Journal Entry 03.03.2014


Journal Entry 03.03.2014

Okay, so it’s barely 3-3 in Great Britain! I’m in the Pacific NW. Oh, what a mixed bag of weather today. We had a little of almost everything winter, including sleet, freezing rain / fog, wind, rain and now a bit of sunshine and high clouds. Winter in a day!

I felt wintery, as well. A bit depressed and discomforted this morning, but those feelings wore off as I was busy at work. Then I felt the upwelling of some more memories, from this lifetime and as a warrior in “past” lives. I saw myself standing in full armour on a battlefield, leaning on my sword, exhausted and weeping at the loss of a good friend or relative.

Guess I’m ready to accept that I’ve been a warrior, as it is becoming more evident. I’ve had glimpses and I’ve always been attracted to reading fantasy novels filled with violence, bloodshed and dragons. I’ll leave the war games behind and take the dragons, thank you!

Just writing about my little vision eases the pain. It’s just a brief remembrance, fleeting at best and ready to be released.

We store these kinds of memories in our DNA (genetic lineage) and etheric body (soul lineage). As we are willing to shed these layers of electro-magnetic energy stored within our bodies, we rise in frequency.

Now I have had it confirmed that dragons exist on this planet, although in higher dimensions than ours. So do other “mythological” beasties. We knew them when we were at a higher frequency range while living in early Lemuria and Atlantis. We will know them once again.

Having colorful, scrambled dreams and wake up hugging one of my cats. Both of them are dedicated little healers and consolers.

Well, best get on with things. Another teleconference this evening.

Hugs and kisses,


4 thoughts on “Journal Entry 03.03.2014

  1. Warrior lifetimes, I, too, have had some come up for release. Warriors of the heart, are we, riding our dragons through the sky. I love that we are moving into the realms of magic and miracles as we open to fully feel all within our cellular memory and to release it all with love.

  2. Thank you Eliza for journaling your experiences. I write a blog also but many days, am so in the experience of all that is happening, that I cannot write. Appreciate that you do.

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