Journal Entry 03.13.2014


Journal Entry 03.13.2014

Busy week this, for teleconferencing, that is. And Spring has shown its face and colors a week early, with temperatures “soaring” into the low 60’s in the afternoon, although still a bit frosty in the morning. This morning as I prepared my car for work, I saw Venus glowing over the Blues, bright as a tiny moon suspended in the deep indigo skies.

And later in the day, I heard and saw the first killdeer, a bird that frequents grasslands and arrives with the spring. Still later, I noticed the buds on the flowering pear beginning to swell and the birch buds were showing some green at their tips.

So, am I feeling better this week? Short answer, yes. Long answer, well I don’t have time right now to get into it. Let’s say that there’s a lot going on for all of us.

Lord Adama and others have reminded us that the hours and days leading up to the Equinox may be a bit intense, so strive to find and keep your center as much as possible. If you realize that you’re feeling low, find something to pick up your spirits. Call upon your favorite master or angelic being or Christed galactic being to assist you in realigning your energies.

Chamuel and Charity, as Archangels of the Third Ray of Active Intelligence, anchored their pink heart flames tonight within the hearts of a small group of us. What a gift and yet you can call on them, too. Let your heart center be filled with love, for yourself and for all life. Now is the time to actualize that heart flame and bring it into the physical.

I am beginning to feel so honored to be sharing this journey with all of you, my beloved sisters and brothers. It has taken me a while to arrive at this place, bit of a struggle in places, but now as I feel my higher self flow into my physical body more and expand my horizons and understandings, I know that I came here for a purpose… and that purpose is being fulfilled.

Last week, I had a short dream where I was running up a street without wearing my glasses. I hope some day I really won’t need them… and heal some other physical issues as well. I’m sure other people would agree that we took on a lot more than we realized when we signed up for this tour of duty, but it has been worth it, I feel.

I find my sense of humor expanding to encompass quite a bit of the commonplace actions of my friends and co-workers. It’s hard to keep serious or down when there is laughter… not hurtful laughter, just merriment and good humor.

Breathe and sink your feet into the receptive earth beneath your feet. The Mother loves you. Reach your hands into the sky and dream of flying like a bird. The Father loves you. Feel your heart center glow and know that the masters and Christed light beings love you. You are never alone, but accompanied by legions of interested and involved helpers in all forms and functions.

Take time to rest and to listen to the inner workings of your heart. Listen to what it has to tell you. Discover the insights that have been waiting for that quiet time in order to emerge and to engage your creativity.

I love spring when all life is fresh and vigorous. It’s time to begin gardening, again.

Hugs and kisses,


3 thoughts on “Journal Entry 03.13.2014

  1. Spring is coming soon in so many places.
    Nature is gearing up to burst out in full glory!!
    Here’s a silly video to brighten up your day.

  2. Dear, dear Eliza & all my friends,

    what a great idea right now, as the enrages make some of us feel trampled every day upon awakening.
    to share — This song supports my mood like nothing else I’ve found.

    Pharrelll Williams, “HAPPY”
    He created a 24-hour video! It shows all these people dancing. I love them all. Love, love, love.

    Plus, now, people all over the world are listening to this to start their day, just to feel good, and also whenever. Children send it to moms, moms share it with grandmothers, people are making videos of themselves and putting them up on YouTube: “I’m HAPPY in Japan”… or wherever. I know of at least one DJ who is making a remix for clubs in Chicago. THANK YOU, PHARRELL WILLIAMS.

    Eliza, after feeling dragged behind the sleigh for so much of 1013, I think maybe I’m starting to get it. The Abraham-Hicls explanations helped. The 5D world is here. My ticket so see it and experience it is my own heart. I create my world as a personal experience, by turning within to my heart. As I fall in love with everything I’ve created — each moment of each moment, as Karen Doonan says — I realize that it is right for me to have all these personal, tender feelings for every aspect of my creation. Trees, animals, humans.

    Oh my, what a future we are creating. For as we live the new dream, we will reveal to our friends the possibilities.

    Elizabeth, your journal has been a source of friendship, camaraderie, comfort, information, illumination, inspiration and so much more. Thank you for sharing your journey with me &with us. The weirdness in me honors the weirdness in you! (I saw this caption on a picture of a young salamander and it’s hilarious.) much, much love to you and ALL now and forever. Sarah


    although I guess at times in 2013, it WAS “enrages” – lol

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