Eliza: We’ve been waiting for you!”


Eliza: “We’ve been waiting for you…”

Today I heard these words from Master Melchizedek spoken through his disciple, Meleriessee. You see, dear ones, in the higher planes of being, I AM already a member of the Priesthood and in this lifetime am going through the stages of initiation. Only this time, I AM in the process of descension that is bringing the essence of my Higher Self into my three lower bodies (physical, mental and emotional). And I am not alone in this process; there are many people on the planet now currently undergoing some form of initiation.

According to Theosophy, there are nine primary planetary initiations, seven of which that can be taken while in physical embodiment. I am in the latter portion of the Third, the Transfiguration, named so after the stages that Jesus passed through until he ascended and beyond. I was told that I would soon enter into the Fourth initiation, sometime this spring. According to the Theosophists, the Fourth Initiation is known as the Crucifixion. No, I won’t have to “die” on a cross, but it is a cross-road where one decides to release personal self-determination to one of service, guided by the Higher Self and by one’s spiritual mentors.

I was really nervous while speaking to Melchizedek, but he did his best to make me feel at ease. I guess I’m a little head-shy (like a nervous horse) at the prospect of Ascended Masters speaking to me like I’m their equal, but there it is; Melchizedek made it clear to me that he DOES consider me one who is cherished and has been awaited for a long time. Well, for me there is no going back; regular human existence has long lost its luster for me. I’m not attempting to escape the world by ascending as some people think is possible, rather I am willing to surrender completely and allow Spirit to guide my steps from henceforth.

Ascension is not about escaping daily existence. If anything, the process of initiation as it is known more traditionally within the ancient spiritual disciplines, is strenuous and demands that one release everything that is an impediment to one’s progress. That means all addictions must be surrendered, as the first initiation is command over the physical body and then the second initiation is command over the emotional body. With the third initiation comes the sacred marriage of the mental body (Divine Masculine) and the emotional body (Divine Feminine) which, in turn, allows the Soul to unite with the three lower bodies becoming one.

With the advent of the cosmic energies now bombarding the earth and our bodies on a daily basis, as well as the presence of many advanced souls upon the earth here to assist the grounding of higher frequency vibrations, the path way to Ascension has become more available to a greater amount of people. Many who may not be aware of ascension, the ascended masters or any spiritual practice whatsoever may have already embarked on the first stages of the Pathway. Most lightworkers are actively working on their initiations, especially in light that most have already undergone the ascension process in other timelines, places and “past” lives, here and on other planets in the Galaxy or Universe.

Those of us who are actively pursuing the middle stages of the initiatory process, we are here as wayshowers and guides for those of humanity who will and are already following our footsteps. How you get there is your concern and totally up to the discretion of your Higher Self, who is in command of your spiritual journey whether or not you are consciously aware of this fact.

I am awake, fully… and sometimes painfully aware of my short-comings, yet I persevere because of an inner guidance system that is fully operational. Within this lifetime I have done a lot of intense work. My path has not been a straight and easy one, but I have managed to find my way to where I could sit, if only in a meditation, alongside a magnificent being who I regard as one of the highest teachers of mankind. And he told me to regard him as a spiritual father and so I shall from this time onward. Meleriessee calls him Father Mel and has studied for over 30 years under the guidance of Melchizedek and other Ascended Masters. She is not the only teacher available, there are many, but she is very approachable and affable. For now I am willing to work with her and her partner, Mike, in bringing me through the next stages of initiation so I might enter into a life dedicated to the service of humanity and to GAIA.

This encounter brought up for me a lot of tears and grief. It is also the remembrance day of my father’s birthday, March 15th, the Ides of March. We had a long and difficult relationship, yet he was one of my greatest teachers. Through my interaction with him, I learned how to take back my power, create better boundaries for myself and to finally to release my shame, to forgive myself and to forgive the one who hurt me deeply. I have not truly known the unconditional love of a parent in this lifetime and so I wept upon feeling that unconditional love offered to me by Melchizedek, as well as what I have already encountered from Sanat Kumara, Mother Mary and other Ascended Beings and Christed Galactics. If it hadn’t been for my father, I probably wouldn’t have come as far as I have along the Path in one lifetime.

I was told that I add a lot to the world by being here. And the love in my heart reflects the presence of those who look over me as I write these words. What I share here, on my blog, will affect and reach out to many people, perhaps not initially, but in time many more will walk the Path as I have and am walking it, into complete mastery, bringing heaven to earth through my physical body. By this I mean that I am grounding more of my spiritual essence through my body and into the earth beneath my Earth Star, each day, and assisting with the ascension process of GAIA and that of humanity.

We come here with many gifts, but the gifts can only be opened when we have reached a certain level of mastery. One cannot attain ascension if you still hunger after power and control over others or yearn for riches and material wealth. The one who masters the physical world, balances mind/heart and finally opens to Spirit is provided for, freely and abundantly often in unexpected ways. It is to this level of surrender I now dedicate myself, releasing what is no longer of use in my life. I’ll need more than a broom for this job!

The challenges for the initiate are many and varied; the Path is not an easy one. If you believe it is then you will be shown otherwise on more than one occasion. It is how you retain your grace, faith and trust in the process, that you are always protected and guided and that you never walk alone that determines how well and how swiftly you will proceed along the Path.

I AM not waiting for the Event to occur. I AM the Event in my own lifetime and will gather with those I hold dear to my heart in the Etheric Realms during dreamtime to learn how to bring more of my spiritual essence into my physical body. Ascension doesn’t happen to you, you are the one who determines whether or not you move forward through your own willingness to follow the inner guidance and to rely on no one to determine your path save that of your Soul, Higher Self and Monad.

I realize that not all my readers will resonate with the above, but so be it. My path has been determined; I have made my decision. By the way, clairaudience and clairvoyance are sitis or “gifts” that are granted to those who are at the Third Initiation so most channelers are probably there already. Still, you can remain on the same initiatory level for lifetimes unless you “do the work”. What that work entails depends on the spiritual pathway that your soul has determined as being the best for you and it will vary from person to person. Find what works for you and follow it with all your heart. I wish you all the best on your journey.

I AM Eliza

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16 thoughts on “Eliza: We’ve been waiting for you!”

  1. Reblogged this on Silent Winds of Change and commented:
    This is my truth as well. The only assistance that I’m aware of is my HigherSelf but the rest of what she says I feel like I wrote it myself.
    Thanks for your post Eliza.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing, I really appreciate. This one brought tears in my eyes ❤ Love and light to you, Eliza!

  3. Thanks for your sharings. I feel like I am on some sort of a parallel path as I often strongly resonate with your words and the feelings; I just don’t seem to have as many details yet. I will just keep on as I know the journey is worth it. blessings to you.

  4. Dear Eliza,
    Know you are loved by me also.
    I send enormous bundles of, energy of love, as you make that arduous journey.
    Blessings and good cheer,

  5. Thank you so much, Eliza for all your sharings. I hope ;you continue them – they help bring illumination. The prison where you work is blessed to have you there even if they are not conscio usly aware of it.
    With love and admiration,

    • Thanks, Akankha, Michael, Jet, Monica and the others who have commented on this piece. I would have everyone be made aware of how our counterparts in other dimensions regard all of us and what we are undergoing. Indeed, we astonish them daily, so keep up the good work, one and all. Love, Eliza

  6. Hello dear Eliza,

    I resonate very strongly with what you wrote in this post; itis very well said and very meaningful.
    Talking about gifts and their opening, I am very fiercely working on opening my heart widely. It hasn’t been easy and I asked for Brother Jesus assistance. Interestingly, resources came my way and I am discovering new meditations, aimed at just that: opening the heart!

    Thanks for confirming the necessary attitude on the path, that we have to “work at it” and that, fortunately, it won’t come in a flash of a dream!

    Working is what makes us who WE truly ARE!

    New desert

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