Lady Venus: On a Mother’s Love


Lady Venus: A Mother’s Love

via Eliza Ayres

I AM Lady Venus, goddess of Love. I come to speak to you of mothers for I am also a mother.

A mother’s love for her progeny can often surpass any understanding in what is termed normal behavior on your planet. It simply is.

Your scientists will claim that it is the flow of hormones that flood the body during pregnancy and after birth, which compels mothers to accept the little pink, hairless creature that is placed into her arms by her birthing attendants.

And yet, the flow of love for child and from child to mother is natural and beautiful. It is the foundation of life, the source of creation, the essence of being.

Love is what you are and what you will be as you embrace your highest essence into your being.

In this life, you are both child and mother, even if you are incarnated in a masculine body.

You give birth to your creations. You nurture them and feed them.

You give substance to your dreams. You bring them into being.

You learn from your mother and go on to teach your children.

You are a mother as you birth your highest essence into your physical being.

It is the natural flow of Life. It is the circle of life, in which you also return to the Mother, upon that passage called death.

And you will awaken in the arms of Her who brought you into being.

Bless all the Mothers of the world, the two-legged, the four-legged, the ones who crawl and the ones who fly, the ones who swim and the ones that you cannot see with your physical eyes.

Bless the Mother, the planet that nurtures and supports your life and gives you the opportunity to live on the physical plane.

Bless the Mother who is your parent, your creator, your Source.

And She blesses you always.

You are never alone, for your Mother walks ever at your side, Her heart open wide with unconditional love and grace for all that you are, will be and have been.

Give thanks to the Mother of All who gave each of us a mother to hold us when we were sad and to kiss us happy, again.

And even if you have not experienced a mother’s true love for you in this lifetime, know that She who loves you awaits your return Home with open arms.

Happy Mothers’ Day to all!


Copyright© Eliza Ayres and – All Rights Reserved.

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