Eliza: My Take on Twin Flames

006Eliza: My Take on Twin Flames

Not to throw cold water into the faces of those who are currently seeking to find their twin flame or ideal soul mate, but… here goes.

Twin flames in the higher planes do not necessarily get married and mate. How do I know this? I just found out who my mother and father are in higher planes. They are NOT twin flames.

Twin flames are our divine complement; they are truly our other half. In the process of initiation, we will reunite with them and become One, again. In truth, we have never separated, although it is often the case that one Twin will incarnate and the other will remain behind, supporting the embodied Twin energetically, through dreams, intuitive missives and eventually through telepathic communications. In the higher planes, especially the higher cosmic and angelic initiations, Twin Flames act as one, each complement balancing the energies that they carry in terms of the Ray that they serve upon.

Romantic love is a notion cooked up in 3D. It does not pertain to the higher planes where love is not limited to just those who are members of the family, your spouse, your children, your community. Love is what you are there.

Many of the light beings, galactic beings and angelic beings currently involved with the ascension process of GAIA have been involved in it for millenniums. That’s love and devotion to the cause. Whole families devote their long lives to freeing sectors of the Universe from the grips of the dark.

Marriages in the higher planes, especially those between the Royal Houses, are made for a variety of reasons. One, is for the preservation of high frequency blood lineages; Two, diplomatic and political alliances between allies; Three, the marriages or matings are to create specific blends of genetic and spiritual lines for the creation of special children.

Children are few and far between in the higher planes. They are greatly loved and protected. Yet, often these children are sent away for schooling at a fairly early age because these people are dedicated to following the Will of Source. In some planetary systems, many young girls are sent to temples for training. Each child receives an education suitable to make full use of their specific gifts and those that will blossom once the child has reached maturity.

Twin Flames often do not even reside in the same solar system, with one remaining on Home Planet, while the other is away for centuries of earth time, on some mission.

The love that exists between Twin Flames is profound but such is reality that often even if embodied on the same planet at the same time, they may not meet or live together.

As has been noted, there is often quite an age difference in embodied Twins; the reason being that each had an individual mission to accomplish and/or had to do a great deal of clean up before having the rare opportunity to meet their Twin.

Some people imagine that they have met their Twin Flame only to discover that it was all in their imagination. And even if you do discover your Twin, you may find out that you cannot spend time with them due to the mission you to which you have committed yourself, the vows you made before Lord Michael before coming here. This can, of course, be an realization that can lead to a great deal of sadness on the part of the awakened Twin. As you move higher in the levels of initiation, you cannot afford to spend time with those who are of a lower frequency except in terms of the work you are doing. Romantic involvement between uneven liaisons will draw the frequency level of the higher vibrating twin down. And when you’ve worked so hard, it’s simply not worth it, even to spend time with your divine complement while here.

The Twin Flame or Divine Complement of my Venusian mother often comes for visits. I’m embarrassed to say that for quite some time I misinterpreted his presence to indicate that he was MY Twin. He’s not, but still there is a great love and compassion, as this one has long been involved in the ascension process of the planet and its inhabitants, humanity. He loves me as a family member and as a member of the human collective. It’s called unconditional love, all are equal before the rose flame of Divine Love.

Now that I know the identities of my mother and father on the 6th/7th / 8th planes, that knowledge somehow frees me from the need to know or to find my Twin Flame. I’ve had a feeling for a long time that he is not embodied on the planet, but perhaps on one of the great mother ships that is stationed in our solar system. When the time is right, he will reveal himself to me and I am content to wait.

This knowledge and awareness has freed me from the need to seek out a human companion as a substitute for my Twin Flame. I don’t expect to marry him (my TF) anyway, as I am probably already mated to another in the higher planes. And while here on this planet, I have other work to do besides getting romantically involved with someone.

Perhaps I’ll meet someone who can be a partner, but they’ll have to be one who is fully awakened and dedicated to the path of initiation as I am. I know who my family is now and I am proud to be a part of the effort to free GAIA from the illusion.

Here I am an Earth Eagle, part of the ground crew who are anchoring the energies being passed on to us by our galactic brethren. We step down those energies by receiving them through our own bodies and then allowing them to flow into the earth beneath our feet and into the surrounding environment. What we do here, every time we raise our own frequency levels, we are profoundly affecting everyone and everything around us.

Personally, I’m not going to place my focus on finding a Twin Flame, because I am in the process of reuniting my masculine and feminine essences within my own physical being. In accomplishing this, I arrive at the next step of complete connection and opening of my heart chakra. Perhaps I am there already… sometimes it is hard to tell just where you are in the initiation process… but I will know.

I feel my Twin Flame within, supporting my efforts here. I feel the love and pride emanating from my parents. And I am so grateful for the efforts that my uncles and aunts are putting forth to free GAIA from tyranny.

We are One, but we are also individuals, family members and multidimensional beings. There are many facets and mysteries to uncover as yet. I am excited to go forward and discover the treasure that lies within.

Update as of 8 Nov 2014:  Some of the above still holds true, but I have learned much since first writing this article.  Here goes:

Since writing this article, I have learned that all beings in higher dimensions have arranged matetations, which is what they call “marriage”.  Also, some matings are of short duration, for specific purposes.  My own birth, as a blended being with the DNA of two different cultures and peoples, was one such.

Recently, I was surprised and delighted to learn that while my Mate, AnDra is NOT my twin flame in my incarnation as Lady Tazjima, He is my Twin Flame in our mutual aspect as Archangelic Beings.  As higher dimensional 6D Pleiadians, we are utterly devoted to the ascension of YOUR planet.  Both of us have spent lifetimes upon the surface, as incarnated beings or walk-ins, according to the purpose of each particular lifetime.  Our current mating was both arranged by my Uncle, Lord Adrigon, AND in full co-operation with a soul agreement made by ourselves and our parents prior to incarnating.  AnDra and I have also been “married” during some of our lives spent together upon Earth, although he chose to remain behind this time to lend me support and comfort.  He has been a silent member of my spiritual guides until the past three years or so, when I began to receive visions and messages from him and other members of my immediate spiritual families.  I am very grateful that he is and has always been a part of my life, whether or not he has been physically present.  I AM Lady Tazjima.


I AM Tazjima

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18 thoughts on “Eliza: My Take on Twin Flames

  1. Thank you, Eliza, for that explanation, which makes sense, and is freeing. I do treasure your sharings.
    Much love,

    • I personally feel that the search for your Twin is a diversionary tactic to take most initates OFF the path. Focus forward and if it’s meant to happen that you are to partner with your Twin, when you’ve done your work and preparation, then it will happen, but most likely it will actually be a partner or mate who is meant to be a companion and helper on the way. Your Twin is with you within forever. You are truly One being, divine complements. You don’t need to search “out there” to find him/her. Lovingly, Eliza

      • Sorry to piggies back Eliza,
        But you said,
        “Personally, I’m not going to place my focus on finding a Twin Flame, because I am in the process of reuniting my masculine and feminine essences within my own physical being.”

        Question, could this (process) be you getting in touch with your Twin Soul I have heard about from time to time? If so it would seem to me, there is no need to even have a twin flame that is out,,,, there…. once you balance the both of you.

        I would wish mightily that we were born in duality like Father/Mother God. Playing sometimes feminine on the earth plane and other times male. Sometimes totally in spirit while also in 3d.
        Hope this resonates

      • Hi Michael,
        Well, I don’t understand the process fully yet to be able to enumerate the details, but it seems that each TF needs to balance their masculine / feminine essences if they are incarnated. This process continues as the two halves of the Whole come into alignment. When it is time for them to reunite, each half has brought into balance all parts of themselves. Twin flames serve together in the higher planes. Archangel Michael and Archeia Faith are just one pairing. Their full essence works together AND complements each half. I am learning that TFs DO NOT marry in higher planes… for, if you think about it for a moment, it would be like marrying yourself, because your Twin IS a part of you. This new knowledge, of course, is in direct contrast with the information and speculation commonly circulated around the Internet and in New Age circles. The TF relationship is NOT about romance. So as I work to balance my inner essence, I assist my Twin, but they are still responsible for their own work. There is more than one Master whose TF has not reached the point of being able to reunite… for service. More information will surely come to us as we let go of old preconceived notions about relationships in general, and the Twin Flame relationship in particular. Blessings

  2. thank you for this expression of truth, eliza….
    a companion or playmate certainly would be welcome in living this multidimensional ‘reality’!!
    Glad to hear you are taking some time to rest…thought of you today as i ‘tried’ to do a few things and felt like walking uphill thru molasses….
    rest, restore, renew, rejuvenate, reintegrate….resurface
    …for us All

    • Yes, taking some vacation days to strength and recover. I’ve done quite a bit of gardening, weeding and rearranging of plants. Like furniture, plants sometimes have to be moved or respaced when getting crowded. I still get tired, but am improving daily, which is nice to feel.

      And I do agree, a companion or partner would be nice, but sometimes hard to find… put your dream out there and allow it to manifest… which it will in time when you are ready.

      Much love to you, Su…

  3. Yes, I agree that “the search for your Twin is a diversionary tactic to take most initates OFF the path”. It is nice to see you focusing on a more truthful view of of this much maligned concept of Twin Flames.

  4. Yes it is very trumped up. There may be such a thing, and I was given some very intriguing feedback to support that, after not believing in it at all. However.. that said.. in fact I don’t care who is or might be my “Twin Flame” — a soul mate could be my “Sacred Broccoli” and I wouldn’t care, as long as I/they/we are happy and growing ❤

  5. Thanks dear Eliza. This is a very interesting perspective, one that frees me from a question and a search. Let’s unite together in the work we came here to do.

    Love & Light

  6. Maybe because I’ve through the dating/marriage game (and am tired of it!) that this post really made me smile. When I was younger it was soooo important for me to be attached, and it came with its own bag of problems. I had a few long-distance relationships, and figured out after a while that the distance made me romanticise the relationships much more than I’d have done if they were in my face everyday (which I experienced too). Some of the obsession people have with their twin flames may come from this perhaps. (I feel old now. Oh no!)

    “Sacred Broccoli”? WHAT? lol

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  8. Thank you for your response Eliza.
    “if you think about it for a moment, it would be like marrying yourself, because your Twin IS a part of you.”
    Well when you find out more I hope it changes one word in your sentence. To Twin (IS) you. Just feminine energy for me and masculine energy for you.
    Makes life so much easier not having to look out side to find something.

    • In this lifetime, Michael, even as a female, I carry a great deal of masculine energy. And I’ve been a male several times, too. In higher planes… much higher than 5D, we are androgynous by nature. The two halves are completely reunited.

  9. This is really wonderful. Thank you for the explanation. I had many questions answered and many left unanswered…waiting for Spirit to answer, I’m sure. I’ve met many souls in my soul group, in physical and non-physical. I have an inclination who my TF is (he’s in spirit now). As you, I have many other things to do in this physical body. If a soul mate comes along, he will be on this same journey of integration and light. I know Spirit is working just as hard on him as they are on me.
    Namaste, Donna

  10. I reunited with my Twin Flame back in 2003. He had been helping me to level up my energy enough for it to eventually happen. He is in the higher planes and will not be in a body in my time here on Earth, as he has important missions he is quite busy with. When he and I merged, I gasped for air as he placed something small within my heart. (he just slowly moved in to my body with his etheric form.) Simple yet the profundity of it I cannot even get close to explaining.
    For two or more years after that time, he would trigger songs for us as i woke up in the mornings, sometimes show up at my table where I would be eating out and many other meetings. He might show up just to pass energy through me. We enjoy song and music in the higher plans when I can get there. Now all that fluff has faded away, that is the sweetness of those moments….. it is back to work. He and I are ONE, and as such he can be anywhere and still be with me. Yet I see our work is different about 90% of it; both of us needed to merge when we did and for the expansion of our worlds.
    I am so glad to read that you see this type of relationship having nothing to do with our mating/dating rituals here in these dimesions. For it is not at all like that. it is a working relationship. And when Twin Flames merge/reunite they are able to handle and bring in a third special energy not available any other way. It is for the ‘work’.
    Yet… whatever he placed in my heart… changed me…forever. I no longer an needy for a mate, nor spending time wanting. I feel a happiness that is beyond words. I have a calm that I never had before.
    Invite your Twim Flame in to your meditations. When comfortable, perhaps invite your TF to merge with you. Not everyone has one, not every TF will do this if there are issues in the way… which, yes… it happens. But for world service it was a step I had to take. (although I think he might have kicked my butt to that opportunity!) I had very little knowledge of TF before I merged with him.
    Thank you for this article! I am really enjoying your posts these days, thank you!
    I worry about people thinking it is just another sweeter, sexier relationship to have on earth… for that is daydreams and not reality. It is rare that two TF’s incarnate at the same time to the same place. I do think that when Earth ascends to a certain point, we will be seeing many TF’s coming to earth to spend time together. This will bring about a balance needed to stablize what we are all creating together. I thank you all! ~ carolyn

    • Thank you for your wonderful sharing of your TF experiences. Daydreams, indeed… have no place in reality when doing “the work”. I have had brief encounters with TF, but wasn’t ready for reunion like you’ve experienced. Connecting now with family members in higher planes… in preparation for what comes next. Many blessings and thanks, again!

    • Thank you carolyn.
      I hear the same results from the 3 of us. We with Our/the twin will unite and that balance will be a full God or Goddess walking this earth.

  11. Love will surprise you when you least expect it. So it has happened to me. When you are ready for your twin to appear, he will. In the meantime, just be yourself, and live to the best of your ability. That is all one can do, but that is all that must be done. Blessings!

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