Adventures in Dreamland – Cat’s Eye


Adventures in Dreamland – Cat’s Eye

This morning, I woke up from an interesting dream. I was with three other people, at least initially. As we were entering a building, another woman was speaking to me. She said, “…And I know more about you now; let’s talk about it later.” Then we entered a long steep stairwell that went up to a second level. The hallway was painted a stark white, the carpeting a light cream. I remember thinking that it needed some art work on the walls. We emerged into a small kitchen, but the two occupants, a man and woman, asked me how I liked it. I looked around. The room was nicely appointed, but as I said, a bit small. There was tile work in neutral colors, as well as stone surfaces. I noticed another room just beyond, up one step and entered it on my own. It communicated directly with the kitchen, but was altogether different, being more masculine in feel yet cozy, a proper den. There was leather furniture and wood which I couldn’t quite make out since the lighting was softer. I immediately noticed the dark shapes of two cats. One approached me on the floor, coming up for a scratch and rub. It was a Siamese-looking cat, with long ears, a narrow face and long body, seal-point, light brown with dark points, but instead of the normal blue eyes, they were a brilliant and intense jade green. Its companion had been resting on top of the sofa and also approached looking me in the eye and then off to the kitchen space. The eye color was again quite a deep brilliant green and unlike any cat’s eyes that I have ever seen. They were beautiful, intelligent and extremely friendly. Then I woke up…

I have a part Siamese cat (Siamese / Tortie) who has the blue eyes, that sometimes look grayish, so I know that somehow these cats were not of this world.

5 thoughts on “Adventures in Dreamland – Cat’s Eye

  1. Dear Eliza,
    Interesting dream. Could you guess what purpose had the cats come to you for? Did they come to deliver you a message? Or was it just a casual visit 🙂 to meet you ?

    • Not sure, Krisna. However, cats are Sirian in origin. These had green almond eyes, very pretty and knowing. Might be Sirian guides in a friendly acceptable guise. I just found them to be very strikingly beautiful in an exotic fashion. The cats were greeting me almost as they knew me, but then again, even when I go on walks strange cats run up to me, LOL. Cat magnet!

  2. In dreams rooms are usually different parts of yourself, you are being led to a room by people who ‘say’ they know you but will ‘tell’ you later which means they really ‘don’t know you that well and this is highlighted by them taking up a stairwell (signifying movement/journey) you to a room that is not quite big enough for you and decorated in fairly neutral colours (which means its not all bright and nice, the stone work indicates its solid though). You then entered another room on your own, note, you did not need anybody to take you there, and this was much more your cup of tea, the lighting was softer so you have yet to explore the room thoroughly but when you do, which is now, the cats will show you the way. The cats are you and your emotions. To me this dream is telling you to follow your own road and don’t listen to what other people think, don’t follow anybody’s lead but your own and the cats.
    Dreams are different for everyone but thats how i’d interpret that one.. 🙂
    With much Love,
    Fiona ❤

  3. Ohhh wow! Sirian guides 🙂 very nice!
    Dreams have started to unfold quite uniquely than ever before, isnt it Eliza? Fascinating some are!
    I am a cat lover too but not a cats magnet as you 😀 ! Must be fun to have stranger cats become friendlier with you instantly! Give my love to you ur siamese cat 🙂

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