Journal Entry 05.09.2014

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Journal Entry 05.09.2014

Sorry, friends. I’m still recuperating from my illness. I’ve been told that the cough and exhaustion (from the shortness of breath) can last up to a month. I’m having to let go of a lot right now and that is as it should be. I’m be back to do some more writing, but right now just being back full-time at work takes it out of me, so it will have to wait, too.

I wish you all well and for those among us who are mothers, Happy Mother’s Day. May your day be truly blessed.

Hugs and kisses,


7 thoughts on “Journal Entry 05.09.2014

  1. Blessings and healing back to you Eliza…thank you for letting us know…and thank you for all the LIGHT you shine…OX Judy

  2. sending healing thoughts to you, dear eliza. i’ve been thinking often of you this week. my back went ‘out’ on monday, so i’ve been unhappily laying on the couch or bed with heating pad then ice…tired of feeling ‘bad’, as i’m sure you are….and holding to the knowing that perfect health and vitality are Ours, now and forever….or at least Soon. Hugs to you.

  3. Eliza, Happy to have you back!! Thank you! Try ginger tea with Royal honey if congested! Wishing you much health Billie

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