Journal Entry 05.23.2014

Pink Dogwood

Journal Entry 05.23.2014

Well, it’s the weekend, finally! And a long one at that, for me at least. I finally made it through an entire work week, without going home early. The bronchitis and its accompanying cough are finally easing up, although I still tire easily. I welcome an extra day to play, as well as a short work week coming up.

There are a lot of developments in the background. The Pleiadian that I channeled the other day, Lord Adrigon, is actually an “uncle” of mine from the Pleiades. Makes things interesting when Uncle Archangel comes to visit. There is so much that we DON’T know about ourselves, yet many can probably attest to having similar experiences or will soon be having them.

Last weekend, I got the garden organized, plants in, including my small vegie selection of tomatoes, cukes and zucchini. I have onions and lettuce already growing. And I will supplement my produce with what I can purchase at local truck farms.

Some of the perennials are blooming. I love spring in the Pacific NW. It’s very beautiful with all the flowering trees and plants, despite the fact that in driving a few miles outside of town, it’s nothing but sage and bunchgrass or endless acres of wheat and other dry land crops. Eastern WA is a bountiful land, for sure.

There’s still a lot of weather out there, storms, tornadoes, floods, etc., but spring has also finally arrived to most places in Europe and Northern U.S. / Canada, much to the relief of the winter weary locals in all areas.

I know the energies are getting ever more intense yet I seem to feel more at ease. Communication with my H.S. seems easier and clearer. Emotions rise and dissipate in record time. There is still clearing going up, but seems to be mostly physical in nature right now as I heal up from my recent illness. I look forward to getting strong enough to go for a nice hike in the woods, yet know enough to pace myself before then. Patience…

Welcome to my new readers! A whole drove of you joined up in response to my latest channeled pieces (I guess). This blog is now nearly two years old. Everything on it has been written by me, except the occasional quote, so I hope you enjoy digging through the archives.

Many blessings, hugs and kisses,

I AM Eliza

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

3 thoughts on “Journal Entry 05.23.2014

  1. Eliza, I Love to read such beautiful words that really speak to my soul xxxxxx Thankyou, much love to you, Sarah xxxxxx

  2. I agree…it is SO BEAUTIFUL this springtime…driving home today, even in the rain, everything is so lush (even though i’m on the west side of the state)…SO LUSH….and the grey skies accentuate the Green-ness, our heart’s color….
    So GLAD you are feeling better each day and getting stronger, Eliza. Today is the first day in a long time i’ve felt ‘relaxed and calm’ as well…..(what welcome Feelings from the Intensity of energies of this past week–though sleepy and contemplative)
    And YEAH to your garden!! My peas and beans and corn and kale have announced their arrival and splendor….it seems i know how much it takes to ‘push up thru the soil to the light’….i cheer on our gardens.
    Sending much love to you, dear Eliza………….hugs, Su

  3. Lovely Pink Dogwood, we mostly have white here. Sorry you’ve been sick for so long, Elderberry Syrup and Goldenseal tincture always helped me with wet respiratory issues, although I only had one mild cold for a few days all winter (and NO flu shot!). Hopefully the worst is behind you. I really enjoy your lovely nature photos. Get well soon~!

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