9 thoughts on “Roses

  1. Peace and Joy to you Eliza,
    Roses were very fine.
    Have a nature question…. wasn’t one a chrysanthemum?
    Nature was wonderful to day, loving what showed up!!!

    • Roses are in Rosa Family… Chrysanthemums are in Aster family. All my photos are of roses taken in the Rose Garden.

      • Your nature knowledge is very vast, Thank you.
        Would you know what the family of Peony is?

        Blessing to you.

      • Peony or Paeonia is the only Genus (division) of the Paeoniaceae. There is actually a wild peony that grows in our western mountains, Brown’s Peony, although it is rare. And I love the exuberant Chinese peonies that grow in gardens. They do very well here in town.

        I studied plant ID for a year at community college. It has helped me through the years when I go hiking so I can ID plants… plus I seem to have a gift for knowing what families plants belong to even if I have never seen them before. And a good visual memory, plus a small library of wildflower books at home for identification later from photos.


    • Thanks. The roses are from a local park, lovingly attended by volunteer garden club members. My spiritual side is from hundreds of challenging lifetimes spent on Earth and in other timelines, LOL. Blessings.

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