Eliza: At Play in the Fields of Divine Mother Father God


Eliza: At Play in the Fields of Divine Mother Father God

Between receiving love pats from an affectionate cat and being disturbed by rising Kundalini energies within my own body, I woke up out of a pleasant dream and lay awake in the dark before dawn. What to do? Realizing that I wasn’t going to sleep, I started to call on the rays of God and go into what I call an active meditation.

Most light-workers know the basic Seven Rays: 1) golden-yellow for crown; 2) deep blue or indigo (3rd eye; 3) light blue or turquoise (throat chakra); 4) gold, green and white (heart); red and gold (solar); deep purple / violet (sacral; and crystalline (root or base). No, these are not the traditional colors seen on a chakra chart; they are higher vibrational color rays that overlay the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple (base to crown). And did you know that there are 14 other colored rays that make up the 22nd rays of God? I didn’t until quite recently, but I KNOW them in my heart, and so I play with them.

The ascended body has been called a body of light. Where do you think the light emanates from? The Cosmic Intelligence that humanity calls “god”. The rays emanate from the Cosmic Great Central Sun, represented by Divine Mother Father God. These 22 rays overlay the traditional chakras in layers, suns within suns, stars within stars, wheels within wheels, to create a multidimensional light body. This is the future that is laid out for you as you master each of the rays and incorporate them into your physical body.

I’ve only been working with Walking Terra Christa for a couple of months now, but resonate deeply with the upgrades and downloads of vibrational frequencies coming through Christine Melierressee’s voice, as well as the light codes. And I am realizing that vibrational energy may be where I hold my expertise, as I recognize it so easily. I feel great joy when being embraced by the high frequency energies. They are the energies of Home.

So, I played with the rays this morning. I called in the golden-yellow, along with the violet ray and the crystalline. One thing to recognize is by utilizing the rays, you cannot hurt yourself. Indeed, it was very pleasant if a bit surprising to feel my entire body light up like fire with the violet flame.

Many lightworkers are acquainted with the Violet Flame, sometimes called the Violet Transmuting Flame, which is associated with Saint Germaine. This ascended master has fairly recently assumed the office of the Maha Chohan for the planet, and is gradually turning over the chohanship role of the Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Magic to his beloved twin flame, Lady Portia. And yes, there will be differences in opinions as to what master holds what role or position in the spiritual hierarchy. What is important is to realize that all of us, yes, us humans, are regarded fully as equals by the same hierarchy. In fact, many of us are already members in it.

It is with deep love and abiding gratitude for the efforts of these individuals, and our own, as well, that I continue with this work. I’m here to make a difference and now, finally, I am seeing myself change in ways that I could not anticipate just a couple of years ago.

I’ve been dealing with the energies like everyone else. My body gets fatigued. It’s an older model that needs some serious upgrades before I can carry a high quotient of light, but I am advancing at a sure and steady pace, mainly because I’ve dedicated time to this process.

I’m in the process of learning so much about myself and being in appreciation to the parts of myself that are showing up at the metaphorical doorstep to be let in and accepted in wholeness. Our multidimensionality is made up of all the lifetimes and timelines that we’ve spent anywhere, whether in this universe or another, as a galactic being, an angelic being, a planet or star, as part of an entity like Ra the Sun God… or as a tortoise on a sunny beach in the Galapagos Islands. We are literally star dust and part of the Universe, even as we exist housed temporarily in our humble abodes as embodied human beings.

All of us cannot “fit” inside the body we are that BIG. However, parts of us can reunite in wholeness to serve the process we’re currently undergoing. These parts are the gifts, the attainment, the mastery, the technology, the wisdom, the love… that YOU are in Truth (as K. Doonan puts it!).

I can see that I’ve been a light warrior. I can see that I even turned away from the light out of shame for several lifetimes, only to turn back and rededicate myself to what I came here to do. I can now embrace the warrior energy AND the voluptuous goddess that I have been (in Lemuria) and now endeavor to bring those two energies back into balance.

How? By accepting and loving both. Each energy has something to offer the initiate and together they work as a divine team (study The Chariot card in the Tarot). The masculine energy is primarily aligned with the physical body and the mental body. The feminine body is primarily aligned with the Soul and the emotional (astral / etheric) body. Eventually, in the course of Ascension the Soul is reabsorbed into the Higher Self and the Higher Self becomes housed with the physical body. Then the physical body transforms into a Light Body. There are whole books and teachings that describe this process better than I can. I just want to point out some basic things that I am in the middle of experiencing myself.

Since I’m already a master in a higher dimension, why did I put myself here, to suffer and to face challenges like any other person? Out of love, that’s why. I now know that I have been inspired by the example of others like Maitreya, Sanat Kumara, Sananda Kumara, Kuthumi, Mother Mary, and other masters and lady masters who have incarnated on the planet in order to ground their light into the earth so that all would benefit and rise in vibrational frequency.

The process of ascension, of the planet and each of us, cannot be done without your assistance or without mine. Yes, we can be substituted by another, but since your light frequency is entirely unique to you, you are the ONLY one who can add just the perfect note or tune to the entire symphony of creation. And together WE are creating the New World. We are creating it not just for ourselves but for the Universe, for the transformative process of the entire Universe starts here on planet Earth. There are huge projects that lie ahead of us once the New World is well established on the surface, but that’s best left for the future.

Ascension is not about just getting a new body, becoming young again, getting a new house or fancy car. All these fancies come from human, 3D perceptions of what is good and valuable. Ascension is all about service and about love, as well as devotion, to your own evolutionary process and growth and that of the planet, its people and all life.

The diversity of this planet is celebrated throughout the Universe. Even in its present compromised state, the planet is a wonder, a blue-green globe, shining in the depths of interplanetary space. And it will be a paradise, again, once the shadows and darkness are washed clean from her surface.

I’m not going to forecast just how long the process will take, but I will share this, we’ve been informed by some of the masters that we will stand together in the physical within this lifetime. And for me, that is enough to keep me going forward, challenges or no challenges.

I’m here for the duration, undefeated and without fear of the unknown. In my heart, I feel the emanation of those who resonate with me, whether in form or formless; it is all the same to me. I KNOW that I’m not alone. And so I play with the rays and open myself up to new possibilities as the wisdom within intuits the way forward. So mote it be.

Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos ( a city of Agartha or Inner Earth) told me a couple of weeks ago that I’m a force to be reckoned with. And I reckon that he knows what he is talking about, if anyone does. So, with that curious blessing I’m allowing myself to expand and grow, step by step, day by day. I hope you are, too.


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