Journal Entry 04.05.2014 (Updated)


Journal Entry 04.05.2014

What a wringer of a week at work! Glad it’s Friday, for sure. I did interview for a new position, but won’t find out whether or not I got it for a while. Bureaucracies never function quickly unless it is for their own benefit.

We’re having temperamental and changeable weather. There are dark clouds looming above the Blues, threatening rain. A bit of breeze is pushing fresh, crisp air through the valley, which is a nice change from the winter blahs we can get here in the form of fog.

Walking out today, I was fascinated looking at the clouds and the deep blue sky. The skies around here are very changeable. And we got chem-trailed the other day, but you wouldn’t know it today. Magnificent tones of blue sky, pure and fresh…dotted by floating cloud mountains, an amazing sight. I just love clouds!

I was so tense at work that by the time I got home, I had to sit down and do some cleansing meditations. It takes a while to come down from working in a prison environment. You tend to carry a lot of tension in the body whether or not you are aware. I am becoming painfully aware of the sensation. Many of the officers who work here, die soon after retirement due to the high stress levels. These are guys who have spent 30 years or so working here. You can see it in their bodies as they carry themselves stiffly; it’s not a natural place for anyone to exist. I’ll be glad to leave whenever that takes place.

I’ve been processing some deep stuff this week, with a lot of conflicting emotions coming up. I’m glad I have some tools to work with to calm down.

I hope to bring through a message this weekend. The Angels were in touch with me last night… well, they are with me all the time, but sometimes they delight in announcing their presence, LOL.

Dreamtime had horses in it. Ah, it is the year of the Horse…

Off to make some chicken tacos. Enjoy your weekend!

Update (the next morning!)

Hmmmm, I feel MUCH better this morning, especially after immersing myself in three hours of meditations last night and then having a good long sleep, hugging a cat. While some of us still have to deal with 3D energies in the workplace, there are ways to release whatever we may pick up during the day so we can regenerate and be ready for more. Guess I’m still in the process of releasing old warrior energies. I feel like I’m going into the fray, again, sans weapons this time, when going to work. In short, this blue ray angelic sensitive is getting tired of dealing with outdated energies. At the same time, my presence in their midst is an opportunity for these folks to experience higher frequencies if only momentarily… that is if I can hold steady and calm! And that, my friends, is the crux of the matter. Holding calm within the center of the storm of emotion, solar flares, erratic world events, temperamental weather conditions and strained relationships.

I’m sure some people of my acquaintance wonder if I’m lonely without family and few friends… and yet I am rather glad I do not carry the burden of family relationships right now. I’m not sure if I could do this work, what I do through my writings and what I’m doing at night in the etheric realms.

The Masters greet me like a long-lost cousin, people claim to know me through my frequency note… yet I’m still getting to know ME and it’s a process. Like I have written before, I’m a work in progress. And another favorite of mine, “It’s the journey that’s important, not the destination… for that might change.”

Take leading a small group of backpackers to a place that’s a long valley walk up to a mountain pass. Some folks do not enjoy valley stomps, being immersed in the dense shade of tall conifers or the lighter shade of alders and maples, but I do. I enjoy seeing the shady glades with tall groupings of lush larkspur growing in the sunlight on the edge of a forest opening, or the cascade of a wild creek beneath our feet as we cross a log bridge. Or feeling the draft of the wind coming down the river as it flows vigorously to the sea. The trip that I am describing was experienced by me, a backpack up the Elwha River, which has now been freed of its imprisoning dams. These dams were built by the company that one of my grandfathers was employed by and my mother was born in the work village at the foot of the lower dam. These dams served to severe the flow of the great salmon run up the mighty Elwha, destroying the culture of the native tribe who depended on its bounty.

The river has been freed from its bonds and is now recreating the delta that was washed away by winter storm and winds. The salmon will return and life will continue, in a more blessed and complete cycle of life. So, too, are each of us being released from the bonds of our genetic inheritance, as I have been released from family ties, so I can prepare myself to work with humanity and Gaia in the “future”.

Well, must go now and prepare myself for another teleconference. I will share more later. I love all of you with whom I have connected through the blog and now Facebook, as you are my true family of Spirit, my Light Tribe, my star sisters and brothers. Go in peace, with love in your heart. Namaste.

Hugs and kisses,


7 thoughts on “Journal Entry 04.05.2014 (Updated)

  1. A image dear to my heart, clouds.
    The water transfer of information in air. Dolphins have it easier in the ocean.
    Have you ever just by total focus slowed a cloud to the point of making it disappear?
    I believe anyone can. Just continuing focus and the smaller wispy slow movers will wisp away.
    I love it that I have control of the physical at times.
    Kind of like what I look at disappears!! Not just mentally in holding on, but just letting go,as in no resistance.
    Nice to have some more in common. Nature is wonderful.
    Happy weekend Eliza.

  2. I worked in institutions, Mental institutions, for most of my 40 yrs. as a nurse.
    Hear you about the stress factor!
    Wasn’t planning on retiring , it came up very suddenly & I took the window.
    I too knew many people that left soon after retirement, so I retired at 60 and haven’t regretted it for 1 min.
    I was aware at times, in my career, that I was holding the only light in a place of dark & what the cost could be on my body…..
    I bless you for for work & hope when you see the time come to leave, you will.
    Feel very blessed, it was so clear to me, i know it isn’t always for others.
    Bright Blessings, dear Eliza!

  3. Dear Eliza, thank you for continuing to take the time to share your insights. I am always, still, amazed at how a word, a turn of phrase, a sentence constructed a particular way, can carry so much energy that acts like a key, that shifts perception, that validates and bring rememberings.Your sharing assists me greatly. Thank you Celia

  4. Hi Eliza,
    Sending blessings from the east coast which has a raising of temperature to 60 degrees!!!
    Time to hit the Botanical gardens here!!!!!!!
    Love and blessings to you.

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