Journal Entry 03.07.2014


Journal Entry 03.07.2014

Keeping it short as suggested by ContraMary, LOL.

Have been feeling out of sorts or perhaps sorting out and integrating at a new level this past week. Stayed home a couple of days due another vague bout of “illness”. Needed the extra rest and downtime.

I am feeling the Void, yet again, not particularly inspired to write or read other works. I scroll down Facebook and laugh at some of the animal antics, smile at the pretty pictures and read the occasional article that catches my eye, but nothing seems to touch the interior Me. I’m feeling very detached like I’m observing a movie, starring myself and other players whom I know well. I have felt the ancient memories of many lifetimes brush by my consciousness only to dissolve within the Void. It’s all rather beyond the ability of words to capture and express so I won’t even try.

Something or someone is calling me, from deep within. My Higher Self? The Masters? There is just the sense of someone very BIG on the other side of a very thin curtain which is about to be drawn open on my life.

This morning I woke up with the words, “Melchizedek has the Key.” I am scheduled to have a short session with Lord M next weekend. Changes are in the air.

We’re having a brief break in the weather, although more heavy rain is forecast for later tonight. Spring is on the way, but with it comes rain, clouds, fleeting sunshine, wind and swollen creeks.

Do have patience, dear ones, who enjoy my writings. Inspiration can come in a flash or not come at all. This is not a mechanical process.

Do have compassion for yourself during this process. We’re going through some deep spring (or fall) cleaning that is very necessary before we can embark on the next phase of the Journey.

Many blessings to all,

I AM Eliza

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3 thoughts on “Journal Entry 03.07.2014

  1. I feel similar, not interested much in reading messages or articles or doing anything at all. Just Being is enough for me, watching what transforms in my inner or not, daydreaming, sometimes talking with my HS, Creator or my team. It is a bit like being on the hold, like in the waiting part of an airport for boarding time. You know the boarding call will come but you are shortly before and maybe some delays are possible too.
    Love and blessings to you my dear sister in my heart ❤

  2. Dear Eliza,
    At first, I was really terrified at the thought of this recent slow down inside me. It sort of felt that my karma was holding me back during such an important phase of transformation. But after reading this, I realise that i have been into this mode of relaxation ever since retro mercury cast an eye on me. It had been an intense 2013 , and may be 2014 has brought some of us to recline back(at least in this quarter). May be watch over our thoughts, and just relax 🙂 before we embark onto another set of transformations!

    Lots of love and light

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