Adventures in Dreamland – Dancing with Inner Child

Violets in the Grass

Adventures in Dreamland – Dancing with Inner Child

by Eliza Ayres

Last night I had another dream, long and convoluted. I can only remember a few parts, but they seem significant, in view of the integration process that I am (we all are) undergoing right now. I was with family and preparing to leave. I gathered up some jewels and put them in a soft bag. Then a friend of mine became frightened that someone was after her. We climbed up a spiral stairway to a large room. The man who was “chasing” my friend was there already, but instead of being a fearful situation, it was a dance. A friendly woman took my left hand and led me over to a young girl (about 7 or 8 years old) and placed my hand in hers. And then we started dancing together, doing a waltz, but holding both hands in kind of a diamond like shape. The whole room was filled with happy dancing couples.

When I woke up, I felt the dance signified integration with my inner child, which will lead to the integration with my divine feminine. I’ve mentioned before that I carry more masculine energy than feminine, an interesting thing to experience while in a female body. So, finally… we’re coming into balance, which has been part of my personal mission in this lifetime.

This is not a dream experience, but today as I was at work, I began experiencing some integration with my soul. I requested some Violet flame, along with crystalline and pink ray frequencies to enter through the Soul Star and permeate through my body, anchoring into the building below my feet. I was, for a brief moment or two, a living Violet flame, anchoring its powerful energies into the environment. And then, I started feeling a tremendous upwelling of compassion for the individuals present. I felt that we’re here to act as conduits of Light whenever and wherever we are, consciously. My heart chakra expanded and I was ignited. All done while standing in front of a copy machine while waiting for a fax to complete, LOL. You really don’t have to sit in a quiet room to meditate; it can be done as a moving meditation anywhere you go. And that’s really exciting for me to realize and act on.

A lot of metaphysical teachings come with a lot of rules and ways of doing things. I enjoy going smashing through the box and doing things intuitively. I realize that my methodologies are a bit unorthodox, but that’s the way I seem to work best. It’s not for anything that I’m a member of the Family of Light, renegades and system-busters, on call.

More dots are being connected for me in terms of understanding some of my multidimensionality. I do have connections to Venus and the extended family of the Kumara clan… yes; it is a real 5D+ family. And I have angelic and intergalactic connections, as well. We are all much, much more than our 3D ego mind can even comprehend. It’s fun getting to know my Self.

I feel that part of the reason I can now embrace other, is that I’ve finally accepted my Self. It is so vital to learn about who YOU are before entering into service for others. While being in judgment about self, I wouldn’t make a healer with any integrity as there would always be an interchange of the mirroring energy. Until you can look yourself in the mirror and truly love the image of the one standing there, wrinkles and age marks and all, you’re not going to be capable of truly and unconditionally loving another. At least that’s how I feel about it. Self-love is a huge step on the path to mastery. Your love of self then can naturally bloom and expand beyond your own merkaba body to include all of creation and beyond. It’s a step, but a big one.

I know there are a lot of people farther along on the Path than myself, but it doesn’t matter to me. After all, it’s not a contest on who ascends first. I’m taking in things, learning something every day, and beginning to truly understand what and who I AM. There’s still a lot to learn, but I don’t need to ask questions any more, as my heart will convey what I need to know when I need to know it.

So, I gather my pearls of wisdom where I find them and string them together. Eventually they create an understanding and I experience an “aha” moment. It’s been my feeling that the journey IS the experience and the destination. And finally, it’s beginning to be fun. Keeping conscious, tweaking the “mood” when I feel like it’s going off, remembering who I AM, feeling my connection with my Light Family and the Divine Source that loves all of us unconditionally.

Enough for now… have to get to another teleconference this evening.

Hugs and kisses,

Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

3 thoughts on “Adventures in Dreamland – Dancing with Inner Child

  1. Thanks dear Eliza. Your point about self-love is very well taken and makes a lot of sense.

    There is the way we see ourselves in the mirror and there is the way others mirror to us who we are.

    Have a love-ly day!

  2. Dear Eliza,
    Your ruminations this morning are well received in my heart.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Walking meditation what a wonderful path.


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