Eliza: On Allowing Change


Eliza: On Allowing Change

This morning I woke up with the images of a dream fast vanishing from my awareness, save one thing. In the dream, I found a white otter pup and was carrying it around like I do sometimes carry a cat in my dream. It was partially grown, definitely an otter, being white (very rare) with little paws rather than flippers (like a seal).

This morning, upon waking, I looked up what “otter” means as an animal totem. Otters are by nature very playful and joyous creatures. They live primarily in or near water, carrying a balance of the feminine elements, water and earth. Otters represent a balanced feminine energy that works with and cooperates with others. Carrying otter energy encourages one to set aside time to play and share with others. This energy also encourages one to let go of material goods that burden one and to allow for things to flow.

The essence of otter is certainly a way to be in the new energy, gentle, flowing, being playful and joyful, as well as sharing with others. Plus, the fact that the otter was white, a very rare color, indicates purity and femininity, perhaps signaling that I am returning to my pure feminine essence, and balancing with my own essential masculine energies, as well.


I am discovering that my spiritual heritage emanates from two cultures that exude Love as their essence, the Pleiadians and Venus, the planet of Love. For one such as I, this long sojourn on planet Earth has been difficult, for most of my lifetimes, I have experienced what it is not to have love, not to be loved and not to love… In short, I have learned what love is not. And now, it is the “time” to let all that go and return to my true essence, Love. This is both a simple and difficult process.

Let me explain. Most of us, especially those of us who have grown up in modern Western culture, have not truly experienced what it is to be love. Any love or affection granted us has been heaped high with expectations and conditions, coming from parents, mentors and friends. Any attempt to go within and explore the inner space within our own consciousness has been frowned upon and discouraged… at least when I was growing up and passing into young adulthood.

Despite all that I ventured into new areas of thought, reading and exploring and have eventually arrived at where I am now, in the process of returning Home, again; Home to love, home to my “real” family, home to my real culture and way of being. So, in the process, I needs must shed all that was placed upon me as a child and young adult in the way of conditioning, thoughts, memories, as well as possessions that do not resonate with me any longer.

I find myself disinterested in doing things as I once did. Since my recent illness, I find I can no longer tolerate meat and many other types of foods. I used to have quite a sweet tooth, but with the exception of the occasional piece of dark chocolate, I’m no longer attracted to sweets. I eat primarily fruit, at least two meals per day and then have a dinner with a small amount of protein, vegetables and one half of an avocado (if available). Going out to eat, eating heavy meals… none of that interests me, and I am one who grew up in a family that ate together and celebrated occasions with a large meal shared with guests.

We are all changing and it is best to allow ourselves to change. Let go of what no longer serves you or feels right to you. I do not need to act as my mother did or to collect the types of belongings that she craved. I have given away or sold many of the items that I inherited as I have no use for these things; never did. My life style, such as it is presently, is far simpler than the one lived when I was a child.

I am beginning to connect up with other light workers who are actually relatives in a spiritual sense; that is, we come from the same or similar places and a few are actually part of one of my families on the maternal side.

Yes, there are families in 6D, where I live when not embodied on this planet. And the families are very large, for although children come infrequently, the individual members are extremely long-lived according to Earth standards. Pleiadian princes who visited Earth in the time of Lemuria and Atlantis would still appear to our eyes as being about 20 years old, vibrant, handsome and wise. The stories of the elves of Middle Earth are echoes of race memories of these glorious beings.

As we phase out of 3D, into 4D and up into 5D, eventually some of us will leave and return Home. I will be one of these. I may come back to do some teaching, but that will be determined later. For now, I am here sharing my process of remembering and reuniting with my true Self, a glorious Light Being who exists on many planes and dimensions. And it is an interesting journey, indeed.

I AM Eliza, your sister in light and love. Namasté.


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11 thoughts on “Eliza: On Allowing Change

  1. you so often echo my most recent thoughts/feelings, eliza. Not interested in heirlooms or ‘more stuff’…no interest in sweets, (except for dark chocolate at night,–and i used to love to bake deserts) and ‘seeing’ how often i resemble my mother’s ways from childhood–and how in the past year or two, it seems ‘i’ have done a 180…i find i miss some of the excitement, yet it seems like a long-past memory….and getting to know, now, this me. a bit uncomfortable and, i find, sad, at times…yet knowing–feeling–the ‘larger’ expansion within…and Connection.
    Thanks so much for sharing…brings me great comfort and feelings of unity. Hugs.

  2. You definitely struck a chord in me with your message today. I’ve never been one to be sick but I’ve battled with 5 different illnesses in the last 6 months. Having just recovered from my last bout of bronchitis I find that I rarely want to eat meat. I have always been a meat eater and enjoy food (I’m an emotional eater and 40 pounds over weight). Now, without any conscious thought, I find myself drawn to anything but meat – preferring vegetarian our vegan dishes when steak and potatoes are right in my face. My friend and I were just talking about this very thing today and noting how our eating habits were changing, almost by default, without effort. I’m grateful to the process and beginning to feel free of my life long addiction to food. Thank you for sharing your insights and helping us to find clarity on our journey.

  3. Beautiful reminders! I dreamed of otters too in the last few days (seeing a whole mass of them at a park) and didn’t even think to look them up, just too busy running errands then resting when I can! Feeling lighter now though since I purged a lot from my room over the weekend; I felt like a change of focus. Thank you as always for your writing!

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  5. Dear Eliza. I so enjoyed your blog regarding your dream about otters. I used to practice shamanism and the otter was my power animal. We had quite a relationship, I so loved him. In shamanism, when your power animal is no longer needed they leave you and are no longer present on your journeys. I think about otter frequently and have many pictures of him throughout my home. Whenever I saw the white baby otter that you posted I was so happy I made a copy of the photo and framed it. I was never aware of a white otter, how special. I am so grateful to you for sharing that on your blog. I love your postings. Thank you with all my heart. Janice

    • Thank you for sharing your journey a little, too. I had never encountered an otter in a dream before. It was (is) a lovable little creature and allowed me to tote it around like it was a cat. Of course, a real otter probably wouldn’t be quite so cooperative… curious but wiggly. And white… of course, most white animals are considered sacred and certainly are rare in the wild (lack of camouflage). I was pleased to find out via a short search on the Internet that white otters actually do exist, also. Very cute pup. Love, Eliza

  6. Thank You Eliza.
    You share your inner most thoughts as you travel the path of remembering of Who You Really Are.


  7. Hi Eliza:

    Thanks for sharing. The other night I dreamed I was with a white monkey. I let it out of a cage and was walking around with it. Looking that up on the animal totem (native American) I see that it has something to do with balancing the dark and the light among other things. Also like you, I have difficulties with many foods now. No sweets, very little meat (grass-fed) and I seem to be finally gravitating to fruits and veggies (organics) now.

    Love and {{{hugs}}} ❤

  8. Dear Elizabeth! The day before you posted this I was out in nature I really enjoy nature and it’s wonders, so I asked the universe to show me an animal. I made it very clear that I wanted to see an otter. Point is that I did not see an otter that day, but the day after I came to this site and you write this wonderful story. I am truly amazed 🙂 Thank you very much!

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