Journal Entry 04.09.2014


Journal Entry 04.09.2014

The temperatures hereabouts hit the mid-70’s today (24 degrees C) a bit unseasonably warm, yet a welcome change, since the day was also sunny and pleasant. I gathered a handful of gardening tools and started working on some beds. We had some deep frosts over the winter which killed some plants and ruined others, so alterations are in order. I’m a proverbial gardener and love to dig around, although I have to go a bit slower now. Still, I can get down and dig or crawl around better than many my age.

I listened to a video message from the Pleiadians just now. I love being considered a member of the Family of Light, and being a system-buster. I’ve been working inside a variety of corporate or educational structures for years and know just how corrupt and controlling the departing paradigm is; no one, least of all myself, will regret its departure. Well, that’s not quite true, as there will be those who can’t see beyond the boundaries of their human conditioning. They will, eventually, but not in this lifetime.

So, go ground your light into the soil of Gaia and garden. Spring is finally making its way northward and bringing a rejuvenated sense of being to many who have spent a long, dark, cold winter indoors. Go outside and listen to the birds, delight in the color and shape of flowers, breathe in the sweet fragrances of our beloved Gaia. She is dressed in her divine radiance as Spring comes forth in the northern latitudes. And I hope the cooler months bring some relief to those areas that have suffered from heat and wild fires in the south.

Next week is the Festival of the Christ. The Christ is both a level of initiation and an office of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet. Lord Maitreya is the Planetary Christ and was the mentor of Yeshua when he was embodied. There will also be a powerful lunar eclipse, a blood moon. I remember watching one years ago. Most of North America will be able to see it this time.

These are astounding times. Instead of feeling the tension that I experienced last week, today I felt calm and peaceful, even in a busy workplace. Quite a difference.

Keep calm, centered, breathe and drink water. And above all, spend some time outside in nature if you can, even if you’re just potting containers on your deck!

Hugs and kisses,


4 thoughts on “Journal Entry 04.09.2014

  1. I love you! thank you for the little note. I love to garden, too. Birds are singing all the time here, now. I sat in the sun today. I looked at the air between me and the clouds, practicing an exercise I saw un a book called ETs and the Explorer Race, and I saw sparklie air. It was so subtle, and so wonderful. Seriously, sparkles. Teensy. If it weren’t for Gretchen Rainforest Gusky & her photos, I might have dismissed it. Instead, I’m curious and willing to practice. Better times are coming, and I look forward to all the adventures we’re going to have! And open-hearted love becoming the new normal! ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Hugs and kisses back to you my lovely one. We have spring too and the warm weather, also around our 20°C made the trees green and flowers and trees blossoming. It is such a delight to see it and to listen to the birds. I so love spring. ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. We are light Beings being light.
    I heard once we were chosen to be. Being here right now means we choose to be or we would not be here. So since this is our awake time, let us do what makes us happy.
    I’m smiling and thinking of how to make a gardening system where I don’t have to bend on my knees to til the soil. Like a raised steps, boxie thingy. Maybe onions and potatoes, and tomatoes!!!
    Good digging all.

    • Raised beds are good. So are cold frames. I’m a renter so not adding stuff that I’ll have to take apart when I move, again. Enjoy gardening.

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