Eliza: On Channeling Higher Self

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Eliza: On Channeling Higher Self

Yes, we’ve all eagerly read messages coming from our favorite channels, those who we think are “ahead” of us in the ascension process. Are they really so far ahead, or is it simply that we are unwilling or unready to listen to our Selves?

I’ve been consciously reading channeled material for over 20 years. Some material resonates with me; some does not. And my tastes, in what I can even bear to read, has changed greatly. With some messages, I cannot get more than a few sentences into them and I have to stop and put the material aside. I’ve learned to not question the reason that I do this, just to accept the fact that the particular message or messages is not resonating at the moment of reading.

This is not a matter of judgment, although you can allow judgment to enter the picture if you allow it, to, by continuing with the dualistic approach in the belief that if something is “right”, then something has to be “wrong”.

I choose to step beyond this judgment and listen to my intuition that has grown very discriminating in its ability to discern what I need to hear and read, for my best and highest good, here and now.

So, where does that leave me when it comes to listening within for messages from within, whether from my Higher Self or those that I might deem as Ascended Masters, Light Beings, Angels or Christed Galactic Beings?

When I “feel” a message coming on, I pause, check in and then ask, “Does anyone wish to speak to me?” And then I check with my rose crystal pendulum as to who might be communicating. Often I don’t really have to ask because I “know”; the energy is familiar. In short, I know with whom I am connecting.

The energy emerges through my heart center and then fills up my body. I may not be consciously aware as to the “why” the energy is familiar; it just is. The answer to the “why” will come in the course of my ability to add to my light quotient and to work on clearing all obstacles to successfully gain access to my own inner wisdom and knowledge that exists in Akasha and within my own Higher Mind.

Trust enters into the process. If you have a connection to what you deem your Higher Self and it “feels” right to you, go forward. If there is any sense of uneasiness or a feeling that something is “off” then quickly terminate the session. Not every time I feel a message lingering on the edge of my consciousness am I successful in getting something written down. Sometimes, my own inner state of discomfort is such that the process is blocked. I’ve learned to wait until I am better rested.

While in the midst of writing down the particulars of a message, I might be slightly disconnected from my body. I am in a very high space, a slightly blissful state… despite the need to come down to earth and edit the message before posting it to my blog.

Again, opening up to channeling involves trust. Yes, we have seen many channels and messengers who have been overcome by lower entities giving them false messages and then discrediting the unfortunate scribe. However, you can prevent falling into this trap by preparing your field before you open up to this form of communication. Ground, protect and shield and bring in the energies of your favorite Masters or Angelic beings to protect you while you expand your consciousness to receive a message.

What entities are you bringing forth, are you attracting to yourself? How do they feel to you? Do you feel warm, safe and comforted or are you uneasy and troubled by the messages?

The messages from higher frequency beings are supportive and loving. Sometimes they may also appear to be somewhat repetitive in nature, often the same or similar messages being repeated over a long period of time. This is a loving approach to allow our stubborn human nature to release resistance and to open to the loving frequencies that are embedded within the message itself.

Light is information. Channeled messages carry light or they do not. What is important is the Light embedded in the words, not so much the words themselves. It is up to each individual who reads or channels these messages to learn to discern for themselves whether or not the words carry a high or low frequency.

Another way to test the message is how you feel after reading it. Do you feel empowered, loved and supported? Or do you feel disempowered and fearful? Are you willing to give away your power or you seeking to regain your sense of personal sovereignty. Learning discernment and trusting your own ability to decide what is good for you, is part and parcel of the path of self-mastery.

As your own light quotient increases, you will discover that some messages no longer appeal. This is a natural phenomenon as your understanding expands. Growth is constant throughout the ascension process, interspersed with short periods or plateaus which are used to integrate the energies received. You will find your tastes change as you grow and integrate more of your own higher essence into your waking consciousness.

What constitutes your Higher Self? Well, each human being exists simultaneously on several dimensional planes. You are an Angelic being, a Light Being, a planetary or star being, a Galactic being and a human being, all at the same time. The Masters that you speak to are you, a higher frequency you.

As a human being you are both an individual and a member of a collective. So it is with your Higher Self. It is also a member of a collective Being, first a monad or grouping of 12 separate souls, then a monadic family or I AM Presence of 144 souls and so on, all the way back to the Throne of Creation, into formlessness and beyond to that which cannot be named or known.

In short, when you channel the Masters, it is because you have a connection with these beings. Some of them may be your mentors and teachers on other planes or before you came into embodiment. Some of them teach you and even learn from you while you sleep at night. Many of you work within great councils of light that devise and plan for the ascension of humanity and planet Gaia.

Some of you work with your Angelic Self, some with the Archangels, and some with the great elemental beings that work with form.

Only you can discern whether or not the connection is a healthy one for you. Promptly disconnect and cleanse your auric field if you feel that you have connected with an entity that is of a lower vibration than your own.

Protect yourself with a shield designed from the indigo blue of the First Ray, by Archangel Michael and cleanse yourself with the Violet Flame or the higher cleansing Ray of the Sea-foam Green.

Listening within is a way to get in touch with your Self, those parts of “you” who are ready to reunite with you during your waking conscious life here on the planet. It is necessary to realign with these higher parts of self as with the connection comes an expansion in your inner wisdom and understanding of what is going on, within self and in the world around you.

By tuning within self, you come to a place of peace that exists outside of time and space, your high heart center. Inside this space, you can always find peace and comfort, even in those times when your life disintegrates around your feet.

While I do not teach channeling myself, I encourage those who are willing to seek a reliable teacher so you may learn to receive your own messages. Choose a proven, skilled messenger, whose messages are of a high and refined vibratory level. Use your discernment, as always.

As each of us are faced with challenges in these transitional times, it is up to each of us to utilize our native skills and those offered to us by those who love us, our own “higher” selves. The desire to reconnect is strong; it emanates from the sacred heart center within and is guided by the Monad and I AM Presence, as well as your master teachers.

Originally I opened to my telepathic abilities in the course of a difficult period of my life. I was taken over by a large entity for a short period of time and experienced a bout of what is termed by some as entity-induced psychosis. As a result of this experience, my channels were blown wide-open. It took me years to trust that what I was receiving was for my highest good. And I’ve come to trust in my own ability to make the distinction between what serves and what does not. It is a matter of trusting self, that you will always be guided from within.

A couple of years ago, after be urged by a friend, I first began to write about my personal experiences and as I wrote, I began to channel material from what most people would consider “outside” sources. Yet, I knew, within the very core of my being that the beings who were communicating with me had my welfare in mind. And as I continue with this work, my ability to align with the energies also has become more refined in its nature.

One thing important to remember as a channel, scribe or messenger, you are not the “only” source through which the Masters or other Beings will come. Every scribe has their own individual style, ability and approach to writing. There are many people to contact, many people who need to read the messages, if only to get them to where they can discover for themselves the means to reconnect within with their own essence and higher self.

There is no one way to approach spirituality or one messenger who is “anointed” to receive messages. All of us has a Christ Self within, the “anointed one” who begins the process of reconnection to Higher Self until we are ready for the reunion with our I AM Presence. To think of you as being the only messenger is to move into ego and hubris. We are all connected and yet all individual. What will appeal to one person may not resonate at all with another. There is much need for spiritual growth and maturity in this world and many people have incarnated here to do this work.

So while you can still read other scribes messages, seek also to reconnect within and listen to your own intuition and inner voice. You may only receive symbols or images. The manner of receiving will differ from person to person. Allow yourself to have fun discovering the manner in which you most enjoy receiving the love and light that emanates to you from the highest planes of your collective existence. It is all you, after all. And we are all One.


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22 thoughts on “Eliza: On Channeling Higher Self

  1. Hi Eliza, I have just recently come across your blog, and, as you mentioned in your message from the “Council of Nine” – I will come across books, movies, symbols etc that will assist me on my journey of ascension. I am still experiencing many things I don’t understand but am learning to trust and live by light and love. Thank you so very much for your posts, I am gaining a lot of understanding and it is truly assisting with my journey forwards
    Light and blessings, Lisa

  2. I’m not a healer. Get thee to a reputable spiritual healer in your local area or contact one via the Internet. You can certainly also learn to block, defend and clear. There are classes for this, but not from me. Good fortune.

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    • They are Pleiadian, high frequency Masters, who oversee ascension process on Gaia. I don’t have any names, as they work as a Collective energy. Wes Annac has a higher self that is member of the Council. I and many other lightworkers were sent here by them.

      Hi, Chetan!

      • Thank you ..namaste. I am. As you were awaking once again , love joy and light , I connect with archangel Michael my whole life ,,love

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