Journal Entry 04.30.2014

Ancient Lakes Evening

Journal Entry 04.30.2014

I’m feeling a bit like a toddler. First full day to work. First day out in the garden to mow the lawn. Now where’s that pacifier?

We received some more chem trails today. Our blue skies became silvery mist for awhile, although a determined breeze appears to have broken up the air debris a bit.

Spring moves apace here. The temperatures are climbing into the ’70’s towards the end of the week. Not sure if I’m ready for that or not. Still, the heat might help my lungs a bit.

Was listening to Sanat Kumara last night at a teleconference. He spoke about the solar eclipse being another doorway of opportunity. People are being given the opportunity to make great leaps forward in their development, but it depends on attitude and determination. The energies of this recent eclipse will affect us for the next six months.

Apparently this Wesak (May 15th) is going to be one of the most powerful EVER on the planet, so prepare well. If you’re good at visualization, you can picture yourself attending the event with the Ascended Masters at Shamballa. Lord Buddha and Lord Sananda preside over the affair.

Even being out for nearly two weeks, I’m getting caught up already. I can be really organized when I want to be, LOL.

I hope people are getting out and enjoying the spring weather in the north… and enjoying your autumn coolness in the south, unless you happen to live in tropical climes. The South and SE portions of the United States have been having some rough weather, but it’s a gentle spring hereabouts, for which I am truly grateful.

Enjoy the rest of the week, everyone!

Hugs and kisses,


Photo: Ancient Lakes, near George, WA (from

1 thought on “Journal Entry 04.30.2014

  1. Hello there sister Eliza,
    Sending you lots of light and healing from the south of France; land of the lemons and Mediterranean sunshine. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and love which will always be treasured at all times. By the way, lemons are also very beneficial for health purposes. May you have a speedy recovery.
    Much love and blessings

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