever before. And in following Universal Law, we were compelled to send volunteers to the surface, to incarnate as Terrans or in soul exchanges with embodied Terrans, to work from the inside of the various cultures and social groups, at first unconsciously and then more consciously as these pioneers broke ground within their own consciousness and reconnected in part or wholly with us. This group of pioneers and wayshowers has come to be known as the First Wave of Light Workers. Some of them have incarnated upon the planet since the times of Lemuria and Atlantis; others have come and gone, resting between lives on Venus for continued instruction and guidance on their missions, participating in their light body forms within the many consuls and assisting with plans for the reintroduction of the light teachings upon the planet.

The next groups of Light-Workers, who have arrived upon GAIA to incarnate, have come to be called the Second Wave. Their purpose for being here is very different than those who broke trail for them. They have come here to raise up the awareness of the people, to inform, to teach and to reinforce the need to release the old ways and embrace the new as the world is changing and so must all who would remain upon her. Many of these beings have incarnated with a greater awareness of who they are and what their mission is to be. Many have already begun their work, even as the wayshowers make way for them and fade into retirement. Yet it is an oversimplification to diminish the efforts of any one individual or group in their impact upon the consciousness of the beleaguered populace.

As one being of light succeeds in regaining their awareness of their cosmic connections, they emanate out from their body a tremendous amount of light and love, which begins to affect those who come into their presence. This process is very unconscious at first, until the light worker realizes that positive change in happening all around them and as they discover the reason, the determination to enhance and accelerate the changes comes over them. Suddenly, for some the practice of meditation and the old sacred texts of ancient cultures such as the Tibetan, Indian (Vedic), and Egyptian become a new focus of study. Bit by bit, some directed, some self-directed, these individuals embrace the conscious usage of the Rays of God, chanting of sacred text, old and new, creation of music, art, poetry and prose, as beauty, grace and unity thinking replace the old limited conditioning of their childhoods.

Within many of these newly awakened has also arisen a great internal yearning to somehow bring into their daily lives a return to the beauty, grace and purity, that they now sense as being what is real to them. It is a natural longing for the purity of light and love that exists within the higher dimensions, but here it takes great effort to bring this beauty and wisdom into being due to the resistance of what darkness still remains to be cleared from the energy fields of each individual and of the planet as a whole.

The great art movements and cultures that have existed throughout your history; the huge libraries of gathered sacred wisdom; the colleges and university wherein ideas were shared amongst learned men and women from many cultures, were all directed by the forces of light that have always existed, side-by-side, along with the forces of darkness. As the cycles have allowed, these lighted ones have stepped forward to create cultures that now exist as golden dreams within the collective psyche of your peoples.

Now, as the Great Cycle moves from one of darkness, we have seized the opportunity to create another golden culture upon your planet, by sending our legions of volunteers to the surface. However, it is you, as individuals and as a human collective who must be the ones who bring the golden culture into being, as you have also been the ones who have destroyed the others, as well as have participated in them. It is your karma, now, to be the ones who bring your planet, the entire world, into a golden age that will endure until the end of Time, when all will be returned to Source, with the great in-breath of Creation.

For you to step into this bright golden world, you need to let go, to surrender and allow yourself to feel forgiveness for all that has gone before, whether you have been victim or perpetrator of dark deeds. To develop true compassion, humility and insight into the “human” condition, you have had to experience the extremities available within the polarity of dark and light. Humanity was stuck within this great cycle due to the loss of the ten strands of DNA, which were removed so long ago. If the entire twelve strands of your entire DNA had been removed, you would not have been able to function as living beings and so would have been useless to your captors.

The reconnection of the strands of your DNA are first occurring on an individual basis by those who are actively clearing their energy fields of all that does not belong to them, all the thought-forms and conditioning, all guilt, fear and self-hatred; anything that is not natural to a lighted human being. As each strand comes online, the consciousness expands, according to the energy contained within the sacred number of each strand. From polarity (2) emerges the Trinity (3) and so forth. Study sacred geometry and the meaning of the numbers for more information pertaining to what has been shared here and in other teachings, as well. It is too extensive a topic to discuss in full right now. As each strand reconnects you become more conscious. When the final twelfth strand is reconnected, each of you who have undergone this sacred rebirth will be a fully conscious cosmic being.

Let it suffice to remind you that for change to come into your world, it must first start within the individual. Then as the higher energies can flow through your bodies successfully, they will flow into your environment and begin to affect changes on all that is in your world. Then you will begin to resonate differently with some of the people around you; you will begin to gather as groups, whether in the physical or through the electronic media known as the Internet. As you share ideas you will find reasons to begin to change how you live, what you do with your money and energy, how you eat, the way you treat animals and the living earth. You begin to sense your interconnectedness with all life as you begin to tune into the frequency wherein the Great Web of Life exists.

Do you think that the space outside of your planet’s atmosphere is devoid of life, dear ones? Think again, for this vast ocean of dark matter (from Mater, mother) is filled with a complex net of consciousness, yet another topic of great depth for you to explore. Your physicists are now just touching on the truths that have long been known to the sages and shamans of the indigenous people throughout the planet, and hidden in the esoteric teachings that have survived the long darkness. These sacred truths are now being freely shared by those holy people whose duty it has been to act as caretakers of the sacred knowledge that was originally given to you by your tutors from other star nations as well as those light beings who you call Ascended Masters.

We could tell you now, that many of these Masters and Lady Masters, live out physical lives in 5D and raise children, run businesses, command star ships, but you may not believe us right now. We also have the ability to co-exist within dimensions that are far beyond your present knowledge of the Multiverse. For instance, I am a grandfather and have raised children, all the while functioning fully as an Archangel in higher dimensions yet. I am capable of de-materializing my physical body and existing as pure light, as the need arises.

Your knowledge of your star families will increase as you are able to raise your consciousness and open your minds to the possibility that many things exist outside of the limitations with which ALL of you have been compelled to exist within for the last 16,000 or more years.

And now it is time to end our message… simply due to length and our scribe’s tired fingers. She is one of us, a soul fragment of a light being of blended Pleiadian and Venusian origins and so we can access her mind and utilize her body to bring forth these messages as she shares our genetic legacy in part. Yet, she is no different than any other human being, in that she has free will as to whether or not she is willing to participate and work with us. We are delighted that she has taken this step, embraced our cause and dedication to bring further enlightenment to the Terrans who live upon Mother GAIA.

We look forward to continuing our discussion and becoming more acquainted with each of those who “discover” these writings. We have the greatest regard and admiration for all who exist upon GAIA in this stressful period of transition, bar none. Our love is unconditional and we embrace you with all of what you can receive. Go in peace, dear ones, and rejoice for the day when freedom will reign upon your world, again, has arrived. Claim that freedom for your own and live with it, as responsible human beings and as a newly born star nation.

We bow in reverence to the God spark that exists within all life.


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10 thoughts on “Archangel Adrigon: On Free Will and Choice

  1. Splendid, Eliza, So very inspiring! thank you so very much for sharing the wonderful being you are.
    With love and admiration,

  2. Congratulations Eliza,
    ” She has chosen to embrace the cause of Light and now has stepped forth openly as one of our scribes”.
    You are now at peace.

    Blessings and happy thoughts.

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    • Dear Carol, as a star seed volunteer you are probably on board The White Winds or another Pleiadian vessel, acting in some capacity. Your inability to remember upon awakening is a protection for you. Presently the ships are on high alert due to various goings on here on the planet and elsewhere in the solar system. That song is Lord Adrigon’s personal “theme” song and is played in the hallways of The White Winds.

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