Journal Entry 04.18.2014

Flowering Tree

Journal Entry 04.18.2014

Just an update… my body is still undergoing a massive purging with continuous fevers. I’ve been home since Monday afternoon and probably won’t be able to go back to work on next Monday, as the fevers don’t seem to abate.

Thank you to those who are sending me healing energies. Since I am unable to concentrate for long, I probably will not be writing this weekend.

It’s Easter weekend isn’t it? I’ve hardly been outside for days and take a chill easily right now. Hope the old body recovers its strength soon.

Feeling a bit (or a whole lot) detached right now; probably doing a lot of work elsewhere. Suddenly things in my “old” life don’t matter any more…

Shall we see what emerges from the cocoon some day?

Hugs and kisses,


7 thoughts on “Journal Entry 04.18.2014

  1. I would say soon, the butterfly will step out into the fragrant flowers.
    A channel I listen to spoke, how we can have a communication with our bodies innate intelligence.
    First step is to communicate our love for our bodies, and always.
    Blessings and peaceful energy sent to you Eliza.

  2. gosh, i sure hope so, eliza…some day soon. and detached–disconnected to Everything seemingly–is how i’m feeling, too. My body seems ok but for me, it’s my emotions…one in the same, i suppose. No-thing seems to matter to me, either…a most uncomfortable beingness right now.
    sending you the most brilliant light i can muster, and soul-to-soul, i’m so appreciative of the work you (and we) are doing here and Elsewhere. much love and 98.6 healings………….(is that our ‘normal temperature’? gosh…feel like i’ve lost my memory or mind)

  3. I to feel detached, my sense of time is gone, have to keep looking at clocks, and also calendars to know what time it is, and what day it is. This is life in the higher dimensions. I also have been feeling hot at times for the past year or so, and drained, tired also. All of this is an adjustment I think, and will soon end. I also heard on the hollow earth network, blog talk show, Many Of One, that we can ascend now, the portal is open. I think those doing the hollow earth shows, and many of one, as well as the who needs light website have ascended. So do so now if you wish, we will all do so eventually. I will ascend soon. All you need to do is raise your vibrations, and intend to ascend. Let all else go and focus on ascending.

  4. Hi Eliza, I’d love so very much to say or do something special for you in this moment but I have nothing in my mind. I’m in Sao Paulo and it’s so far away from you, otherwise i’d invite you to savor a miraculous hot vegetable broth so that we could complain about the pains of our bodies together and make fun of ourselves. In order we could cure our bodies by laughing more. I think a lot of people are going through similar problems both emotional and physical. What I meant you are not alone. I flash my best feelings straight from my heart to you.
    be blessed.

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