Journal Entry 03.15.2014

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Journal Entry 03.15.2014

Ah, the wind is tossing turnips right now. We’re located at the SW edge of the Palouse, an area in Eastern Washington made up of rolling hills and rocky canyons cut through layers of ancient lava flows. The hills are made up of loess, wind-blown soil and silts. With the strong winds blowing and many planting fields freshly turned, the air is kind of thick. The Blues are hiding behind an ochre-tinted dust cloud. And there was a series of strong thunderstorms that moved through the area northeast of us earlier. March has sprung like a lion, although it certainly is now Spring rather than winter. We’ll live with it. At least I can see the grass and watch the bulbs grow.

I woke up last night as I am wont to do when the energy is strong. And called upon Sanat Kumara to send me love energy. Instant response. The angels and Masters are here to assist; you just have to ask. The warming energies allowed my body to relax and fall back asleep. Nice.

I have a strong connection to Sanat Kumara, have been aware of it for nearly 20 years. Apparently the Holy Kumaras have been heavily involved in the evolutionary process of Earth. As some of you know, Sanat Kumara was the Planetary Logos for a long time until he “retired” in the 1950s… but he’s still involved and assisting those who are on the leading edge of evolution. He loves humanity and cares for all of us deeply.

For those of you who are not so familiar with the Ascended Masters, yes they have “hierarchies”, primarily based on their individual evolutionary stage. However, each one of them considers you as an individual as a brother or sister. They want you to know that you can call on them any time, whether in desperation, lonely, confused or in need of a little TLC. Or just because…

Long ago I decided I could accept Jesus as a brother. Boy, was I ever the rebel! And how, I love to hear Lord Sananda (a Cosmic Being in attainment) say that he is our brother in truth. Love it!

We are multidimensional Beings; a part, the greatest part of ourselves resides in the Light Worlds. There are 144 known dimensions where a part of “you” exists, so let your imagination go wild. You’re an ascended master, an angelic being, a Pleiadian healer, whatever… we play many roles. And now we’re striving to empty out the old and allowing space for the Higher Self to enter into our physical body, mental and emotional bodies, so that we can manifest Heaven on Earth.

These are exciting times, dear ones, but do take time to spend time with yourself, in quiet. Dance with the energies; play with the flowers of your soul; smile with the angels. You are Love in Truth.

Will have to postpone going out into the garden for today; the dusty air makes me cough a bit. The stormy weather will blow through and the weekend promises to be fair.

Much love to all,


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