Eliza and the Angels: On Embracing Transformation


Eliza and the Angels: On Embracing Transformation

Note to Reader: I started this piece as one with my personal thoughts and experiences, but soon discovered another “voice” braiding into my words. It was my friends, the Angels, back again and eager to communicate with all of you. Many blessings!

Sometimes it appears that the Well of Inspiration goes dry. However, I have discovered that there are cycles to creation as well as destruction. One must let go of previous beliefs and conditioning in order to embrace new ones that enter your awareness. And so it has been for me, during the passage of the last three months of this extraordinary year of Transformation.

It is appropriate then that I should encounter Archangel Ezekiel, the Archangel of Death and Transformation. It might seem by chance or perhaps by clever design that I have encountered and now share this little known but extraordinary Archangel. I am not the first to encounter him nor will I be the last. As with all the Archangels he is in service to humanity; like his brother, Archangel Michael, he serves without expectation of reward or obedience. He is the essence of a Love that dissolves all that does not serve those who appeal to his guidance and presence. He comes to those in need even if they are not yet aware of his name or existence. He has not come forward into more general knowledge for he assists primarily those who are undergoing challenges in their lives and/or those who are on the cusp of a huge transformation.

Death is a transformation, from one form of being to another. Yet death does not always take the body while one is undergoing a major transformation in their life. Grief is a form of death, when a great loss has taken place and one is unwilling to let go of the one who has passed or to let go of a way of life, a belief, a material object or a form of conditioning.

Creation cannot take place without destruction and so it may appear that some forms of transformation are overly violent or destructive. They are so due to the resistance existing within the participants. A dying person will slip gracefully and quietly into their next stage of existence, if they and the ones who love them can let them go. I did this for my parents and although I miss them, I realize that they now have the opportunity to learn much, on the inner planes, in preparation for their next embodiments whether here on Gaia or on another world.

Being on the Path of Initiation, of which Ascension is a part, also involves a great deal of transformation so I am grateful that Archangel Ezekiel has presented himself to my outer awareness so I might work with Him on a more conscious level. This is a measure of mutual respect coming from myself to Him and from Him to me, for what I have accomplished during my sojourn upon this planet.

What I have learned recently and which is continually being reinforced by such encounters with so-called “higher” beings, is that they greatly respect, love and admire us for our courage in being willing to undergo such transformation while being mostly unconscious of the entirety of our Being. It is and has been, for all of us involved, a great challenge and will continue to be so, as we adapt to the changing world around and within each of us.

We are transforming; we can do no other than transform due to the onslaught of cosmic rays that are crashing upon these shores. Heaven has decided that it is time for humanity to wake up. The awakening process can be a strenuous one or it can be filled with opportunities for expansion and the acknowledgement of your own inner wisdom and knowingness as you are guided as surely as if you had an inner guidance system. You do; it is called your high heart center.

Your Christ Self, your soul, the sacred seed of divinity within has always been present and available to you, in all of your lifetimes upon this planet or any other that you have incarnated upon. Only your own unwillingness to look and see and to most especially to feel that presence do you remain in outer darkness. It is your own beliefs in separation and suffering that prevent you from discovering that all you need for your journey, for your salvation and transformation, already exists within. And yet, this first step towards accepting self can be one of the hardest ones for many humans to take.

I can share these thoughts with you, dear ones, for I have walked upon the path that you are now embarking upon. There are some who have surpassed my own progress, yet it to those who follow that I address these words. Only through experience can you understand your self; only through experience can you understand the self that is reflected back to you through the eyes of another human being or the eyes of a living creature.

Our souls were birthed by the Divine Mother and sent into the sea of matter to create. We have divided, sub-divided and divided again until the consciousness of the one who is enveloped in a coat of flesh here is but a tiny portion of All That Is. YET, you are connected, all the way back to Source, back to your divine parents, Mother-Father God, who love you even if you do not know yet that they exist.

Each of us here is a soul-extension of a greater Soul and Monadic Family that are all currently undergoing their own experiences in other worlds; yet, when you become aware of their existence you can call upon these “other” parts of self for assistance. You are truly the sum of the Whole and your wholeness is such that your current human awareness cannot yet comprehend the majesty of it all.

We ask that while the knowledge eludes you that you have faith that you will know what it is that is needed for your journey as the moment approaches. Our scribe has learned to trust in the process, through much trial and “error” or should we say, “Practice”. It has been verified for her that if she lets go of her anxiety and concern about where she should go next, that events and circumstances will unfold naturally and gracefully for her. There are challenges still to be met, but now she knows that she is not alone and that we are ever present with her, even as we now braid our energies with her own during this message.

In opening up and surrendering to being led into a growing mastery of her emotional and mental bodies, she has come to a place where those bodies are being prepared to unite into wholeness, as they once were and have always meant to be. The division between the masculine mental body and the feminine emotional body is as unnatural as the war between the sexes. The belief in this division is designed to keep humanity separated from self, for in actuality, you are androgynous beings within your soul nature.

The sexes were designed for the procreation and continuance of humanity in the lower worlds, as well for the pleasure and company that one can experience when in complete harmony in a physical partnership. This level of beingness has rarely been experienced by those who have lived upon this planet for this unity of spirit, heart and body has been discouraged and denied by those who would keep you separate from your Soul, from your own divinity, from being able to love and accept yourself as you are.

Now you have the opportunity to step out of those bonds of acrimony and self-hatred and to embrace the love and light that you are, in truth… and that you have ever been, despite all that you might have learned or experienced in multiple lifetimes.

Still, through your journey, you have learned much. Humanity has embarked upon this journey of self-discovery for Source and now is in the process of being recalled to that same Source that originally set your “feet” upon this journey. And the accumulated knowledge of your Soul will offer great assistance to the inhabitants of other worlds who are just beginning their own process of re-alignment with the self within.

Many of you are to be teachers, some here and some in other worlds. And are you aware that even now as you struggle through your daily lives, you are teaching those on higher dimensions lessons in cause and effect? You are already teachers to many as yet unknown pupils.

Acknowledge yourself as a being of great light, even if you do not yet fully comprehend our meaning. Know that it is truth. Begin to believe it as truth and strive to incorporate that understanding into how you treat yourself and others within your daily existence.

Yes, you will continue to experience challenges, but do not castigate yourself for your perceived “mistakes” as all so-called mistakes are opportunities for learning more about yourself. You are marvelous creatures on the brink of a wondrous new world, yet you cling to the old ways and cry out with frustration about the ills of the world. We tell you, gently but firmly, that if you want your world to transform, the first step must come with an adjustment in your own attitude and manner in which you view that same world. Everything and everyone who steps into your life or whom you encounter through your media sources acts as a mirror for the way in which you view yourself and your own creations. If you continue to whine, condemn and criticize others, look to self and see what it is there that you can release and dissolve and relinquish.

The other day, our scribe had an opportunity to learn about a young man who is greatly misunderstood by the world and perhaps by himself. Yet she discovered a key within him that may, someday be a key to his complete transformation. It is a key that exists with her that she has not fully comprehended or availed herself of, as she, too, is still experiencing daily revelations and suffering from self-created misunderstandings. Yet, she strives to understand and to allow the process of transformation to occur. She has put herself in the way of great transforming vibrational energies through a present mentor and will discover more about herself in the process. It takes great courage, trust, patience and above, acceptance of self and the journey to undergo such a process.

Yet it is this process that all who wishes to fully undergo the process of ascension in this current lifetime must undergo. Yes, the frequency levels of the planet are rising and with them, in harmonic convergence, so too are the frequency levels of humanity; yet there are many who will be unable to continue on in physical form while this ascension process unfolds. Many will leave the planet. Allow them to leave on their own terms, without judgment from you. Let the compassion that is within your heart center embrace these departing ones, for you will encounter them, again, when further along in your own journey. As you have all emanated from Source, you are all one gigantic energetic entity, broken up into tiny bits, into animals, humans, the soil, water, air… as clouds, galactic beings, light beings, ascended masters, cosmic rays and so on. You are all a part of the Whole and yet it will take some of you to discover this truth for yourself and finally come into acceptance.

We bid you to discontinue mouthing meaningless sayings that you do not understand and come into a new understanding and appreciation for the power of your words, thoughts and emotions. You are all Creator Gods in your higher essence; you all created this world that you now play within. Only through changing how you see yourself and others will you be able to affect a lasting and harmonious change upon this planet. Change will come, but in what manner, is dependent on each of you. Accept your responsibility to change yourself first and then you can emanate your newly found peace from within self out to others. Until you really experience the inner connection with your own Self, you are but a vessel disconnected from Source through your own thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Our words and manner of expression may seem harsh to some, but we are filled with the greatest admiration for you even as you do struggle and appear to stumble. It is the stumbles and the struggles that you will remember, although the pain will be released. Still the knowledge is being ever recorded by those who are watching over you, the Silent Watchers, members of the Angelic Realms, where you, too, exist in your higher essence.

Be open to discover guidance and clues for your journey anywhere and everywhere. Your own native intuition will seek to guide you. Listen to the tensions of your body. If your solar plexus region tightens and you feel uneasy, know that you are being warned off from doing something or going somewhere. If your body is relaxed and open; the way forward is clear. Your body is a complicated library of light, with knowledge stored up within the molecules of your DNA. That same knowledge and wisdom will be made available for you as you work to diligently increase your light quotient and to hold steady in the increasing intensity of cosmic light codes now streaming towards your planet.

All that is not light is being stripped, purged and cleansed, to be replaced with the new energies. New wine cannot be placed within dirty bottles or it will spoil, so all of you, your bodies, and your planet are being cleansed. Those who can accept and work with the energies by allowing them to do their work will pass through the process with grace and ease. Those who choose to fight and cling to the old ways will discover much hardship coming their way. We convey these words with the utmost of compassion, for even those who appear to resist can change at any time, even in an instant, if they allow their heart to open and receive what is given freely by the energies, complete and utter transformation. Decide for yourself what it is that which you wish to experience in coming days.

Our scribe has decided to surrender any resistance that she has felt to undergoing the necessary education to prepare her to fulfill her mission here on the planet, as a Teacher for many who will be attracted to her Light. She is but one among many and not all will resonate to her words. If you do not, then be responsible and discover those that DO resonate with you. This is a process of discovery for each person, as they determine what works for them and what does not. Release what does not and embrace that which does, and allow for that to change as you grow and expand in your own inner wisdom and understandings. You will change. Allow for that change and transformation to occur even if, in the process, you are led to do and be things that you never thought possible. You may just surprise yourself in the process, like our dear scribe continues to do on a daily basis.

We bid you to rest awhile in the love and devotion of your angelic sisters and brothers, as we are here to assist those who reach out to us. Look for us within your own heart and in the eyes of strangers that you meet upon life’s highway. It may be an angel in disguise that you encounter.


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6 thoughts on “Eliza and the Angels: On Embracing Transformation

  1. Brilliant, wonderful braiding of words / energies, they flow really well.
    They flow and resonate extremely well with me, Thank You ❤

  2. Reblogged this on Forever Unlimited and commented:
    While it may be disconcerting to release beliefs that no longer serve us, that is part of soul growth and transcendence, which we are all in process with. Likewise, a willingness to go beyond our comfort zones will make transition easier. ~PB

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