The Council of Nine: Time for Reflection and En-joyment

Shi Shi

Council of Nine: It is a Time for Reflection and En-joyment

via Eliza Ayres

Greetings, this is the Council of Nine, one of the intergalactic councils overseeing the Ascension process of Gaia and humanity. We are here to present you with a missive as you emerge from the powerful energies of the recent Equinox and full moon.

Many of you have remarked to each other that the past month, indeed, the past three months have contained some intense, strange and discomforting energy. Know that this was done, by Cosmic Intelligence, for the purpose of allowing more of you to release some of the deepest held sorrows, shame and secrets, sometimes from lifetimes spent on the planet. We understand that many of you feel that you have been both literally and figuratively been through the cosmic wringer (bringing forth the image of an old-fashioned washing machine).

While you may have questioned the need, we remind you that your ballast or stuff is not needed in the New World. Indeed, to continue to cling onto outworn beliefs, thought-forms, emotions, pain, anger, grief, judgment and what have you is to slow down your process or even to bring it to a screeching halt.

There are enough people in the world who are unwilling to undergo the strenuous process of ascending in a physical vehicle. Their choice has already been made for them at a soul level. And for you to speak out in judgment against their seeming inability to “wake up” is to yell at the image in the mirror. For these ones are acting as mirrors and as a contrast for all of you who HAVE decided to wake up and are now looking around, sometimes eagerly, but often in bewilderment.

We hear your thoughts, “What is my mission? Why can I not find my twin flame? Why don’t I have any money? Should I stay in this relationship?”

Let go the human needs, wants, desires and expectations. You can remain for a long time staring at the Looking Glass and not being able to past through it because of your need to control what happens to you before it happens. Many of you are much practiced at self-defeatism and then blaming some “other” for your problems and lack of progress. Self-judgment or judgment of self as reflected by another is and will always be self-defeating.

Our scribe reminds us now about something that she has learned or remembered recently during the course of attending many teleconferences with Ascended Masters, the Elohim and Angelic Presences. Light-workers who HAVE spent many lifetimes on Gaia have also spent lifetimes or resting periods between lifetimes in other planetary systems. For some, like our scribe, the resting periods have been mostly spent on Venus, under the tutelage of Sanat Kumara and the Holy Kumaras. Upon hearing Sanat Kumara speak during the recent Equinox Celebration (link) she felt her heart open up with a tremendous love for the great Master.

Sage Mountain

Some years ago, our scribe also read that Sanat Kumara came to Venus to learn how to be a Planetary Logos. And now he has completed that task, having handed off the reins of the position to Lord Gautama Buddha. Still, he is heavily involved in overlooking the evolution of the planet and of humanity. And he does it out of the LOVE that he is, as do you.

Do you realize dear ones that you would not be here if it wasn’t for your huge capacity to love and to be love? Remember that when you are feeling a little down (or a lot!) And learn to allow yourself time to reflect on what you HAVE accomplished in your life.

The process of Ascension is about mastering your emotions and thoughts; not denying them and continuing to stuff them back down into your subconscious. What is disturbing to many these days, is those very old electro-magnetic energies (aka emotions / thoughts) are reappearing as the unrelenting waves of cosmic frequencies strip away the onion peels over everyone’s emotional and mental bodies, including that of the planet itself. Nothing can be hidden any longer. If you have any secrets, they will be revealed so you might as well come clean with yourself and anyone else involved and get it over with. Those who have long been in power are some of the ones who have the greatest amount of terrible secrets which they have long hoped could be hidden, but to no avail. The secrets are out; the people have the ability to circle the world in an instant and undertake research about all aspects of life. Even more startling, most of the “secrets” have been hidden in plain sight along; it’s just that most people have been distracted by their own trials and tribulations that they did not or were not willing to see, hear or know what was really going on.

As the secrets and old memories surface, it is important to let them run like sand through your fingers, without judgment, without scrutiny, without the need to judge self or others. Many light-workers have become stuck with directing their righteous indignation at all the “wrongs” in the world, even while they are beginning to realize that they have been complacent in letting those things happen in the first place, if they were not the perpetrators themselves during one timeline or another. Yes, you have ALL played dark and light roles, so if you can bring yourself to cease and desist with the judgment, you will be assisting your own progress greatly. And you contribute to the continuation of the matrix and its illusion as you are still reacting to it. Your fear and anger feeds it.

We do not advise you to look away. Look, but do not judge. Each person is here for their own lessons and journey. You cannot know what it entails. So learn to observe from a calm and centered place. Feel compassion for those who suffer. You are not here to save anyone. You are here to raise your light quotient, so you contribute to the rising vibratory levels of the planet. If you are involved in “saving” everyone around you, you are squandering the opportunity to truly serve and to be a part of bringing heaven to earth.

Ascension is all about being able to hold more light and to allow it to flow through your bodies into the earth beneath your feet. Being able to act as a conduit for more and higher vibratory frequencies, allows you to be a finely tuned instrument for the Spiritual Hierarchy. And one master, holding a tremendous amount of light within will radiate that light out, not holding onto it, but sharing it with the environment to those who can benefit from the bounty… which is more likely to be the flowers and trees, the elements, the animals and the surrounding land than the people who inhabit it.

Another thought about spending time in other inter-planetary systems, is that many of you have arrived on this planet having forgotten just how long it takes for real change to manifest in the heavy density of the frequency levels on Gaia. Yes, the frequency has risen, but humanity has not always responded in a positive manner. There is currently much resistance and confusion arising as things that always worked in the past no longer work.

As you proceed with the mastering of your own energies, your responsibilities grow and your role will expand. However, first work on yourself. You are the only one, with the assistance of your own soul and Higher Self, who can bring real change to your world. Change comes from within. Conflict arises when a person or group attempts to change another or other group to meet their own closely held beliefs. And sometimes the conflict is created intentionally to drive a wedge between various individuals and groups of people. You see, dear ones, humanity is not at heart a violent people. They have become so due to circumstance and conditioning. It is a habit that will take some a long time to shed and will not happen all at once. So, again, commit to start with yourself in releasing that conditioning and those hooks that keep you connected to the outdated energy frequency of the matrix.

Yes, you can wish it so, but still there is much of the shadow world that needs to play out so that those dark energies can be released. Have patience and focus on your own process. Open your heart and live your dreams. The worlds can and will exist side by side on the planet for a while. How long is uncertain and much depends on the ability of those who have chosen to become initiates in this lifetime as to how they proceed along their path to self-mastery.

Sage Buttercup

Gratitude and love will carry you far in this endeavor. Our scribe has found that when she is beginning to feel her energies go “off” a bit, she can focus on the golden light within her heart or remember the love she feels for the Light Beings, the tender feelings that she shares with her animals… and then she finds her center, again, and all is well within. It matters not if there is great drama taking place around her. The calmness reigns and she can observe without reacting. What once would have thrown her into a depressed mood hardly causes an eyebrow to rise. She can see without the need to judge. She can see people as they are, imperfect, perhaps, but without feeling obligated to engage in reacting. And she is realizing that to be able to adjust her mood at will gives her greater freedom than ever experienced in this lifetime. Practice makes perfect. She realizes that she hasn’t “arrived” yet, but also has developed the patience and positive attitude to appreciate just how far she has advanced in a relatively short time.

Wherever you are on your journey, whether you have entered the Pathway of Initiation that is known as Ascension or not, each of you is going to continue to be confronted by challenges. How could it be otherwise, dear ones? If you wanted to exist without effort, you could have remained in the Light Worlds, but you came here knowing as volunteers that you would have to make an effort to overcome the backward energies of the planet and its people. And so you are progressing, perhaps not as fast as you would like… but even that is a judgment. Allow and let go of all expectations, all sense of needing to have things happen when you want them to, whether it be NESARA, disclosure, the grounding of the etheric cities of light upon the surface of the planet… All of these things will happen, but NOW, let go and be the best that you can be, in the moment. Allow the creativity to flow. If you are motivated, create projects and work with like-minded individuals. If not, allow yourself to rest, and take moments to simply allow your bodies to rejuvenate.

Undergoing the ascension process while still in a physical body is a strenuous task; let no one tell you otherwise. You will meet and master many challenges and in doing so will gain much wisdom and confidence in your abilities. And this mastery of each task, step by step will allow you to grow at your own pace, gaining more skill with dealing and manipulating the energies like the alchemist that you truly are within.

Understand, dear ones, that the need to know in advance what is going to happen and when it is to happen is a fixation of the logical and rational mind. Many of you have noticed, perhaps with some dismay that it seems like your mind has been taking a vacation for the past month or so. This has occurred for our scribe. In part it is because the mental part (masculine energy) has been predominant within most people living, especially in the Western world and those emerging nations who have followed suit in developing industry and science as the determining factors in deciding where society should move. Progress it has been called by some who believe in the manifest destiny of powerful and secretive groups to rule the world. Others who see with more enlightened eyes have seen the damage that unbridled industry and greed can wrought upon the environment and the common people who often receive little benefit from the profits generated by commercial interests.

Yes, the masculine energy, mirrored in the predominantly patriarchal societies throughout the planet, has dominated a long time. Now for the ascension of the planet to go forth, it is time for the advent of the divine feminine and so the feminine energies are in the process of “returning” and coming into balance WITH the masculine ones. This process of returning to Wholeness is mirrored in the struggles that each individual, family group, corporations, nations are undergoing, some with resistance and others with complete and eager acceptance.

One stage of ascension occurs when the male / female energies are finally balanced, with the higher mind and the heart center open and cooperating with each other in oneness. Then the energies can be absorbed into the physical body, bringing all three “lower” bodies into complete alignment. With that completed, the soul is no longer required and is reabsorbed into the monad and Higher Self, the I AM Presence… and the initiate starts another stage of the journey into wholeness. It is step by step, taken at a pace that allows for self-reflection, growth and en-joyment along the way, as well as moments when the challenges seem almost insurmountable. Never give up, dear ones, for you have all been well prepared for these challenges and can meet them head on with aplomb. All you require is the necessary confidence, a willingness to surrender to the guidance of your inner guide, your heart center (seat of the Soul) and your Higher Self. You have all that you require within. And you will learn how to plumb those depths as you undergo each step of the journey. (More information on the particulars of Ascension can be obtained by reading the classic books written by David Joshua Stone).

We wish you well. Call upon us as Christed Intergalactics, upon the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light, upon the Angels and Archangels, upon the elementals that yearn to work with a peaceful humanity. We are always a breath away and within your heart. Learn to play with the rays of God, to delight in discovering new methods of approaching your mastery. Let go the need to stay within the lines and color your world with enthusiasm, joy and dreams. Reflect on what you have accomplished and do not worry about what is to come. Remain in the moment and feel the joy begin to well up from within as you behold the love that underpins all existence. Be en-joy and allow it to lift you to new levels as you daily you become more of your Self, here and now.

We honor you and hold you in the highest esteem. We are your brothers and sisters in the Light and with Love for you always.


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24 thoughts on “The Council of Nine: Time for Reflection and En-joyment

  1. I so appreciate what you bring forth Eliza, and I really enjoy the photos that accompany your blogs as well- thank you.

  2. Dear Eliza,
    This morning i woke up and the first thing I read is this wonderful uplifting journal entry of yours. Truly a joyous read.
    Indeed these past 3 months have been tough. Initially I thought i had begun to lose my sanity and i feared falling back into lower realms. But only when my past lives issues got released in the mid March, did I realise just how wrong I was to judge my heart centre. I mean, now I sense I am anchoring much more light than previouly held. Had it not been mine to deal with old issues that had surfaced, I would continue to ponder over things ‘outside’ of me. Without judging my past deeds, I embraced, appreciated and thanked and i let all go 🙂 . Another pocket of density released and little more to go. Phew ! Change comes from within – Yes !

    I also observed, that soon after I anchored more light within me, I leapt onto a much higher dimension swiftly climbing up its stairsteps. It was sudden and took me just one day where otherwise it could have taken months!!! Amazing! Is it not? 🙂

    I am deeply enamoured by this alchemical process happening within. Absolutely blissful ! 🙂
    Thank you very much indeed .
    Much Love

    • It is amazing, Krisna, just how fast we are progressing, especially if we pay attention and at the same time, allow the process. Sounds like you’re doing great! Thanks for the lovely comment. Namaste, Eliza

  3. Dear Eliza, very impressive, inspired and heartfelt. I was surprised at what they said about the state of many people in the last month is true of me. Thank you so much. I am so pleased to translate this into Japanese on my blog!!
    Love & LIght

  4. A great message from a great teacher. Thanks so much. I Am paying it forward. I can relate to Krisna above 100%! The stair steps are coming faster & faster, higher & higher. I have also been way more at ease with enjoying the journey and too not be in such a ‘rush’. One prana breath, two prana breath and the third one is amazing! All the best! Love David

  5. Dear David ,
    The swift transformation in the past few days or weeks has been magical ! Glad to know you and many others relate to similar experiences. I always do this, deep breathe the cosmic air through my Ida and Pingala nadis, let the golden light permeate my body to enrich my soul 🙂 and the next moment I find myself on a higher stairstep 😀 haha. Unbelievable !
    Who would have thought in the past years that we would embark on an epic journey such as this at present! Its as if we now jump time and space. No more linearity.
    My heart jumps with joy! Swift and a graceful transformation. Lovely !


    • Thanks for the nice reply and confirmation Krisna. Is it any coincidence that the time of your comment is 3:33? The syncranicities are the most wonderful for me. All the best! Love David

  6. ohh dear ! 🙂 3.33 i just saw once you pointed it out ! True, no coincidence at all 🙂
    Thanks for letting me know David 🙂
    Love and Namaste

      • Thank you, dear Eliza, I have re-blogged this on Silver Angels Wings. Spirit led me here, (as usual) as I was feeling a little defeated, so slow is the progress. The information held ‘Little Jewels’ of helpful advice, here & there, and now I feel so much better.
        Much Love and Gratitude for your work, dear,
        In Peace, Love, Joy and Abundance
        Sylvia Melaynia Big hugs & little Faerie kisses xxx

  7. Pingback: The Council of Nine: Time for Reflection and En-joyment | silverangelswings

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