Journal Entry 03.22.2014

Dawn at Fish Lake

Journal Entry 03.22.2014

Yes, I’m writing in what will soon approach the middle of the night, but I feel a river of creativity rising from within, so I allow myself to be carried forth by the flow.

I was finishing up with the dishes — which I regard as another active meditation! — when I experienced one of those aha! moments when what you’ve heard from many different sources suddenly coalesces and you know what was meant.

I’ve been wondering why I like to take components of various teachings and weave them into something new, and perhaps more palatable to the newly awakened (eventually, at any rate). And then I harkened back to how Jesus approached his mission. As a rabbi, he would have been well versed in the multitude of laws of his ancient people; however, he chose to work with the Spirit of the law, not the letter. So he mixed freely with those whom the teachers of his religion rejected as being unclean, the poor, the tax men, the fishermen, the untaught and unschooled, the Roman soldiers and occupiers of the sacred lands of Israel.

I was there, but in what capacity I do not yet remember. Perhaps I was one of the sick or blind that he healed as he passed. Perhaps I was one of the Roman soldiers who felt drawn to this strange charismatic individual who spoke of God as his Father. I don’t know and it doesn’t matter.

Long ago in this life I came to accept Jesus as a brother, mind you, NOT as the ONLY Son of God. That just didn’t feel right to me, don’t ask me why, it just didn’t.

And now, I feel that I share more of him than I have realized. It has been almost like I was avoiding this full acceptance of his Presence in my life, as if I were afraid that I would experience what he did (or as the Bible has told us). There are many interpretations of what and who Jesus-Sananda was, but I know that he is among the teachers that work with me in the etheric realms and awaits me with his own teacher, Lord Maitreya, in my heart center.

Sananda Kumara is one of the seven Holy Kumaras who has strived alongside his Father Sanat Kumara to bring the light to planet earth and now their long work is finally coming close to fruition, thanks to the efforts of the many galactic volunteers who came here. I am honored to serve with you and to walk alongside the Masters, angels, Christed Galactics and elementals into the light of the New Dawn.

Hugs and kisses,


P.S. Eliza was the cousin of Mother Mary and mother of John the Baptist.

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12 thoughts on “Journal Entry 03.22.2014

  1. Dear Eliza, I am humbled by your connection/communication with Jesus and the Holy Kumaras.
    I am only a child beginning to awaken compared to you. Thank you for all that you share with us. I treasure what you receive. As a seventy-two year old retired minister, I feel that I knew very little about spirituality, just religion. My awakening began last September, yet I have been researching the ancient ET connections and the archeological evidence.
    Recently, in what I thought were symptoms of the Ascension process,I have been very frustrated. angry and despairing with the crudeness of the physical human perceptions, and feeling completely misunderstood, or ignored. I am at the point of saying, “Stop the world, I want to get off.” Perhaps you might have some sage advice or at least some empathy that you could share.
    In hope of peace and healing.
    Bill***+ Ontario, Canada

    • Bill, when early on the path, it is sometimes better not to say anything, especially when around people who expect you to be the same one Bill, the retired minister. You may find these relationships going away; let them. It will be difficult at first and you might wonder whether you are going insane and an assortment of other experiences. Read up on the Dark Night of the Soul. It is an experience that every initiate goes through, often more than once. I have a small picture of Jesus in the Garden praying to remind me of this… and the instant later when he fully surrendered to his fate, the angels bringing him solace. There is much to learn from this one life, that of Jesus… who is now a Cosmic Being, known as Lord Sananda. And if you want a connection to him, ask for one, pray for one and it shall be. Let it happen, open your heart and receive. Sananda is there to give you his blessing even now. BTW, Sananda works with Lord Ashtar, the commander of the Ashtar Command, of the Galactic Federation. So you see ascended masters, Masters of Venus (the Serpents of Wisdom!) and Christed Intergalactics all work together for the good of GAIA and her people.

      Love to you, Eliza ❤

      • I have known of Lord Sananda. Typical of Christian training/habit I have been praying to/meditating on/visualization on Jesus. I know that He is an ascended being. Is it more appropriate to address Him as Lord Sananda? Also, I was originally introduced to Lord Ashtar last September. He was my initial Guide. Then along came Jesus Sananda, whose name I abbreviated to Jesus. You suggested I pray to Sananda. Should I address Him as Lord Sananda?
        Finally, since my original introduction to my higher Self, I have not been able to establish communication with him/her. Any comments/suggestios?
        Much Love, Bill***+

      • Bill, there is no need to keep separation between Sananda-Jesus; just call him Lord or brother. If you’re not “hearing” anything, it might be because you’re trying too hard. Be patient with self. Try journaling and meditating. There should be spiritual mentors or teachers in Ontario who could assist. Praying is just asking, but don’t place boundaries or expectations. Allow the response to come in an unexpected form. You might find your answers in a book, in a statement by a friend, in a movie… in a song, in the sunlight, in all manner of ways. God, spirit and your brother is not limited to a Bible or a church, but is everywhere. when I ask for assistance, the response is immediate. In time, it will be for you, too. Faith, trust and patience. Eliza

    • Eliza, I left the “Bible” and the Church behind a long time ago, even though I was still a preacher in the pulpit. For the last two years (after retirement) I have focused on meditation, and response with my Guides was immediate. It is in the last few months that I have had difficulty I achieving the level of meditation that I had, and not making contact with my Guides.I have been feeling smothered by -be energies of anger, despair, and helplessness. Any thoughts?

  2. Eliza,
    I have always said, your journey this time around is profound.
    Thank you for making it ALL heart felt, with the knowing knowledge of bright light vibration.
    Love and light,

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  4. Eliza, and all, I continue to feel a sense of home and community here more than anywhere else these days. I work parttime as a high school special ed teaching assistant, and lately I have this intensifying feeling that I can’t / don’t want to be any part of the indoctrination process anymore, even though I still have some truly remarkable empowering experiences with a few there. Feels like it’s time to go – that the new frequencies are repositioning me – with no need to be concerned about the loss of some income… I hear the old program cautioning, trying to justify staying longer, but I have this unexplained sense of expectency, of wealth and abundance like I’ve never known before. It looks like I’m going to make a leap of faith. Karen Dover just wrote we have to actively create what we want – like artists – not just ‘wish’ new forms into existence. The creation process feels very new now – like how to even begin?

    • Go as your heart guides you. I will stay where I am for now until I receive some guidance. I’ve moved so much and changed direction so much throughout this lifetime…so I’m a bit weary of it all. Thank you for sharing, dear one. It touches my heart.

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