Journal Entry 03.05.2014


Journal Entry 03.05.2014

Change is in the air and so is Spring, at least today! I just walked in from a nice walk in 55 degree F (12 C) and glanced at the stove clock: 4-4-4. Nice.

From 26 degrees on Sunday to 55+ today — that’s quite a range, but it has been the cycles of cold / hot that we have endured all winter. Still, there were lots of people out walking, biking and playing in the park, today, taking advantage of the warm temperatures; the forecast tomorrow is for heavy rain.

I saw the first bulbs sprouting, including crocus, winter aconite, snowdrops and the green spears of tulips and daffodils. The buds are swelling on the deciduous magnolias, dogwoods and cherry trees. Give me another warm day and I’ll be out on my hands and knees digging in the garden.

More memories of being a soldier came up for me today. Guess it’s time to let all that trauma go. And I casually mentioned past lives to a co-worker; she didn’t even blink but went on to mention that her massage therapist had also spoken about past lives. It’s a start of dialogue with some people and a sign that things (and minds) are beginning to open up.

Had a profound experience during a teleconference last night with Master Einstein and the Divine Mother / Father God. Whoaaa! Powerful energies. Working as a conduit for the Light to enter the world, through our bodies (the group) into the earth, the atmosphere, the elements, and those animals and humans who are open to receiving the energies. We’re not to hang onto the light, but to let it flow through. I was fully conscious of the experience, but felt like I was bobbing on a vast ocean of Light, dancing from wave to wave. Still integrating the experience and the realization of what I’m in the process of doing and becoming, as we continue to expand and allow for more of our Self to enter into the physical body for longer periods of time.

One thing was made clear. Your mind (logical and rational 3d) cannot understand what is going on as it is a construct of the limited 3D. Period. What we’re experiencing (at least some of us right now) is beyond the comprehension of the mind as well as ability for the mind to categorize, dissect and label the experiences. It’s beyond book-learning as well, being entirely experiential in nature and changes according to the need of the moment.

What’s important is to surrender, allow and let the flow happen, unimpeded by thought and emotion. This takes a great willingness to trust and have faith that the Higher Self and the Beings that we work with know what they’re doing — and why shouldn’t they? After all, they’re US.

So, with spring allow the flow of energies to move through you. You can visualize them as moving through your Earth Star and passing into the ground beneath your feet. Easy. Anyone can do this; it doesn’t take years of study or a great deal of thought. And is as natural as running water.

Enjoy the lengthening days of Spring, northern latitudes and going into your autumnal season, south. Many blessings to all.

Hugs and kisses,


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6 thoughts on “Journal Entry 03.05.2014

  1. Dearest Eliza,
    I just wanted you to know what a blessing you are ~ I so look forward to seeing something in my inbox from you, I could go on but for today I will allow Thank You to be enough πŸ™‚
    Much Love, Gratitude and Appreciation ~ Suzanne

  2. Eliza,

    I envy your first bulbs sprouting – it’s been such a LONG, cold winter (here in Montreal but also North America in general).

    I so appreciate your posts – and this one in particular, for spelling out that the shift of
    consciousness we are experiencing is BEYOND our 3D, logical minds. I find it helpful to have an understanding of what’s happening and why but then allow myself to have the experience. Also mind/body exercises like Tai Chi, Qi Gong or yoga help our bodies to stay grounded during the influx of higher energy.

    Yes, trust and faith in our Higher Selves is what’s needed as we open to the process and allow it to flow through us.

    Have never looked forward to Spring with such anticipation!

    With love, Thelma

  3. Dear beloved sister
    I feel so fresh with your messages. They appear just when I need upliftment the most.

    March has been too energetic for me, sort of a swinging motion to and fro my existing dimensions. Have taken time off to slow down my pace, to relax and to re-allign with my higher realm.
    During which time, i dreamed of a cat with kitten enter my house (i am a cat lover). Both were brightly indigo in colour, and equally shiny indigo eyes. Soon as i picked them each, the cat turned to white colour, but the colour of eyes remained the same.
    After this dream, i momentarily glimpsed my past life. I suddenly feel calm and content after releasing my old karmic residual clutter since I cried a lot. My chakras balanced and are stabilising back to normal πŸ™‚
    Were the cat and kitten 6D sirian beings- to have come to rescue me from slipping into lower dimensions and to alleviate me into the onset of my journey into the 6th Dimension ? πŸ™‚

    Much love and hugs

    • Anna – While I would say that the cats are Sirian, presenting themselves in shapes that you are comfortable with, but what does your heart say? Lovely dream. Thanks for sharing. Eliza

      • Dear Eliza πŸ™‚
        My heart says that the cats had come to help me maintain my internal balance- which went offspin due to a recent disheartning situation, it had disrupted my heart chakra indeed. I cried for help to my star family to help me overcome this grief and to ascend me to another higher dimension . i think the 6D sirian beings had come to do just that πŸ™‚

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