Eliza: On the Language of the Heart


Eliza and the Angels: On the Language of the Heart

A former minister told me the other day that my language is poetic and visionary. As such, it is also paradoxical in nature, in keeping with the flow of the language of the heart within. Keep that in mind if some of what I present disturbs you. These are my thoughts. If you dispute what has been said, look to your own heart for truth. It is all about resonance and personal discernment. What one author writes will not and cannot cover “it” all. It’s simply impossible. However, never one to linger in the shadows long, I share my thoughts, humbly…

The heart has no language as we have known it in the Third Dimension. Language has served to divide and to keep people separate. Yet it wasn’t always so.

Words have power. Most people are not aware of that fact, yet Universal Law holds us responsible for our misuse of language. Long ago, the Serpents of Wisdom, great teachers from Venus came to the planet to teach the people who had sunk into darkness. They first taught women who were more naturally intuitive, accessing the mind through the heart. The women eventually learned sounds. Early initiates were able to command the elements through the power of their words. Words were held as sacred. All that changed as mankind underwent another fall. The great secret of the power of language was withheld by mystery schools until the time of the return. Eventually men separated due to the changes in their languages, mirroring the separation from the Higher Self, the mind from the heart.

We are what we think. Well, fortunately, if you make a mistake, you can turn it around. However, as the rate of manifestation increases in velocity, it becomes more important to be aware of what you are thinking and most especially, what you say aloud, for your thought will be reflected in your world as a consequence of the power of the word.

The Third Dimension has been a place where beings could experience the slowed down effects of manifestation. In the higher realms, manifestation is immediate. There the beings are in alignment with the Will of the Creator. Here, on the lower world, people do not truly understand what that Will includes.

“It’s the Will of God!” is a cry that has long echoed as a confirmation by Christian kings and armies and religious zealots that the use of might against pagans and the people of other creeds was fully justified; a supposition not based on the compassion and love of Father / Mother God. Death, misery and destruction have been meted out by men against men, against women, against non-believers, members of other faiths, against aboriginal peoples all over the planet… basically against anyone who didn’t “believe.”

Christians have not been the only ones to use the Word of God to justify war. Moslems did so, also, but when they established their kingdoms, allowed for people of other creeds to worship peacefully, at least into the early 20th century. Not so, the Christians… they burned, drowned, hanged and killed in a variety of gruesome ways thousands of women who were claimed to be witches, but who were independent of men and practiced herbal medicine and woodcraft outside the law of the Church. Men were also killed, but mostly women as being an affront to God, at least as God was defined by male clergymen jealous of their power and authority over king, noble and peasant alike. Women and native shamans of both sexes had to be destroyed for they DID listen to the language of the heart and what it conveyed to them was NOT what the Church claimed to be the Word of God.

This dark age of Church power was only relinquished as science became the new god. Now, men, women and children are subjected to lingering death through the misapplication of poisons that are called “medicine”. The very fabric of life is compromised with the genetic engineering of scientists who combine the DNA of separate species, animal and plant, bacteria and viruses, mixed with powerful chemicals to create new species of “foods” supposedly resistant to weeds and diseases. Nature always trumps man’s creations, such as these, and will again, as has been seen with the growing resistance of bacteria and viruses to antibiotics.

Planting Wheat

Man has forgotten the language of the heart. He has sought to conquer nature. He has sought to divide his fellow man from nature by making it increasingly illegal to grow organic food, use herbs and simple natural remedies for health and beauty care, to build sustainable and inexpensive housing for all people… the list goes on.

Man has forgotten the language of the heart. He does not hear it or heed it, until one day by some “miracle” he awakens to the call of unspoken words echoed within his own heart.

The “heart” as it is known in spirituality is not the physical organ. The physical heart is an important organ in the body, being an electrical center for circulation of blood, the water of life, throughout the body. With its beat it also works with the lungs, to bring life-giving oxygen to the blood, which in turn, powers the cells to create energy. The body is a magnificent and intricate system… and yet there is more, much more than what you see.

The heart center is actually centered over the Thymus Gland, a gland that has long puzzled scientists as to its function in the body. You see, much of our glandular system has become atrophied due to disuse, but now as the vibrational frequency of the planet comes online and continues to rise, these glands are, in some humans, beginning to come alive again.

If you have been involved in meditations, especially group meditation or have communicated with other people who carry a high light quotient you will feel a glow in your chest area. This is the warmth of an opened heart chakra, the chakra that rests between heaven and earth, a transitional position between the higher chakras (throat, 3rd eye and Crown) and the lower (solar plexus, sacral and base). It is the “home” of the Christ Consciousness when it finally resides within the body of an awakened human being. “Christ” in this instance is universal in connotation; it has nothing to do with the story of Jesus and yet everything, as he came to demonstrate that man could ascend into godhood.

Gautama Buddha, who came to Gaia along with the 143,000 souls who accompanied Sanat Kumara from Venus, is said to be the first disciple to awaken to Christic or Buddhic Consciousness. This is a level of spiritual attainment, simply that, only one and the beginning step of mastery. Anyone given enough dedication and preparation can attain this stage of initiation. This is what Jesus came to demonstrate to the people in the Mediterranean area and what other adepts and avatars have come to demonstrate to their cultures.


These adepts and holy people understood the language of the heart. It is not a matter of doctrine or a matter of being “right”… which leaves someone being “wrong”, but a matter of encompassing the wholeness of human experience.

Jesus walked among the common people. He consorted with Roman tax men and soldiers, with fishermen, with the poor and the sick, with women… whoever approached him with humility and faith. He turned his back on those who insisted in the letter of the law and judging those who had broken them or lived outside their influence. He transcended the boundaries carved in stone by his own people, for the energies of the Age of Pisces differed from that of the Age of Aries (signified by the Ram) when Abraham lived.

Jesus was not able to transcend the superstitions of the people nor the focused intent of a few powerful people to keep the populace divided and cowered by the growing strength of Rome. The teachings of the Master of Love and Inner Devotion became twisted into another form of law as the justification for centuries of murder, malice and manipulation, extending even into this century.

The Church has never known the language of the heart. It has chosen to ignore or hide the teachings and instruction from the Angels via the saints and holy figures through the ages. What was shared simply could not be given freely to those who needed to hear it, for most likely, the new teachings would be in opposition to the teachings presented by the Church as the word of God.

Now, the New Age movement has arrived. The language of the heart is beginning to be heard by people, who may have never thought themselves drawn to spirituality. Many were brought up in strict religious backgrounds only to turn away from them once of age of self-determination, although the spectre of shame and guilt may have haunted them due to their lapse.

Even within the Church, in its various forms, priests, ministers and nuns have begun to question the word and laws of the Church, so much in variance with the echoes of their own hearts.

The language of the heart will be heard, even if it is the last thing you hear in this lifetime, as your soul leaves the body and you pass into the Light to be met by angels and the semblances of long departed loved ones.

Those who are actively working to balance their energies open their chakras, learning different spiritual tools and methods to connect with Spirit, these ones are acting as examples to others, demonstrating that it is possible to ascend or to de-ascend spirit into the physical body, becoming a living master of Light.

Yet, the language of the heart will be slightly different for each individual, guided from within. It is not enough to follow one teaching, one way, the “only” way. As one who has progressed somewhat along the Path, I am one who has certainly actively demonstrated that you can make headway if and only if you follow YOUR path, not someone else’s. This is a new age; there are no gurus or chelas (which means “servant”) here. We are all students, all teachers of ourselves. We can have guides and mentors, but ultimately each initiate is responsible for their own progress.

Mock Orange above the River

Listen; really listen to the needs of YOUR body. Physical ascension is not about what you eat or how you eat it. It is not about meditating twice a day… in if you DON’T do this you won’t ascend kind of thing. No, it is about listening and adapting at the moment to the needs of the moment what YOU need to do, not what someone has told you what to do.

Physical ascension is not about getting rid of the ego or leaving the body. It is about the full integration of the energies of Higher Self INTO the physical body. The star strands of the DNA come online, the glandular system begins to function fully, the body becomes rejuvenated and strong, death is conquered and a Light Body is fully operational. And yet, this blessed event is NOT instantaneous, but comes in increments so the “fuses” or energy centers of your physical body are not completely blown or burnt up by the infusion of the extremely powerful spiritual energies. This is what occurred for initiates who ascended in former ages; they rose into the sky like a fiery wheel, as the Merkabah body ignited with fire and flame… as described by the disciple Elisha of his master’s ascent into Heaven. Elisha was an earlier incarnation of the one who would be known as Jesus, much, much later.

Recently I watched a series of stories from the Holy Bible, as presented by Turner Broadcasting and now posted on YouTube for anyone to watch. I am aware that much of the early teachings of the Old Testament stem from ancient knowledge carried down from centuries past, through mystery teachings based primarily in Egypt, the Middle East and India. These were remnants of teachings that had survived the destruction of Atlantis and Lemuria, untold centuries before… and had been updated and changed to suit the temper of the times. The Old Testament teachings did not originate with the beginning of the tribes of Israel.

The “chosen people of God” was used initially to designate those who survived the destruction of world-wide high cultures, as the people who wandered the face of the earth in search of a safe place, to hold the teachings and to be re-born as a people in the face of much trial and adversity. These chosen people were scattered with the winds on to every continent and there the teachings were held close to the hearts of those who knew it would be a long, long time until mankind was ready to hear them.

That time has begun… just begun, as the cycles move slowly at first and then gain momentum. Now the time for the language of the heart to be heard has come again. New teachings and wisdom is being presented through the efforts of channelers to communicate what they are hearing. As the ability to hold more light within the physical body, the channeler’s messages become clearer, more resonate with the vibrational qualities of the higher realms. Anyone who is truly awake and has transcended the need to judge and categorize will resonate or not with the messages given forth. Not all messages will be heard by everyone. I cannot even read the works of some people. It is not a judgment of their work or efforts; it simply doesn’t suit me right now… and can change.

The language of the heart fills the body with resonances, the waves of which flow out into the world, unheard by most but felt by the sensitive ones. It is a wordless language and not one that can be understood by the rational mind. Much of what is conveyed is housed within paradox; one thing can be true for you in one moment and then in the next will mean nothing. There is no more continuity and yet there is… it is the flow of the energy of the heart as guidance received from the Higher Self that now guides the initiate forward, step by step, breath by breath.

In the third movie about Indiana Jones, he goes in search of the Holy Grail. To reach the grail, he is compelled to step off a cliff into what appears to be thin air over a bottomless chasm. So it must seem for many who are accustomed to having a set schedule and future planned out ahead of them to let that all go and to need to come to the realization that NOW they must learn to have faith and trust that they will be supported despite all appearances to the opposite. For the New Age, the “grail” is ascension. It is not easily defined or categorized…or easy.

The faith and trust are integrated into your very being as you learn to listen to the silent language of the heart, finding and discovering the messages everywhere you look, sometimes in a book, sometimes in the words of a friend or even an “enemy”, sometimes in the flight of a bird, in the smile of a baby, in the beauty of flower, in the ease that you feel when you are fully relaxed and at peace with self.

The language of the heart cannot be taught and yet you will learn it as you open to trusting self, through the intuition, through the hunches that your body conveys to you, through subtle messages received through the ethers from angelic guides and mentors, through your dreams and daydreams. Listen and above all, be ready to respond for the whispers are ever present even if you cannot yet hear them.

We are the Angels who live within and around you; we are the elemental and devic beings who keep your body temple functioning so that it might be a proper vessel for your spirit. Learn to listen to your heart and you will begin to hear and connect to us, as well.

Many blessings,

Eliza and the Angels, Elementals and Light Beings

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12 thoughts on “Eliza: On the Language of the Heart

  1. Eliza, I am in complete awe! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I treasure these pearls, not as the last word, as you might say, but as clear markers on the trail. I will be listening more intently with/through my heart. Namaste, to you and all the other angels.

  2. Eliza, the bible, what a subject.
    Ah the part the writers of the bible failed to put in. 2k years ago.

    God is not outside of us ,but within our hearts.
    Break it open and love what shows up!!!


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  4. Physical ascension is not about getting rid of the ego or leaving the body. It is about the full integration of the energies of Higher Self INTO the physical body.
    Loved this bit! thank you Eliza:) will share on my site xxx

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