Journal Entry 04.22.2014

Dalles Mtn Ranch

Journal Entry 04.22.2014

Well, yesterday I attempted to go back to work. I came home three hours later. My body is as wobbly as a new-born fawn; full recovery may take a while.

Now someone with less experience in letting go might have a ton of questions, namely, “Why?” The why is simple; it took a health crisis to get me to completely surrender. And what am I surrendering? The same that everyone else is in the process of doing these days, whatever doesn’t work for them; whatever doesn’t belong to them; and most especially, whatever they cannot take into the higher energies. Everything that is not you or me, that is not of the highest essence of our multidimensional being, is now in the process of being stripped away. We cannot take it forward.

So, it is best to surrender to the process, although still not altogether an easy one, for as the stuff arises to leave, we become aware of it, even uneasy, sensing that what is being brought to the surface of our conscious mind is not pretty. It is thought-forms, emotions and assorted garbage that has been well-hidden in the darkest corners of our subconscious mind, carried from one lifetime to the next, eventually intended to be dealt with. That time has now arrived, but now we are being given the option of simply letting the “stuff” go, releasing it, transmuting it with the Violet Flame or the higher Cosmic cleansing flame of the Sea-Foam Green (8th Ray). The beneficence of Heaven is at our command if we but begin to understand just how powerful we are and to come into full acceptance of that sacred power.

I have had to confront some ugly parts of myself or what I thought were me (which actually are not) and to let them go. I finally accomplished that feat yesterday, in recognition of what was going on as the latest words of Mother-Father God were echoing in my ears. All it takes to come into acceptance of your Self is surrender.

As one who is committed to an accelerated path, what I am undergoing is compressed into a considerably shorter duration than what might be experienced by another person. What I am experiencing will differ from your experience.

What has been leaving me has been mostly made up of shame and blame, the old essence of victimhood. I’ve been both the victim and the perpetrator in the past; certainly to a degree, even in this lifetime. Much of what has left in the past week, burnt up through the fever, has been a lack of tolerance towards my human self. I have not felt very worthy this past week, of the reliance that others place upon my work and words. I have not felt that I deserved the love that I felt from the Ascended Masters… and yet, I knew that I did and do… as do all of you who might someday read these words.

These very human doubts have been a part of our human identity for thousands of years. This mental construct has long served its purpose to keep us out of alignment with our Higher Self and most recently, to prevent those on the Path of Initiation from going forward. I have emerged from my sick bed knowing with a surety burnt into my heart by fever that I AM love, that I am loved and that I love. This is all I need know to keep going forward into the Light, to allow my Higher Self anchor even more fully into my physical being. Indeed, as part of the act of surrendering, Mother-Father God is enabling me to relinquish the need to even determine my future with my free-will, by surrendering that freewill to my Higher Self. And so I can truly let go and allow for whatever needs to take place, to do so.

I turn my face to the Light that surrounds me. I feel the great Love that the Ascended Masters, Angelic Beings and Christed Galactic Beings hold for all of us. I AM one with them and already walk in many worlds. I will allow for the wisdom of my multidimensional Self to be revealed in the coming days as the energies continue to rise. I need not do anything but allow the process to occur and so it is.

It will take some days for me to physically recover, but already I am recovered in my sense of surety that I am fully accepted and loved. There is nothing to fight anymore. There is no need to resist. Surrender is the only way to discovering the peace that already exists within your sacred Heart Center. Enter there now, with the Angels, and be well.

I AM your Sister, in Light and Love,

Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, by Eliza Ayres,

Photo: Spring on Dalles Mountain, Columbia Gorge

13 thoughts on “Journal Entry 04.22.2014

    • There is nothing to hide anymore, my dear. Nothing worth hiding that the Sun of your Being won’t reveal in the end, so let go of the fear of discovery. All you can find is your Self.

  1. Hi Eliza, Thanks for this message and I hope you are recovering well.
    I enjoy reading what you write and as I told you earlier, I usually translate your posts.
    Well, I would like to make a suggestion if it were possible of course.
    Would it be possible you recorded your posts in mp3, so that we might hear them while doing other activities or even lying in our beds. because in my opinion there are lots of posts that are worth reading more than twice, so that we can memorize the subject until it really merges with our beliefs or feelings whatever. However, to get it again it’s required to open the computer, and sometimes this devise is not in hands. Whereas listening to them more than 2 twice is far more easier. You know.
    If you permit me it’s just a suggestion. Think about it. I’ve realize other channelers have done that kind of opition, which I find very useful.

    With love

    • Maria – sometimes I am technically challenged. I don’t even own an MP3! Still, I’ll consider your suggestion. The resonance of voice is very different from reading a piece and carries even more energy in some ways. Still, will consider. Also, it is a different thing to perform a channel rather than write it. I do not have any experience in live-channeling yet. If it feels right the time will come for that. Not quite there yet. Thanks for your interest in this work.

  2. Dear Eliza,
    I hope that you are recovering well from your ‘fever’. Its been a way to hectic month for me. Missed reading some of your posts but compensated all of today. Its a challenging time for those unwilling to let go their ego based emotions. But for those, those who have considered to flow with the current of change are surely enjoying shedding the extra baggage. I always enjoy leaving behind what is not meant to be dragged on needlessly. Enjoying the moment! You take care and get well soon dear sister.
    Regards and love

  3. Dear one,
    What a journey you walk.
    I’m letting my light energy surround you in the love that is always been yours and ours as 1.
    As God is unconditional in love, you can never not be loved and cherished.
    I understand the feelings you were working through to let go. That falling feeling, the twisting snap of my back like a cat looking to land on it’s feet from a great height.
    Rest well dear sister of light. Be at peace and calm.

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