Eliza: On Being Your Self


Eliza: On Being Your Self

Lately I have wondering about how I present myself to the world and most especially to those who are among the awakened ones and who are in the process of waking up.

I am beginning to see a theme, as it were, of what my “mission” entails, at least up to this point. The work that I have presented has come primarily from an experiential point of view. There has been influences coming from various sources, but I have a tendency to take a little of this and a little of that, similar to the way my maternal grandmother approached cooking. Off the cuff, intuitive and changeable, my manner of relating my experiences is, which can greatly bother the purists or those who feel more comfortable toeing the line of a particular philosophy or manner of teaching.

I often don’t get the wording down correctly when attempting to explain some facet of spiritual development, but I am realizing to the core of my being, that this does not matter. Those who are ready to “hear” what is being presented will and do understand, because true understanding comes from a heart level and from the higher mind.

Our rational mind is excellent for sorting out and categorizing items, which comes in useful if you are working at a job that demands great precision or detail-oriented work. However, the intuitive portion of the mind works through synchronicity and synergy as seemingly unconnected pieces of the whole which get dropped into our awareness bit by bit until one day it all “clicks”. A mere word or phrase can trigger a wave of understanding and suddenly you “know” what you did not understand before. And you understand in a way that the knowledge is woven into the very fabric of your soul, inscribed into your heart and mind.

Thus goes the process of ascension as we step up in frequency and vibration, as our hearts open and we begin to step out of the bounds of everyday knowledge of how to live and function in the third dimension. We are moving at different rates towards the vibratory levels of the fifth dimension which works very differently than that of the third. Intuition and instant knowing, the ability to draw from soul memory and that of your monadic presence comes forward, more and more into daily life. You begin to see with different eyes, looking upon those activities and things that you once loved, perhaps with a feeling of some confusion.

As your horizons expand your focus changes and what you “see” differs from what you were able to see before. You begin to see with more than your eyes. Patterns and connections become apparent where they would not have occurred to you before. Your inner knowledge, that which comes from your soul, comes forward and allows you to “connect the dots” of understanding in a more profound manner, which sometimes touches your heart so deeply that the tears begin to fall. Let them. In the higher worlds people do not suppress their emotions but allow them to be expressed all the while without projecting them onto others or blaming others for how they feel. Emotion is an expression of the heart and from the heart emerges deep wisdom that the rational mind cannot always comprehend.


At dawn this morning, as I lay on my warm bed, surrounded by furry bodies, I was working with the healing masters assigned to me recently, three of them, a Sirian, Arcturian and Angelic. With my basic understanding of anatomy and physiology, as well as the chakra and energy systems, I was directing the healing masters to make adjustments to various levels of my lower bodies, using some of the rays of God according to need. I was working from both an intuitive level and utilizing what I have learned here at school. While human scientific knowledge is limited by the human need to cling to outdated theories and paradigms, it is helpful in being able to visualize the location and function of an organ or body system, as well as applying my limited knowledge of the energy systems of the etheric body.

To act in this way might not occur to a scientist or an esoteric scientist unless they knew to proceed at an intuitive level. Any good scientist will tell you that invention comes from the intuition not from thinking out a problem. Rational thinking AND the intuitive approach are needed in order to progress. It is when the intuitive portion of the recipe is left out that the heart of the matter is also left out. The use of intuition has been suppressed in a lot of modern science simply for the reason that the intuition knows no boundaries and often goes beyond the limitations and results desired for commercial success of a project.

So, how does this apply to my understanding and how I use the knowledge that I have garnered here? Well, for one, although I am a Reiki master, I did not approach this honor in the ordinary way. In fact, I seem incapable of approaching any degree or stage of ascension in the predictable manner, as laid out in a book. My method, while not altogether mad, does have a purpose, for with my experiences as a human being, I have lived, fought and died as any other would. I have loved, lost and suffered as any other would. And so, I can teach the people in a manner that they understand because I have lived through what they are going through. I KNOW for I have walked in their shoes, perhaps before they walked in them… which is a paradox, I know, but that is how the intuition works in the higher planes.

I do not present my knowingness as coming from a particular book, teacher or Master, yet I have garnered my understandings through utilizing all of these ways. And now I am more actively working with the Masters through the auspices of the school of mastery as offered by Walking Terra Christa, for it is there I can receive the frequency downloads and assistance needed in order to advance to another level.

In this lifetime, few have had the opportunity to physically enter a mystery school and sit at the feet of a physical master. For many light-workers, the purpose of this lifetime was to master life in the third dimension by undergoing and becoming part of the existing paradigm and then releasing it entirely and rising up, becoming reborn and beginning to undertake their real mission for being in the world. Note that the life has two phases: 1) being in the world and part of it, and 2) being in the world and NOT part of it so you might undertake the mission. First you must understand the world and its people, whether or not you have ever embodied here before… and then, you embark on the real purpose for being here, to break down the old paradigm by anchoring your light and being your true Self, augmented by the infusion of Soul knowledge and wisdom.

Some of the younger light-workers do not have to undergo this lengthy process of integration if only because of the work that has already been done in preparing the space so they CAN be here, meaning by the hard work of the earlier waves of light workers, the soil has been prepared so that the seeds of light might take root and grow. Jesus spoke of this in his parable of the barren and fruitful soil. Each of us has had a different purpose and yet this was all pre-arranged at a soul and monadic level before any of us embodied on the planet, although few are aware of this until they are far along in the waking process.

Lately, I have been watching old movies based on Bible stories, from both the new and old testaments. And I have realized that these stories are actually parables or metaphors for the journey of the initiate. Years ago, I was told that Jesus spent several lifetimes on the planet, not just the one in which he obtained his ascension. He walked the earth in the guise of Elisha, Joseph, Joshua, David, the anointed king of Israel and probably was present on Lemuria, as well as Atlantis. His life as Yeshua ben Joseph was not necessarily his last life either, although many Christians would regard that statement as being blasphemous. Well, that is something I am noted for… read the story in the New Testament about Stephen who probably was (I’m guessing) a part of my Soul, as another extension.

The teachings of the masters who embodied upon this planet were given to the people for the purpose of allowing the recipients to rise up in their frequency and vibratory rates, but more often than not, the teachings were twisted and manipulated to follow a totally different agenda, that of controlling the human population and keeping it divided. Yet, repeatedly the masters have thrust a soul extension of themselves into the heavy energies of the planet in the hopes of engendering change from within. The seeds of their efforts are beginning to take effect, especially as the cosmic cycles now support the advent of the Light, as the ancient masters knew it would, for they could foresee the coming darkness and the dawn that came after.

There is another understanding that I came to this morning in the midst of my active meditation and that was about soul mates or twin flames. If our Soul is indeed made up of 12 parts, then it would seem logical that those whom we regard as a Twin Flame are, in actuality, a portion of our Soul and/or Monadic Presence (which contains 144 parts). It is very seldom that one will encounter a true Twin Flame in the course of a lifetime. As much glamour has been placed around this concept, I have come to feel that it is a distraction to spend one’s energies on attempting to locate and live with an imagined Twin Flame partner. So, I’ve released the need and desire to find that perfect someone “out there” and focus on preparing myself for mastery on an inner basis.

There will be those whom you encounter who have made soul-level agreements to act as partners and/or as opponents so your awareness will be compelled to grow. Our partners, whether romantic or otherwise, are a reflection of how we are currently seeing and feeling about self. We cannot escape these mirrors until we overcome the need to castigate ourselves for being human. We’ve become human for a reason, for a sacred purpose and this is what we have come to do and be, not to satisfy base desires. Relationships can be a means of advancing spiritual understanding, but it takes a lot of work on the part of both individuals and a huge amount of commitment. And it takes a willingness to let go if there comes the realization that the work that has begun together is no longer progressing to the satisfaction of one or both parties. This is true maturity and allowing for unconditional love to unfold within and between partners. While it is true that marriage is made in heaven (as soul-level contracts) it is also true that some marriages need to be ended so that each partner might continue to grow in their own way and in accordance to the inner dictates of their Soul, whether or not this is realized at a waking consciousness level.


No, I will not be placed into a book or categorized as being such and so. I am a work in progress, unfolding on a daily basis. Sometimes I go through an empty period, like a fallow field, allowing the rain from heaven to nurture and prepare the soil for what is to be planted there… a fair enough analogy considering the environment in which I live, that of a farming community. I shall not always be here, as place does not bind me either. I go where the Spirit guides me and so will you, my reader, when your time comes and if it serves the purpose for which your soul sent you here. And to follow my original thought… sometimes I go through very productive, at least outwardly, periods with writing and creating. Each cycle is necessary, as you will see if you observe Nature at work. Even tropical climates have times when there aren’t as many flowers blooming or there is a rainy or dry period… cycles.

We need to all be willing to surrender to the inner cycles of the soul and the greater ones of the Cosmos for they work together in symbiosis, preparing each of us for our mission and to obtain the necessary degree of understanding so that we might be able to pass that on to those who are attracted to our light and presence.

In my mind’s eye, I see a great Tree spreading its branches out to encompass a vast area. The tree is rooted deeply into the earth, yet spreads its branches into the sky, gathering the light of heaven to feed and nourish its body through the leaves. Its flowers please the eye and nose with their color and fragrance. The nectar provides food and nourishment for the bees and other gathering insects. Its shade provides protection and shelter for those mammals and humans who are drawn to it. Its wisdom is passed on to those who listen to the winds rustle the leaves, as whispers that float into the relaxed awareness of the sleepy ones, to be understood later when they are awake. And so we are the great tree and the ones who shelter beneath it, the teacher and the student, each in our own time.

Today my heart has been opened completely wide to encompass the wholeness of Creation and I know in this same heart that I have taken another step forward and upward, again, in my Path of Return. I am deeply touched by the connections that I have made here and now, more recently, on Facebook. That we can connect in this manner is truly assisting all of us to grow and expand our acceptance of ourselves as a member of the collective, each unique in our own way.

With tears in my eyes, I bless each and every one of you, with all my love, for you are my brothers and sisters, whether or not you are able to see this for yourself yet. Be patient with yourself, if my words and means of expression bring up the prickles within. I have gone through that phase myself and well understand it. You have not yet come fully into self-acceptance. Understand that it comes in increments, bit by bit, step by step. Gently go unto that light of dawn, dear ones, for the angels and masters, who are your brothers and sisters, await you there, as do I.

In conclusion, if there has been anything that I have learned during this particular lifetime, it is to be your self. To live within the integrity of your soul and purpose is to be “real”, whether or not it is a comfortable experience for you or others. In the end it will be as your heart opens and expands and you reach new understandings about self and about how that reflects back to you through the eyes and hearts of others, whether two-legged, four-legged, no legs or formless. Use your imagination to fill in the gaps of your understanding, for imagination is inner eye seeing which see life as a whole, as one Being, as the ALL THAT IS, of which you are part.


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25 thoughts on “Eliza: On Being Your Self

  1. I like this post. I’ve been seriously rethinking about who I am. I found that I’ve changed and the lifestyle I was comfortable with in the past is no longer for me. I’ve begun recreating my life to suit myself better. “On Being Yourself” is such a nice title. I feel good just letting the phrase settle in my heart.

  2. Powerful and beautiful message. Wow, I had a huge opening myself today during meditation. I envisioned my heart space opening up wide and a tree began to grow it was such an amazing feeling as it reached up to new heights and out into all directions, lighting up flowing freely like never before. On each twig were different aspects of myself that I may come to realize. We are all so unique and beautiful and I am finally accepting my differences and learning not to compare myself but to learn and grow from all that resonates around me. You inspire me so much with your growth and knowledge, honesty and openness. Thank you with all of my heart! Love, Lisa

  3. Dear Eliza
    I am so deeply moved by this. Very emotional 🙂
    I have been a gifted psychologist and intuitive (thats my belief) ever since I have been here on Earth, but somehow never trusted this inner guidance because of 3D conditioning. However, since the time I entered the new world as a light worker, I shed the old conditioning and learned to trust and tread on my inner guidance with my own positive and negative experiences. Experience is a great teacher. I like the joys of experiences that 5D brings to me. Truly enriching.

    Secondly, as I agree with you, you just spoke my mind about relationships. I am single, not been ‘lucky’ enough in this sphere. But i guess sometimes being single is just what some souls had wanted to be. To have our ‘Own’ time. To be single during this ascension period may have been our choice, so that we can reach out to the higher pinnacle into a higher us.
    The twine flame is within us, the yin and yan- this is the feminine and masculine we traditionally refer to as our ‘twin soul’ . Ppl take lifetimes to finding this perfect match outside of them, yet they forget to look within !
    I have been trying to achieve equilibrium of this feminine and masculine energy within myself 🙂 and as it gets into equality, I feel that contentment. In this life, whether I find my partner or not, I want to be complete in myself. 🙂

    Lots of love to you

    • Dear krisna,
      Sorry to intrude into your writings, but you are only the second person to put out that idea that we are our own true twin. That balance of yin and yang within us, makes sense of course.
      You inspire me with this sharing.

      • And tonight, Lady Isis told our little group that until you balance those two essences within you cannot fully access your Higher Self. There’s work to do, folks! The balance allows the Thymus gland to open fully, which is the Seat of the Soul, through which the H.S. enters the physical body, thus beginning the activation of the divine Light Body. Wonderful!

  4. Yes Lisa, me too: I thank Eliza with all my heart, the ‘message’ is again so powerful and beautiful.
    so much Love dear Sisters, Jet

  5. OH, “New Testament about Stephen” is regarded as the first martyr of Christianity.
    My Human Design Profile Nr. 3 – Personality Line = “The Martyr” and Stefan is not so far away from Stephen. And I seem not to really fit in anywhere here.
    Be blessed.

  6. Dear Michael
    Thank you so much! I am honoured 🙂
    My wishes with you and all. I have had my share of disappointments whilst i was trying to bring about a balance of my yin and yang outside of me. But i am at peace now 🙂 and still trying to achieve that equilibrium. Eliza points it out so well, working my way up dear sister. Thanku !
    And Michael, Lovely to hear from you, my Best wishes to you ! 🙂

    • Thank you Eliza for your confirmation of what we are really balancing here.
      A warm heart felt Thank you to you Krisna.
      Even though I have a partner in this life time, that balance we, all of us seek internally, has alluded me so far.
      My time will come I’m sure. More random acts of kindness…here I come.!!!!

  7. what gorgeous warming vibrations of love and wisdom, palpable and empowering, exude from your blog Eliza! your writings are so very beautiful and totally inspiring! Thank you from the heart. all blessings, Ellen

  8. Dear Eliza,

    what you write here is amazing. I’ve experienced these different layers of knowing a true message. I listen on my mp3 to different sources like Khalil Gibran or N.D.Walsch’s first book or Eckhart Tolle. I listen to it in the shuffle mode mixed with music for years now and I do experience the messages more completely and it touches me stronger. And I’ve already discovered that I am growing inward. It is my awareness, that is growing constantly.
    And also I have to tell you, that I experienced a miracle last year. As you talked about twin souls (this is my word for it). I met my twin soul. If you want to, I would explain it in more detail to you per Email. I do myself just now discover, what happened to me the last months. But anyway, my life changed in a most wonderful way. One year ago, my Chakras awakened. I’ve began to feel blissful joy and happiness and confidence, compassion and foremost Love and I began to internalize that every action is based on love. The first months I had no idea, what this is all about. I found it out piece by piece and do still discover. The first thing I realised was that the souls of my feet are energized real strong. Now I know, this is a strong sensor to me, which helps me, to feel the healing energy. Before I was a sometimes depressed and very earnest person. There was no reason for me, to feel joy or be happy. It was almost forbidden in my life. Nevertheless, when I look back I discover I had other miracles happen in my life. And they’ve changed me always. With 17 after a car accident I woke up after a 4 day coma peacefully and did not suffer at all and recovered fully. A woman from the Church of Christian Science (of Mary Baker Eddy) had prayed for me. With 20 I saw a picture in a magazine of a 6 month boy, who missed oxygen during his birth and died soon after words. The minutes I looked in his eyes, I was drawn into a deep suffer about this boy, which lasted about one year. Never ever felt such a grief anymore in my life. Last year I found out, that the mother, who is a famous singer here in Germany, has the same day of birth as I have. Amazing. With 35 I met Jesus while praying for my father, who had a heart attack. I could ask any question I wanted and got prompt answers. But what Jesus said frightened me, I would have had to change my life completely so I stopped asking 2 days later. But the love to God and Heaven and Jesus was so intense, that I’ve found a deep deep faith and still have it. Isn’t that amazing. Nobody has seen this outside of me, it is all within me.
    Your words touched me. I am looking forward, to read more. Thank you for your deep sourced messages – I am happy to have found you – and thanks for reading my comment.


  9. Wow Thank you so much for your service. Today about five different vids you have posted the energy was like a freewaY through my heart Thank you.

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