Journal Entry 04.27.2014

Sage Mountain

Journal Entry 04.27.2014

What a funny day it is outside, dampish, cloudy and with new snow on the ridge outside of town. The pink dogwoods are blooming in town and there’s snow in the mountains all over Washington State.

I just went to the store, one where I can get organic goodies at a fairly decent price and where few shoppers were present this early on a Sunday morning. I try to avoid crowds wherever possible, that’s one reason I live in a smaller town. Still, you have to pick your moment to go places and Sunday early is nice.

I’m still wobbly from my physical misadventures. I’ve had this bronchitis now for two weeks and am still coughing. I’ll probably take a while to regain full strength but am able to do some things, like shopping, so that feels like a small victory. Amazing how much we take our health for granted until it’s no longer at our disposal.

I can’t say that I have much insight in / on the present energies except that I want to sleep a lot, which can be both a healing thing and an energy thing. Usually by 3 p.m. in the afternoon, I need to go to sleep and then sleep two or three hours, plus sleep all night. I’ve been having interesting dreams, too, when I can remember them, as well as feeling a little grumpy.

The other day I dreamed about collecting rocks. The word “manganese” was in my head but the rocks that I was collecting off the ground were an indigo blue and metallic in appearance. Manganese is silver when in found in ore. Indigo Blue, of course, is the color of Archangel Michael, of the First Ray of Power and Will. Not sure what it pertains to in the dream, if anything.

It is hard to tell whether or not I’m feeling dizzy from the intense energies or just because I’m in a healing state. I am feeling very detached from life right now having spent the last couple of weeks in almost complete isolation except for email and Facebook contacts, as well as the occasional Skype connection. Hope I gain some strength as it’s now gardening season or will be once things dry out a little. The gardens in town are quite beautiful in their spring array, but I’ve had little opportunity to enjoy the show.

I’m going to attempt going to work tomorrow. I will certainly have a pile of work to complete, but that keeps me busy and makes the day go by quickly.

Hope everyone is managing to cope with their own issues, whether physical, emotional, mental, relationships, work, or whatever is cropping up in your world as a challenge.

Hugs and kisses,


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8 thoughts on “Journal Entry 04.27.2014

  1. Hope you’re feeling better. Sending you light and healing energies. I love your writings and read them all the time. Keeps me inspired. Thank you. Be well. JAN

  2. I’m so glad you’re feeling better, Eliza. I continue to treasure your posts.
    With love and healing Light,

  3. Hi Eliza, have you ever looked into Oregano Oil? It is a really great and effective natural antibiotic and antiviral remedy. You may not need it now since you said you are feeling better but it could speed up the healing process to completion and help strengthen your immune system. I use it regularly and have found that it prevents all colds, flu and respiratory type infections for me. I just don’t come down with anything when I take it. Just thought I’d pass the information along. Love and light, NZ

  4. HI Eliza,

    I have been enjoying your lovely photos and sporadic updates, but I’m sorry you are having such trouble kicking out this bronchitis! Once we have it, we tend to be more susceptible. I had it turn into pneumonia once, but have not had that kind of illness now for many years. Have you tried Elderberry syrup? Its very good for coughs and strengthening immunity even after the healing crisis has set in. Goldenseal elixer is also quite helpful after the fact (which is why its best to take Echinacea separately, as a preventative). I even snorted Goldenseal powder once just to get it in my system faster (not recommended..kind of like inhaling wasabbi, I imagine!). Of course, there is a good chance you already know these things, and your body just needs to release. I hope you get lots of rest and are in a state of wellness and balance soon.

    ❤ Phoenix

  5. Hi Eliza,
    Nice to see you are building up steam again.
    You remind me of the engine that can!!
    You inspire me. Good journeying!!
    Blessings overflowing.

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