Eliza: On Surrender


Eliza: On Surrender

It has been quite a physical challenge for me these past two weeks as my body has fought off a bout of viral bronchitis. I can unequivocally state that I have not been quite so ill for some 20 years. I was immersed in a feverish state for nearly an entire week and only gained enough strength to go to the doctor the other day. He promptly put me on a dose of antibiotics to fight off any remaining infection in my body. I don’t like antibiotics, but sometimes they can be useful. I have not had to use any for over 10 years so can’t say that I overly abuse them these days.

One thing I noticed was this illness was a sort of rite of passage for me. I experienced quite a lot of miasmic debris welling up, such as self-pity, self-hatred, feelings of lack of self-worth and similar things, especially relating to how I relate to others and vice versa. It was quite revealing and for a while I somewhat wallowed in the unpleasant sensations.

Then, when the fever finally began to break, I snapped out of my feverish delusions and came back, quite literally, to my senses. I have had enough verification that I am valued by others and certainly have made great strides in my progress along the Path of Initiation. There was and is absolutely no reason for me to feel sorry for myself or to feel that I am not worthy to receive the love of the masters, my mentors or that of friends and acquaintances.

For once I let go of my self-denial, I felt a great love begin to well up within my heart. This love feeling soon overwhelmed any other sense within and I felt that I am truly Love. And last night, I felt the presence of Lord Adama confirming this Love that I AM.

Now, it feels easy to merely reconfirm in the moment that I AM love. There is no effort, for my mere acknowledgment of this fact allows the love to come forth, like a soothing balm. It eases my heart, relaxes my body and allows my mind to let go of its concerns about survival.

I have completely surrendered the higher essence of my Self. I fully embrace the awareness that my Higher Self is now in command of my life.

I will not be without challenges, for they are still a part of physical existence on this planet, at least for a short time longer, but I can now meet those same challenges with greater equanimity than I managed before.

How does one reach this state of being? You simply allow your heart to take command. It sounds easy and it is, but not initially as your mind, trained as it has been, to take flight or to fight to preserve its status, will resist. So, you need to tweak your attention. Listen to the feelings that arise from within. Listen to your body; is it in resistance or it is feeling open and safe? If you are resisting, you will feel tightness in your mid-abdomen, above the solar plexus center, just under the diaphragm muscle. Your “gut” is telling you not to go somewhere, not to do something… or that someone is not on your side.

This intuitive process is not a matter of judgment. You are not determining that whatever is being sensed is “wrong” or “right”; it is just that you do not resonate, at the moment, with it. It is not a matter of duality. It is rather a matter of discovering what suits you.

Of course, intuitive or “gut” feelings can serve as warnings for very physical conditions that are encountered during the course of a day. And it pays to heed them. I have encountered such feelings while out alone in the woods and have been mindful of my surroundings, although never placed in danger due to my native caution. It is merely a call to pay attention.

The feelings of the heart are more highly refined than that of the gut, although they can work together. Releasing fear is necessary if one would listen to the heart. You cannot feel the subtle nuances of the heart if one is actively in resistance. When the body is frozen in fear, you cannot feel at all.

So, I made an adjustment to my attitude and now I feel more relaxed and able to surrender to the heart. This allows the higher essence of my being to work through me, to blend and braid its energies into my physical being. Ascension, which is really descension of the Spirit into the physical, brings these energies into a sacred partnership. It is not necessary to completely understand the process from a rational point of view for the partnership extends into realms of consciousness far beyond the capacity of the rational mind to understand.

I have let go of quite a few concerns, about the future, about my mission, about my direction in life. I am here to serve and now I serve by allowing this sacred partnership to blend within my physical body, to bring in the higher energies of Self, online and into daily communion with my physical being. It is a process, one that will continue for as long as I am in this current body and beyond. Ascension is not a one-time event, but a long journey. It continues on, beyond the planetary ascension to cosmic and beyond that as well. There are many rooms within the mansion of being; many things to discover and share.

I embrace the Love that I AM, that which I am becoming, and that which I can share with the world. As the love bubbles up, it overflows like a young river and passes into the heart of Gaia and all that lives upon her radiant surface.

I chose to embrace the grace and ease that Spirit allows to enter into one’s world when surrender is complete. This is a process that needs to be re-confirmed moment by moment, day by day, by me or anyone else who emulates these steps. Ascension is ongoing and there will be tests, only now with this awareness of what is possible, the steps will be taken more lightly and with continued grace and inner devotion to the process.

I AM your sister in Light and Love,

Eliza Ayres

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12 thoughts on “Eliza: On Surrender

  1. I am so glad that you feel better my dear sister. I didn’t read so much the last weeks as I am too going through my process of surrendering and in accepting who I truly am. We have reached so much this year and will reach more the next weeks and months. A joyful and sometimes exhausting ride, but what a ride!
    I love you deeply and send you some healing energies and wish you a speedy recovery. ❤ ❤ ❤

    Your sister Isabel

    • Thank you, dear Isabel. The healing process still continues and will for a while as I’m still coughing. No pneumonia thankfully. I’ve had a hard time reading lately, too. Funny that, I used to be a great reader. Now, it is experiencing whatever is going on or what I am feeling. Love, Eliza

  2. Through the small eye of the needle you go at times.
    I sense a more compassionate “Being” developing. Thank you for making this journey and sharing it with us all.
    When you finish with your antibiotics routine let me remember you to take yogurt cultures to put good bacteria into your system.
    I look forward to reading about your blossoming as a full “you”.


    • Yes, I’m going to find some soy yogurt to munch on… and maybe some probiotics, too. Only a couple more days now. Still a bit wobbly. Eye of the needle, indeed. Love, Eliza

  3. Dear Eliza,
    I am struggling with exact that issue of feeling tightness in my mid-abdomen since some time now. Thank you for sharing how to surrender to my heart. Isn’t that amazing, how wonderful life is when we are connecting with our hearts? Today, while I was out with my dog, I tried to feel connected to you, so that I can use it for my distant healing intent and it was a new experience of love, a gentle sensitive love, it was easy, to open my heart towards you. Just want to share my experience.
    My Best wishes, Uta
    You talked about our heart today, so I’d love to share another song from the young composer and musician from Italy Rurik, this song I love the most. Rurik says to hear this song with our hearts brings the most benefit and he is right.

  4. Beloved Blossoming Being of Light Eliza,
    You have, with grace, described Divine Humility brought into the physical plane through the surrender of the sense of being separate from Source.

  5. My experience has many elements in common with what you describe here. This is wonderfully reassuring, because I feel this is part of the transformation process, and I feel happy to think we’re going through this and the result will be something wonderful.

    Yesterday, I read a couple of things from P’TAAH that reminded me how to love the hurt-angry inner child, who was SO DISAPPOINTED not to be 100% greeted as the wondrous being she knew herself to be back n the early days of this lifetime. And I embraced that child and I think this time I really shifted to a loving relationship. Here are the links for anyone who in interested — http://livelifeletlive.blogspot.com/2010/12/love-4-keys-of-transformation-by-ptaah.html

    Then today, I had a session with a wonderful counselor and again, I must have been ready, because she suggested I see my inner child and see that the angry part and fear was just a cover for the being of brilliant light that she really is. And so I am having the experience that everything I’ve ever wanted in life turns out to be inside me!

    This is starting to be such a good experience!! I’ve never felt such peace and happiness. I think a star or starship flashed at me twice tonight! This is new for me! It was like a flashbulb in the sky — twice!

    Thank you. Eliza, for putting so much in this Journal, and for helping me to feel not alone in the earlier months of this last year or so, when there was so much confusion, and honestly, a lot of feeling of suffering.

    I agree that the key is inside each and every one of us. As I understand it, only Masters of Light, so to speak, are here on this dear Earth at this time. As we clear and remember, we become tuning forks for the hearts of others. I am looking forward to the joy of our upcoming days SO MUCH. Sending you lots and lots of love, dear Eliza. Your friend from worlds unknown or at least as yet unremembered, Sarah

  6. I AM so happy that you’re feeling better and coming out of the ‘purge’. My route has been different but our destination is the same. All the best & sending all the highest Love, love david

  7. Hi Eliza,
    Thank you for this post! Its message arrived at exactly the Divine moment. I just spent an hour talking with a Vietnam vet on permanent disability. Your medical crisis, and accompanying Soul crisis, is his life. He asks many challenging questions about God, life, and suffering. He follows his instincts, his guides. He is a very spiritual person, and a very unselfish, courageous soul. You and he have been the voice of God/Source for me tonight; shining the Light of Grace in my heart, when that Light was growing dim.
    Namaste, peace, joy, love and light to you. ❤

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