Eliza: What’s Going On with Our Weather?

Lord Ashtar

Eliza: What Going on with our Weather?

Everyone is affected by the weather and by now, everyone on the planet knows that what is going on with the weather is NOT normal. Today I found out a little more. What is happening to weather is symbolic of a war being directed at each one of us, the planet and the Galaxy to prevent Ascension from going forward. Some of you who participate in lucid dreams are fully aware of what is currently happening in space. There is literally an interplanetary war being fought above our heads. So what can we do to assist our galactic brethren who are fighting this war on our behalf? Bear with me a moment as I explain…

Okay, I’ve laid down my short sword, removed my armour and haven’t piloted a warplane in this lifetime, so how can I participate? How can any of us participate in the effort? By being beacons of Light, here and now, on the surface, that’s how!

And what does that consist of, you may ask. Well, for one thing, participating as I did this morning, on an hour-long phone call sponsored by Walking Terra Christa, with Lord Ashtar communicating through Meleiressee. These phone calls are held monthly on the second Saturday and are free, but you do need to register in order to receive the access codes. Access can be done either through Skype or via phone. For more information, please go to http://www.walkingterrachrista.com and look for the link under “Teachings” at the top of the page. The call for March just took place this morning and the tape from it should be posted on the website soon.

Lord Ashtar is calling for more participation, world-wide, by lightworkers intent on assisting the Galactic Federation of Light in bringing planetary weather back into more “normal” patterns. He is requesting our assistance, as Ground Crew, in order to assist the Galactic forces who are currently fighting an interplanetary war with combative forces. As we bring balance to our world, we assist the galactic forces, as well.

Why is this important work? Most of us are familiar with the intensity of the weather patterns as recently experienced by much of the global population especially this past winter in the United States, but elsewhere as well, in floods and fires in Australia, typhoons and tropical storms in SE Asia and the Pacific, tremendous rain, winds and snows in the British Isles and Northern Europe and so on. It is as if the weather has been amped up. And Lord Ashtar is telling us, through these communications, that is exactly the case.

Our weather is currently being manipulated by electro-magnetic frequencies, through machines, with the purpose of affecting human and animal life on the planet. As the weather gets more intense, the effects on the environment and human populations increase, resulting in destruction, loss of life and disruption of daily life. People get flooded or burned out of house and home, towns destroyed by storm and flood, people displaced, businesses closed down and people experience an increase in anxiety, fear and stress. This scenario perfectly suits the opposition as they live on fear. These disruptions also take place in the form of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.


So what can we do? For one thing, you can participate in these monthly calls, for it is the desire of Lord Ashtar and the Ashtar Command to create a world-wide grid of lightworkers consciously working in their local environments to anchor the light grid. This is done through our physical presence here, with the light and force field being anchored through our physical bodies. In being willing to participate we assist our families, friends and neighbors at a local level and ultimately our planet as a whole being.

As I signed off the call, I realized that this is an opportunity for all (who are interested) to participate even on a daily basis. By doing so, we are assisting our galactic brothers and sisters who are currently occupied with fighting a battle in space with the combative energies. We can’t be there with them, but we can assist here, on the planet, in keeping the energies on GAIA in a more balanced mode. This process shows just how interconnected we are and can be, at a fully conscious level.

This can be done on a daily basis by tuning into the energies of the local area, by learning to discern when things feel a bit off as they have for me this past week. As you tune in to your own personal frequency, you will be able to discern when something is being altered, if only slightly, within your own environment. These changes might manifest as a sudden intense headache, a feeling of nausea and/or dizziness or other symptoms. The symptoms are caused by your body being affected by the onslaught of electro-magnetic energies emanating from human-created sources, namely scalar weapons, HAARP and other unnamed black op weaponry used to modify the weather. They do exist and have done for quite some time. They are being used to pull lightworkers out of alignment and to continue to keep the remainder of the population in fear.

We all need to realize that it’s not all fluff, light and love right now. There is still some work to do before the New Earth physically manifests for all of us. Just look around in your own life and what is going on in the world. People are under attack by the electro-magnetic energies and so are you, especially if you do not have some kind of energetic shield to protect your light body. And as your light quotient increases, the attacks will, too. This is not meant to make you fearful, but to give some awareness that the forces that oppose ascension are very engaged in a battle to keep the planet and the human collective from going forward. They will do anything to prevent or delay ascension, even as their time to do so shortens.

Frustration, confusion, fear and anxiety are still rampant, which has some people clinging to the old ways and others pining for something new to enter their lives, but remaining passive when you’re awake is not going to help others or yourself. Participation is called for; your Soul wants your attention right now and I’m ringing those chimes to get your attention… for your Soul. We are in this together. We signed up with the same intent and goal in mind, to free the world from darkness. It is happening and now it is time for those of us who are awake to step up and say, “I’m here! What can I do?”

Neat thing about this light work, you don’t have to be anywhere special to do it. When you feel something is off in your environment call upon Lord Ashtar and the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation of Light to assist in bringing the energies of your location into balance once again. Imagine yourself pushing the energies that are out of balance 100 miles up to the edge of the Merkabah Body of the planet; that’s where Ashtar Command can take the energies, remove them from the energetic body of the planet, reformulate and transmute them and use them wherever they are needed on GAIA.


You can also request personal assistance, from the Arcturian Healing Masters to build and/or strengthen your protective energetic shield. And they can work with you, day or night, to assist you in any healing that you may require.

Mel and Mike of Walking Terra Christa recommend that we use the Unified Whole Command to activate our requests as by doing so we connect with the highest essence of our own Multidimensional Selves. You can find further instruction and information on the Unified Whole Command on their website: http://www.walkingterrachrista.com.

Another thing to remember while either pondering whether to participate or while participating… this is work is not only assisting others, but will also assisting you in the process. By acknowledging that you can assist, you are acknowledging that you don’t need to be saved by anyone but that you’re quite willing to work WITH the Ashtar Command and Galactic Federation of Light to help our entire world, solar system and beyond. By bringing the Solar system into balance, we help our world ascend with more grace and ease and thus hasten the time when our galactic brethren can join with us on the surface. The wonderful thing about this is that the Galactics are asking for OUR help and participation. By doing so, we are acting as equals. And they are acknowledging the fact that they see us as being equal to the task, as well.

By being willing to be accountable and by participating in this or any other light work we are also empowering ourselves by acknowledging that we are, indeed, powerful multidimensional beings… and when you think about it, if you resonate with this work, another “you” or part of your monadic being (143 other “you”) is probably really out there fighting the battle on behalf of the forces of Light. So, in effect, you’re helping “You” as well as the collective.

Lord Ashtar advised the participants that the space war is currently at a standstill or stalemate, so any assistance we can give our forces here will give them an edge on the combative energies. Ashtar declined to specifically name the combative forces, just stating that there are many levels of energies being fought.

Our personal fields react when we receive the lower energies, which magnify any preexisting weaknesses in your bodies. The body can go into a shock mode. You might feel joint aches, depression, excessive anxiety, or just feeling out of sorts, like I have this past week. My body was under some extra stress. One of my co-workers noted last week that there was a change in my aura! I did stay home a couple of days and feel better… and have improved even more by knowing there is something that I can do to empower myself and to cooperate with those of my Light Family who are working at different levels or dimensions, for the same purpose, to free our world.

Another important consideration regarding the bringing in of the New Earth energies is that each person has a contribution to make. It is up to each of us to determine for ourselves just what form that contribution will take, so not all people are going to resonate to the work that I have touched on above. We all have our own individual pathways to follow, in the moment, and step by step. Only YOU can determine what you want to do and when you are going to step forward. Since I am a blue-flame warrior of Archangel Michael’s in higher dimensions, well, this is right up my alley, so to speak and a way to incorporate (bring into the physical body) more of my Angelic self here. Now where did I put that etheric sword?


Whatever we decide to do, in working with the Ashtar Command, the galactic light forces, our own GAIA and her elementals, we assist GAIA with the acceleration of her ascension process and our own, as well. And we shorten the time when we will truly walk beside our galactic and Inner Earth brethren. Together, we are creating a New World for all life. Are not these amazing times in which to be here now!

One more thing, Lord Ashtar noted that the Equinox is going to be especially powerful, equal in potential for a huge shift in planetary consciousness to that of the energies of 12.12.12. The light forces are winning on GAIA, but there is still opposition so let us do what we can to shorten the days before New World physically manifests for GAIA, the human collective and all life upon the planet and beyond.


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6 thoughts on “Eliza: What’s Going On with Our Weather?

  1. Yes, and we can also help in staying in our balance, like the Mother told us. Thinking positive thoughts and staying in balance bring the energies around us in balance too and will prevent more “bad” weather. The more can do this the more balanced the energies on Gaia will be. I put my focus on this this winter and dreamed of an early spring and now we have it, where I work in the mountains winter used to stay until April sometimes and with lots of snow, but this year, not. No harsh winter and there too spring is around the corner, trees are budding and people tell me that ir is unusual.

  2. Reblogged this on Awakening to Arachanaï and commented:
    Thanks for this post my dearest friend. Here in South -Africa has been also crazy weather, a constant rain. Normally it rains and then we have clear skies, but since two weeks, almost three, it is non stop raining and the rain creates potholes in the road.
    Love Lisa

    • Hi Lisa,
      We’re familiar with potholes in the roads here, too. Budget and weather issue. Nice to hear from you! Love, Eliza

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