Journal Entry 04.02.2014

Journal Entry 04.02.2014

Spring has definitely arrived hereabouts. I just came in from a refreshing walk. There were daffodils, snowdrops, and other smaller bulbs blooming. The early flowering trees and shrubs were lending their color, especially the plums, magnolias, early cherries and forsythias. Grass is growing furiously and lawns are being mowed.

It’s been a tense time for me of late. I’m undergoing some changes at work and I’m getting fed up with the “system”. Still I will work where I am until I get more inner direction on alternatives.

Looks like the Pacific Rim of Fire is lighting up in the Eastern Pacific. Chile just experienced an 8.0 off its northern coast; Los Angeles had a 5.0 (or so) on Saturday. There’s also been a ton of smaller quakes that don’t make the news coverage.

The momentum of change and challenge seems to be mounting for all of us. Time to reflect on how far you have come. Time to be grateful for the opportunities to release more.

I’m planning on letting go of a lot of physical “stuff”, books, hiking gear (that’s not used) and the like this year. It’s time. I want to pare down the belongings.

Last night, Archangel Michael was talking about our angelic selves and incorporating them into our physical body. Ever considered that you might be a human angel? It’s something to ponder. Or how you might act if more of your angelic essence was allowed to come forth more freely. Part of my multidimensional being is angelic and member of Archangel Michael’s warriors of light.

On to another topic, it’s that time of year, time to garden. I have some smaller projects this year. Toning it down a bit since I will be doing some traveling this year for work. While just about anything except tropical plants will grow in the valley, it still can be challenging keeping everything watered during the hot months and protected during our cold winters. The rosemary got frosted out, so it’s going to pulled out and probably replaced with some more lavender which is cold-hardy here, surprisingly enough.

Just a short piece to share what is going on and some of my thoughts. Breathe, keep calm, laugh a lot, get lots of rest and exercise, eat well and drink water. Other than that, see you in the etheric retreats with the Light Beings, Christed Galactics and all our other friends.

Hugs and kisses,


5 thoughts on “Journal Entry 04.02.2014

  1. Apparently, Pacific Rim of Fire is working passionately! In Korea, we experienced 5.2, too.
    The year of 2014 is the year of change to me, so I’m expecting my career to shift…but I can’t see which direction I have to go. Time and inner-selves will tell me.

    So for the preparation, Letting go of old me seems to very important,
    but letting of of warrior-self is not so easy.

  2. Dear Eliza,
    So this is the year we lightning the load I have been carrying around all these years. I feel that for sure.
    I’m also venting my idea of lying, even though fear is so damaging…. deliberately not telling the truth must slow down the process of life, painfully. OK my rant is done back to the gardening, pick those leeks!!!!!


  3. Eliza, Sounds like you are pretty stressed. Amazing how our 3D embodiment can be so susceptible to the negative energies. Gaia’s positive energies we can receive in nature can certainly give us a boost. Hang in there Angel. We’ll be Home soon! Bill G.***+

  4. Dear Eliza,
    It seems a lot of us have been bombarded with tremendous amount of cosmic energy in the past few days, again. So much so that it is physically exhausting and mentally numbing. Still mind, just demanding a much needed rest. Esp since this latest CME blast on 2nd of April , it was a lot to take. Too intense a time for us. Lots of info flowing in thru ever spinning chakras that it would calm down only during sometime next month. Or so it seems.
    To me, its been like i am put in a catapault, stretched and pulled back as must as possible. But the moment the string will be released- it would catapault one onto a better place. More like time space jump into the new, metaphorically, if not literally ๐Ÿ˜€
    Lovely transformation of us lies ahead.
    Take ample rest dear sister. You deserve it !!
    Love and Namaste

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