Journal Entry 03.19.2014

BaringJournal Entry 03.19.2014

Once Spring arrives, it advances quite quickly. The crocuses are already beginning to fade, the daffodils are coming on and there are violets in the grass. The lawn is REALLY old, so in places it is mostly moss and violets. Smells good.

I actually got outside to do some early garden clean-up before digging out plants that I don’t want and planting new perennials and/or herbs, as well as prepping the tiny vegetable garden that I have. It’s still way too cold for hot weather plants. We have another heavy frost this morning, and 31 degree (0 degrees C) temperatures. Still nice to be outside in sunny weather for a change.

Monday was a complete contrast, cloudy and windy all day, with rain showers in town and snow in the mountains. Really bi-polar weather. Hot, cold, and then hot again.

Woke up this morning to a visit from Sanat Kumara. Always interesting.

So, is anyone wrestling with the energies? Personally my body feels exhausted and I nearly lost my voice this afternoon at work. Then there is the perpetual on the edge of nausea feeling. Wonderful.

The call right now is complete surrender. Surrender and rest when your body feels like mine does now, as well as drink plenty of fluids and do Epsom salt / sea salt / apple cider vinegar baths to draw out toxins and aid in releasing whatever is coming up for you. Best to do just before going to bed, at least in my case. The bath might help you sleep by relaxing the body. Loss of sleep or laying awake for long stretches of the night is another manifestation.

Still, within I feel better than ever, despite a little frustration with the body thing. I’ve been experiencing physical symptoms for over 20 years now; enough already. Hopefully I (we) are in the final stretch as the physical changes to our body structures begins to take effect.

Sorry no messages are forthcoming right now. With the weekly vibrational upgrades I am receiving through the auspices of Walking Terra Christa, it’s all I can do to just relax into the process and absorb what can be absorbed. I’m certain to come up with something “wise” to say in the near future, but right now the mind is off-line.

Which brings me to another comment; the rational / logical mind should be off-line right now, unless you need it to function in a highly detailed job. What we are currently experiencing cannot be explained in 3D terms so that our minds can comprehend. And to attempt to understand and categorize the process just slows it down, if not completely stalling it. So, let your mind drift and allow the upgrading to occur. Each person will be different in just how much of the light codes can be accepted by the body and that depends on how well you have prepared the ground (physical body) to be able to do so. Much of what slows people down is the old beliefs, thoughts and emotions that they are unwilling to release. Now is not the time to be concerned about losing yourself, because you are about to find your Self occupying your physical body, in charge of your world. At least those folks who are actively pursuing a fast paced ascension process will, at any rate. We all proceed at our own pace and it’s not a race, as we are constantly reminded.

One thing has become very present in my heart and “higher” mind is the realization that the Ascended Masters, Christed Galactics and Angelic Realms are really here to do all that they can to assist. All you need do is ask. It doesn’t take any special words, just the intent and desire to connect. And if you are currently an unbeliever, test the waters. You might be surprised. I’ve known about spiritual energies for over 20 years, so it’s nothing new for me, but I realize fully that it is for a lot of people, even those who are presently awake.

I want to thank all my readers, especially those who have commented and/or written to me via email. I really do appreciate the connections that I have made in the course of writing this little blog.

Much love to all and enjoy this powerful and important upcoming Equinox.

Kisses and hugs,

Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

Photo: Mount Baring after late winter storm.

11 thoughts on “Journal Entry 03.19.2014

  1. Thank You, funny you should say that about surrender as I was sitting on my rock down by the lake before enjoying the beauty and the sunshine I asked my higher self ( fi fi, as I call her) to let me know what she wanted me to do on this equinox. Not long after a perfect white feather came floating in on the tide right to the rocks at my feet, I picked it up feeling really happy as I collect feathers and this is perfectly white, I got up to leave and felt an urge to lay down on the grass in the sun and whilst doing so realised I was holding the white feather / flag of surrender, which I then did..
    I’m really Loving this path were on…
    Love reading all your posts, Happy Equinox, much Love Fiona πŸ™‚

  2. Wrestling with the energies?? The past two weeks I’ve wanted to pack it all in and skip ahead. Come back at some time in the far, far distant future! Physically feeling fine. Mentally, emotionally that’s very questionable!! I shall chug along though. I’ll look ya up on FB.
    Much love everyone!

  3. Dear Eliza,
    I do miss your channeled journal entries πŸ™‚ but i do very well understand about what you are experiencing both physically and mentally at this juncture of upcoming equinox ! It is so difficult to explain this feeling of what you and most of us folks are going through. The energies are powerful and ever refreshing, yet very very exhausting…i just sit and relax, deep breathe in the fresh air outside and integrate with the incoming energies. I must say, your journal keeps us going dear sister !
    Relax and rest!
    Much love !

    • I really wanted to go for a long walk, but contented myself by crawling around the garden pruning old branches off herbs and sticking my nose into the violets growing there. Little joys. It was nice to be in the sunshine, outside of the office. I love gardening after work; it is so relaxing and grounding. And nature is needed to assist with the transitions and changes that we are all experiencing in our own ways and those we share. Love, Eliza

      • Ah ! The little joys that nature brings πŸ™‚ . Yes the nature wonderfully assists us!
        I too would have done something just as you did to the garden, but even a tiny amount of labour is exhausting me to no limit. I therefore sit beneath the open sky in the evening sun shine or under the starry night sky and talk to them. My little joys… πŸ™‚

      • Talking to stars and the evening sun is quite nice. I talk to Venus in the morning before dawn as she lights up the SE skies. Beautiful. Sometimes just breathing in the beauty all around us is enough, especially when the body needs to rest. Be in your joy. You deserve to enjoy it now. Eliza

  4. Hi Eliza, thanks for the link for tomorrow. I’m feeling very odd today and not sure what to do with myself. Nature is always the best resource. Spring still has not sprung in the North East, but I see the signs all around me. I will look for you on fb.
    Love, Lisa

    • The teleconference was held tonight (3/19/14 PDT) but there will be posting on the Walking Terra Christa website tomorrow so you can play it during the full energies of the Equinox. And I can say that the experience is VERY powerful and loving. I’m still feeling the effects; my heart has opened so huge it’s a wonderful sensation. Sanat Kumara and Lord Metatron (Archangel Metatron) are co-sponsors, as well as cameos by Helios and Vesta (Solar Logos) and Lord Adama. Great stuff, folks! Love, Eliza

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