The Light Collective: For the Newly Awakened Ones


The Light Collective: To the Newly Awakened Ones

via Eliza Ayres

Our blessings to those of you who have recently awakened to the energies of the New World that even now swaddle you in soft blankets of cosmic rays. Or should we say shatter your former beliefs and paradigm and leave you staggering in the wake of change, open to the transmuting energies, but confused and not a little bewildered.

Your rational mind does not understand what is going on and we are here to inform you that this is, indeed, a good thing! What, you may say, “What do you mean? I don’t understand these feelings, this urgency to turn my back on everything that I have ever known and believed. I feel lost! I feel like I’ve lost my mind!”

We hear your cries as you plunge through the wilderness of your confused thoughts and smile. We smile, not out of pity or malicious intent, but out of compassion, for you are the ones who have set by divine design the moment of your own awakening. In your self-limiting humanness, you may vehemently deny this, but you volunteered to come here, dear ones, even if you do not remember your pre-birth agreements with your guides and mentors on the other side of the Veil. Out of the deep and abiding love within your great Heart, you willingly descended into embodiment, into a place that was by far and away the most divergent from your natural setting than you ever imagined possible. And now, by some bit of magical timing, you begin to wake from a nightmarish dream and realize that you have to get to work and create the world that you want to live in, here and now, with the materials that you have around you, with your own creativity, love and devotion.

Breathe, dear ones, learn to breathe from your bellies and fill your bodies with the essence of the Divine. By learning to breathe fully and mindfully, you will succeed in reigniting the flame upon the altar of your Being, to reconnect to the Spirit that dwells within, who has patiently waited for your coming, your awareness to turn within to discover the light and love that connect you to your Father / Mother God and all of Creation. First, feel the heart center begin to glow and warm as you breathe slowly and deeply and feel the tension melt out of your muscles and tissue. You have begun your journey Home.

Visualize the rays of God / Goddess moving through your bodies and enlivening, healing and cleansing away the tensions stored there as unmanifested thoughtforms. Walk through nature and feel the peace that fills you up as you move through the wonder of the physical world around you.

It is startling, perhaps, to wake up as an adult and to realize that whatever you were doing in the last few years of your life is not what you want to do in the next years. Embrace the concept that life does not play out in a linear fashion, but in cycles. There is a time for all things and now is your moment to awaken to a new way of life and to a new you, or rather one that has been forgotten as a result of coming into embodiment at the beginning of this lifetime.

Even more startling, for some, is the realization that this isn’t the only lifetime that you will live upon the Earth, upon beloved Terra. For you have been told for years by minister and priest that you live only one lifetime and then your soul returns to Heaven if you have been “good” or to hell if you have not. Still, many who have lived through their own personal hells while here will let you know, life is what you make of it. For you are all creators, dear ones. And before you look and cry out in utter disgust at what you have created, let us remind you that there is another factor or purpose for what you might be experiencing in this moment in your daily life.

You came here in order to transmute the miscreations of humanity, whether or not you, as soul, have ever lived upon this planet or not. You came out of love and you came because you had the necessary soul experience in order to manage the trials and tribulations that came your way. You came in answer to the Call of Terra and of Heaven, because YOU HAVE DONE THIS BEFORE. Only this time, you have set the bar higher, for this time, you intended that ALL of humanity would have the opportunity to ascend, along with the planet, into the fifth dimension. Never before has such a project been undertaken. There have been mass ascensions, yes, of an entire people, but not of the population of an entire planetary body.

So, in your infinite love and divine wisdom, you set out specific tasks for yourself, according to the gifts and mastery that your soul already encompasses, as well as to add to that experience so you might aid other worlds when, at last, you are ready to partake of your next great adventure. Who told you that souls are willing to lie around and strum on harps in heaven for an eternity? It is not so. The souls who are ever aligned with the Will of God strive to act on behalf of the Creator by undertaking roles and projects, and so it is with you, dear ones. Only you forgot that you signed up, at least, until now. And now, it is up to you to come to grips with what you have done, for you will not be saved by anyone but yourself and those who resonate to similar dreams and desires for the good of the collective of humanity.

You may have thought that you were here to succeed, to get rich, to live in a big house, but those who have done those things will tell you that material success is an empty thing; it will not fill your heart with love, for yourself or for your fellowmen. More likely, you will be driven to find means to “protect” your wealth from others and to gain even more, as the accumulation of wealth can become an addiction leading to suffering and paranoia.

You need only look to those who now complain that they are being “picked on” by the “commoners” when by sharing their tremendous wealth the suffering of the majority of humanity would be relieved in a few years. The reality is that each of you chose to embody, as it were, one or more facets of human life that needed to be changed from the inside out, as it can only be done to do the job thoroughly. So, you may have embodied into a wealthy family only to discover the poverty that exists within great wealth or within a poor family to discover the wealth that lies within having few material objects to protect and defend.

The transformation that you are currently undergoing is not unlike the one from caterpillar to butterfly. You start from one form and re-emerge into something entirely different. It is not a concept that your rational mind can easily digest at one seating or ever, for your logical mind is a creature of the third dimension, something that the planet has risen above already. As a result, you begin to see more and more people struggle to understand what is happening “to them”. You are happening to yourself; you are the caterpillar who, while instinctively has wrapped itself in the cocoon and is now emerging into a new and very strange land, leaving all the other caterpillars and the life it knew behind.

Now, it is up to you to allow your intuition to guide you forward as you make your first cautious steps into this new world. It will not be easy or without much trial and effort, but by that you learn and incorporate the experiences, for you are also here as a soul extension, to advance your own evolution through your own efforts. Just by being here and allowing your light to enlighten the world you lift up the world. Have faith that your Soul will guide you truly if you are able to surrender and allow change to flow. The ability to adapt and allow the new to come into your life will let you transform challenges into new opportunities for creativity.

There is much for you to discover and absorb as you begin to adjust to your newly awakened senses. You are in the beginning steps of reconnecting to the parts of self that were left behind when you came into embodiment, your connection to the Divine, your Soul and Higher Self. Step by step, your inner wisdom will come online, to guide you and advise you as you need to know, so you might go forward with grace and ease, no matter what your outer circumstances might be. Men have found peace and redemption in prison; can you find it wherever you might find yourself? Yes.

Peace and love emanate from within when you re-connect to Spirit. It is a connection that has never been broken, only forgotten. Even those who have been taught by empirical methods to deny the heart and dissect arguments, and to deny the validity of other spiritual teachings, can find love, again, by looking within. Seek not an outer savior, but know that the one whom you have been seeking abides within and always has been there, in the sacred cave, in the Holy of Holies, the secret chamber of your etheric Heart. Each person, no matter how darkened their outer aspect or appearance in the world (and by that we mean darkened or closed heart) has this inner connection that will not be denied. Either face down your inner demons full on and allow for the transmutation to occur by the Holy Spirit or the Divine Feminine, or remain for a time in the shadows of your own fears, until such time arrives when again your Soul will strive to awaken you. Your soul will not let you go, but will shake you awake when the cycle arrives again for you to awaken unto the world of light and love.

And so you have woke up and wonder what to do next. Listen to your body’s language, the intuition, for what comes next. You will find yourself drawn to explore new things and suddenly seeing and understanding what didn’t make sense to you before. Just realize that you will never be the same again, ever.

You do not walk alone. Many have gone before you. And many will follow even in your own footsteps or will find their own way into the light of understanding, into love and fellowship with the collective of humanity and with all life, extending well beyond the atmosphere of this tiny planet upon which you now abide.

We greet you and welcome you, tender ones, as our brethren for we are the ones you left behind when you embodied here upon the planet. We are your Light Family and there are many of us embodied here now, even as you are. There is a wondrous Web of Light being fashioned by all who participate in the awakening process that is also known as ascension. Go forth and discover the gifts that you brought here to share with the world.

Our blessings and love flow forth to you. Be well and know that you are loved, more than you know, for what you are, what you have been and what you will be. We stand beside you in the ever present NOW, united in love and light. Namasté.

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9 thoughts on “The Light Collective: For the Newly Awakened Ones

  1. Beautifull message, makes things very clear. Thank you and the light collective. Read in Dutch on the Blog Denk met je Hart from Cobie de Haan.

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  3. Pingback: YOU HAVE DONE THIS BEFORE. Only this time, you have set the bar higher, for this time, you intended that ALL of humanity would have the opportunity to ascend, along with the planet, into the fifth dimension. Never before has such a project been undertaken

  4. Pingback: YOU HAVE DONE THIS BEFORE. Only this time, you have set the bar higher, for this time, you intended that ALL of humanity would have the opportunity to ascend, along with the planet, into the fifth dimension. Never before has such a project been undertaken

  5. Thank you..I have had this conversation before, but it has been many years.
    Thank you for the beautiful gift of remembrance..In gratitude.

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